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Moving can be a painful process, and when you add the stress of long distance travel, hours of drive time, interstate paperwork and the hassle of adapting to a whole new climate – it can become unbearable. US Movers may be one of the number one mover based in the state of Texas, but we also handle long distance moves to cities all over the United States and abroad . Whether you plan to move to the far said of New Jersey or to the southwestern tip of California, is the long distance mover for you. We have the experience and the resources to help your long distance move go off without a hitch.

Long distance moves require a huge amount of planning. Unlike a local move, where your belongings are simply packed, transported and delivered – interstate relocations may require extra paperwork, transferring utilities to unfamiliar companies, finding new schools and doctors’ offices and handling the transportation of all the family vehicles and belongings. Handling all of the extra work can become daunting quickly, but using a long distance mover like Movers USA will save you countless time and energy to focus on the important things. By allowing us to pack and Plan all the actual “moving” aspects of your move – you will be free to make sure you and your family adjusts smoothly to your new home and neighborhood.

That can’t be beat. So what are you waiting for? The answer to all of your moving problems is only a phone call away. Get in touch with our US Moving Company consultant today to see how efficient and affordable our long distance moves can be.

US Movers has been moving Texas based customers around the country with raving reviews. Our highly trained moving consultants and expert movers have handled every Moving day issue under the sun, and are ready and able to help you plan, pack and execute your upcoming long distance move. From the moment our consultant arrives at your home to assess moving costs to the second the last of your family and belongings arrives safely at your new household – US Movers stands with our customers through ever step of their long distance move. . Day by day, mile by mile, we guarantee to provide you with the resources you need for your long distance journey, and to provide them with a smile.
We offer:

•No hidden charges and very affordable rates
•Corteous, Trained and Experienced movers
•Customer service that will escort you from the first phone call
•Strong referral base and repeat customers
•Free furniture protection with grade A moving pads
•On-site estimates (TX ONLY)
•Free disassembly and re-assembly of basic furniture (baby cribs and bunk beds are excluded due to insurance limitations)
•Fully equipped trucks with lift gates
•Basic valuation protection (0.60 per lb per article)
•We load, We drive, We unload
•Itemized inventory and tagging

January 16, 2018

I hired US Movers Inc for their amazing reputation and they really helped me during this move. I didn’t really know what to expect from the movers but I was very happy to see them taking very good care of all my valuables. When you hire a mover, you are essentially entrusting strangers with things that matter to you. This company really makes you feel comfortable and that builds a certain amount of trust. I was very happy with the services and give them 5 star rating.

January 7, 2018

I have had a lot of unpleasant experience as a result of my regular moves. It is quite shocking to realize that most moving guys who claim to have a lot of trucks only have few and as a result of this they end up delivering inefficient services. US Movers Inc was one of the companies I found to be different from others here. They had a lot of trucks and as a result they were able to provide an excellent service to us in our last move. We want to give our special recommendation to this company because of the services they provided in our last move. We were particularly surprised with how they handled every aspect of our move from beginning to end in our last move. Some of the attributes on display on their workers were humility, courtesy and diligence. These virtues are very rare in moving services. We will hire them again for our moves.

January 4, 2018

On the day of our move, the team of US Movers Inc came with plenty of packing materials for our move. They were extremely careful with our electronics. There was no damage when they unpacked our belongings. They put everything in the right places. They arrived at my home very quickly. It was so much speedy and flawless process. From the moment I hired them to the moment they left after delivering my belongings- it was just so stress-free. They did an incredible work!

December 23, 2017

I recently had a change in my career path and luckily got a new position right away, problem was it was states away and started immediately! US Movers Inc saved me! They packed up my home, inventoried my things, and even were able to supply the boxes. The staff was very professional and put up very well with my own little quirks; these relocation specialists helped me get everything squared away. They moved me in record time, I am very glad I used this amazing company. I recommend them to anyone who is in need of a moving company.

December 15, 2017

When we chose to move into our new house we were getting truly stressed on the grounds that it was exceptionally troublesome for us to move everything of our home alone. At that point my better half instructed me to hire a moving company. According to her advice I hired US Movers Inc. They were truly great. They moved everything into our new house securely. We didn’t need to touch anything by any means. They completed their work in time. They did every one of the things by their own. The final bill matched the initial quote and I was just so glad about that. I really couldn’t imagine these guys would turn out to be this good!

December 7, 2017

We are no newbie to relocation and our experiences with moving companies have always been less than great. They have always promised us easy and efficient moves but their men are never well prepared or skillful. For our last move, we hired US Movers Inc. It was just a speedy and enjoyable moving experience with them. They were the moving company who was able to accommodate me because in the last minute my moving date was changed. On the day, they showed up on time and displayed their skills in packing and loading my belongings. The delivery was made on time without any fuss.

  • Member Since: December 3, 2017

December 2, 2017

If you want a hassle free move that wouldn’t cost you too much, your only option is to hire US Movers Inc. They were just wonderful with our last move. Their crew of 5 men arrived right on time on the moving day. The movers had more appointments that day and so they were very fast at the job. I imagined they would be quite tired but they showed no sign of fatigue whatsoever. They carried big pieces of furniture with ease and finished the whole task quite fast. The delivery was made the next day as requested. None of our items got lost or suffered the slightest damage. This move would have been absolutely impossible without these guys!

November 22, 2017

US Movers Inc is a rare breed among the lying, thieving and manipulating bunch of hyenas out there. Their quote wasn’t the lowest. But the guy on the phone broke down the cost to me and he promised that they wouldn’t add anything to the final bill. They could have easily lower their prices and send inefficient movers. But their movers provided great value for my money. They were excellently trained and very skilled. I got the proof when all my belongings were delivered without any damages. I’m happy to pay a few extra dollars if that ensures the safety of my valuables.

November 22, 2017

As everyone knows moving can be a horrible, stressful dreaded experience. I found, by using US movers inc, that moving can actually be quite stress free and easy. I recently had a family sickness and had to relocate close to the hospital. I was overwhelmed from costs to dates and everything in between. The man I originally spoke to was very friendly and helpful. The day of the big move everything went smooth and all the workers were extremely polite and courteous. All my belongings ended up safe and in perfect condition! I just don’t have proper words to thank these guys- they helped me out so much!

November 19, 2017

The movers from US Movers Inc were prompt and really cared about moving my belongings safely. They showed up right on time on the moving day with ample packing materials. The pickup was very fast as the boys worked up a storm. When we moved to the new place, they made sure to check before placing each item in a room. My valuables were safely transported on time. Their expertise didn’t even cost me a fortune. In my opinion, people who hired these guys would have definitely had the most amazing moves of their lives.

November 9, 2017

Due to the price, I went with US Movers Inc when we had to move at our new apartment. I had a wonderful experience with the people that handled my move. Although there was a little pressure to hurry up and put the down payment on it but the movers were patient and always followed up. In fact the whole team was extremely professional. I have an item lost and they worked with me until it was resolved. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

November 5, 2017

We would just like to let US Movers Inc know that we are settled into our new home and would like to thank the team that organized, packed, transported and unpacked for us. They were a great lot of guys, always on time and everything arrived safely on the date as we were told. They also picked up the empty boxes and papers within a few days. We will definitely recommend them to anybody that asks, and also to the ones they haven’t asked.

October 27, 2017

I want to thank US Movers Inc and its super team of movers for the awesome job that they did while handling my last move. Everyone was really friendly and helpful at every stage of the process. I originally filled in a couple of online forms on different moving company’s websites to get estimates. Only 2 responded, and these guys were the fastest to respond. In today’s time where everything is going online, these guys are moving forward while other companies still rely on old school theories! I’d definitely recommend this company for their efficiency, effectiveness, pricing and friendliness.

October 19, 2017

It was my first ever move and I had no clue how the whole moving process worked. I heard of US movers inc from one my colleagues, so I hired them. I was thrilled to have the three men who showed up right on time. They worked without a break and a great attitude. All three worked hard the entire time which I appreciated so much because I am on a budget. They were really nice and accommodating all day. I will surely recommend them to anyone I come across is looking for a mover!

October 10, 2017

US Movers Inc is one of the best moving companies I have dealt with yet. The prices are affordable and they are friendly yet professional. They were very cautious with my family’s valuables, even when it came to the animals items. I am very pleased with the work and would highly recommend them to others. They showed up ahead of schedule ready to work. Nothing at all was damaged in any way and for that I am truly pleased. Great job guys!

October 2, 2017

It isn’t a very long way we had to relocate to but I couldn’t possibly imagine taking on the responsibility of moving on my own. I hired US Movers Inc because they were recommended by a friend. They gave me a very reasonable quote and promised to take good care of my belongings. The crew of 4 men arrived on time and finished their packing within a short time. They packed everything carefully and properly and then loaded them onto the vans. I was very pleased to see how they put everything in vans trying to minimize damage later on. My belongings arrived right on the scheduled day and everything was in good condition. I certainly understand why they have such a good reputation. They really are the best in this business.

September 27, 2017

I was blown away by the way US movers inc handled my move last winter. It took me almost no time to get a quote and these guys actually stuck to the quote till the end. The movers were very well trained. Their experience showed in the way they worked around my house. Each and every one of the men had years of experience. I have rarely seen such efficient movers before. They made the delivery on the scheduled date and nothing was broken or damaged. Experience is crucial in this field and these guys are just full of it.

September 17, 2017

Each of the clients US movers inc helps to move becomes their fan for sure. We hired them after reading so many amazing reviews from other people. They seemed friendly and reliable when we called them. The real proof came during the move. The movers were all very experienced and they wasted absolutely no time. Their packing skills were amazing and they carried everything with ease. They were literally in and out of our house. We couldn’t believe how fast they finished the job. The delivery was made on the scheduled date. All our valuables traveled excellently and we couldn’t be happier. When so many people say the same thing, it had to be true.

September 10, 2017

3 men from US movers inc showed up promptly at 9 AM, and they packed up our entire apartment. They finished the packing process within a very short time. They worked hard and fast. We were just moving across the state border, but they were so efficient, well mannered and there wasn’t a scratch on any of our furniture or any other belongings. They offered me insurance too. I have moved several times before. But I must say this was the finest experience ever.

September 3, 2017

I had four movers from US Movers Inc for a two-bedroom apartment move. I am sharing my experience then you will able to know how proficient they were! None of my belongings were broken or damaged. They took great care of my furniture. They were well informed but they heard my every instruction that I gave them too. That’s a good sign because in the end of the day these things were my belongings. My bill was pretty much on the lower end despite their services being absolutely top notch. These guys are surely worth hiring.

  • Member Since: August 29, 2017

August 28, 2017

I have never moved before, not even a local move. But this was the time I had to move and my first move was a long distance one. My dad recommended US Movers Inc because he heard many good things from his friend. I took his advice and hired them. I am so thankful to my dad and this moving company! It was like going to a vacation. It’s like you need to pack for a vacation and then come home the way it is. These guys did wonders! Not a single scratch on anything and they everything so perfectly. I cannot thank them enough!

August 17, 2017

US Movers Inc helped me with my move a few weeks ago when I did my long distance move. Their sales rep was always friendly and very helpful. He even called me after the delivery was made to make sure everything had gone well. The foreman and his team came on time and packed like machines. I asked them especially to be aware of my jewelry and they did so. Their price was rather reasonable with nothing extra involved. I highly recommend their services!

August 11, 2017

I used US movers inc recently for my long distance move and they did an outstanding job. Their crew arrived on time, packed all my furniture and fragile items and carefully loaded everything to their truck. They were very polite, efficient, fast and professional. My delivery was as scheduled, nothing was broken or damaged, and the price I paid at the end was very reasonable. An amazing experience!!!! I’m recommending this moving company to everyone I know.

August 2, 2017

They basically followed me through every step of it and my move didn’t go perfectly but they handled all the issues that came up. Yes I did receive all the services that I have requested. I did my own packing but the blanket wrapping was good. Everything was fine. The crew was very good. For future customers I can say they are good choice. They are worth the money. US Movers Inc can be trusted. I do recommend them! And yes, they do have good rates.

July 27, 2017

It was actually really fun to move with US Movers Inc. Everyone that I spoke to had a very upbeat positive attitude, and they all worked as a team as well. I first spoke with their sales rep who was such a great help in helping me decide how my move should be setup. Then when the packers arrived they were even better. They were ready to work but liked to have fun doing it. They were very professional with everything that they did and in doing that my things arrived with no dents. They made sure everything was finished and done with before leaving. I hear so many bad things about moves and I was very glad to know that everything went well with my move.

July 19, 2017

Our recent long distance move with this company went perfectly. The moving team arrived right on schedule, worked hard and finished up quickly. Everything made it to our destination safely. There wasn’t a single damage anywhere to be found. We couldn’t be more pleased with the result. We strongly recommend US Movers Inc to anyone that wants to simplify their moving. All heavy items were moved efficiently and there was no damage. The workers took great care with our things and we appreciate it a lot!

July 19, 2017

When my stuff was delivered I was missing my vacuum and shampooer as well as 3 entertainment centers were demolished. There were up to 15 boxes crushed and an end table with a hole in it. When they picked up there were 4 men loading they truck but upon delivery there were only 2 and a 12 year old. I filed a claim but haven’t gotten anything resolved. I will use someone else next time we make a long distance move.

July 13, 2017

After a lot of disappointments I no longer wanted to move but this time my job betrayed me and I had no other option in hand. After a long research I finally came up with US Movers Inc and they impressed me all the way! I moved a four-room house including many full sized appliances, big furniture and what felt like a zillion framed pictures and boxes with fragile stuff. It was a LONG day for all of them but they didn’t do a single complain! The guys were super careful, courteous, respectful and good-natured. They were exceptionally competent. They managed the entire move all the way without a hitch! And I would not hesitate to recommend them again!!!

July 2, 2017

Moving an office to another state means you have to hire the best moving company available. That is what I did during my office move. I had many cheaper offers but I decided to go with the most reputed moving company and that is US Movers Inc. I assigned them for the move and they did the rest. The estimator was very precise in the estimate, sales rep arranged the move in an organized manner, the crew packed and loaded the stuffs with great care and they kept on calling until they reached the destination. Unloading was superb and fast at the other end and they stored all the office belongings like the way we wanted. Very professional and efficient moving company!

June 28, 2017

I’m very satisfied with the job that US Movers Inc did with my move from start to finish! Their sales rep was very professional and helpful while setting up my move and the guys who came to move me were really honest and even helped me pack some things I didn’t finish in time before their arrival. I also want to note that the cost did not rise and stayed the same. I would recommend this company to anybody I know conducting a future long distance move. Well done guys!

June 17, 2017

Good Service at very affordable rates! I had a hard time finding someone last minute to move because it’s a pretty far move. And also we all know that moving is a very stressful time where some moving companies will constantly take advantage of you with hidden fees. But, I am so happy to say that US Movers Inc is completely different from the rest. They are really dedicated to their job and very honest. They took care of me very well! Thank you for all the help!

June 10, 2017

I have learnt a lot with my past moving experiences. A lot of things can get ruined and go wrong in a move. However, it was all different in my last move with US Movers Inc. These guys are really experts in what they do! They made sure that nothing was damaged or ruined during the move. It was all perfect, peaceful and stress free. I gladly recommend them to anyone looking for good moving company to do a long distance move.

June 3, 2017

Using this company – US Movers Inc for moving was the best idea ever. As I live in a duplex house with my family, our belongings comprised of two floors of furniture. To move them across the country was such a challenge that I don’t think other companies could handle the way they did. They planned and explained their strategy of moving. Their steady and effective planned advancement definitely added me to their happy customer and strong recommender list.

May 28, 2017

Their seriousness on the job was clearly visible. They came in early, packed and wrapped my belongings with care and got me ready to go in 4 hours! I really did think that they will screw things up because it was a long distance move. But they proved me wrong! They protected every single item. No scratches on anything! They were so cool about everything! They even helped me with my car which wasn’t working properly! They were so kind and helpful and I highly recommend US Movers Inc!

May 22, 2017

At pickup, they added significant sq ft raising price $500, despite a detailed inventory with measurements being provided before pickup.

Quick delivery, but most of the inventory numbers had fallen off. The Bill of Lading was not accurate with descriptions being misspelled and wrong, they said “don’t worry about it” well I should have, very difficult to determine if all items were there.

At delivery Driver was 4 hours late from his window with no call. When he did arrive had no help. Finally hour later one helper arrived. Did not follow instructions an which items to bring in what door, and as a result damaged expensive heavy item.
In such a rush to leave, that they ended up leaving two items on the truck, had to return to the area several days later, and I had to meet them about 15 miles away to pick up these items. Driver was very nice and polite, until carrying the last and heaviest item to the wrong location.

Beware of the bait and switch, they pressure you into signing a new binding estimate, threatening loss of previous binding estimate fee.

After calling main office, the moving coordinator used profanity and vowed that I would never get a penny from them, well I am glad I paid with the credit card, Disputed the charge immediately, how quickly their tune changed when cc company called them.

Very unprofessional and I would not recommend them to anyone, even my enemies.

May 18, 2017

These guys were great! I moved out of my house last month, and US Movers Inc was the one to assist me. They came early, and helped box and move all my furniture on to their truck. I was helped quickly with all my queries. The movers called when they were on their way and they arrived on time at the other side of the move. This other team was extremely polite and professional. They moved all of stuff in quickly without damaging a thing! I would highly recommend this moving company. Plus, prices are great too!

May 12, 2017

My wife and I had a blast with US Movers Inc. We both are so busy that we didn’t have the time to pack. When they came to pack, we couldn’t monitor them. But they proved to be responsible, efficient and very hardworking. They were spot on! None of our properties were damaged and their pricing was the best. We had a great time with this mover and will definitely use them again for all future moves.

May 5, 2017

US movers inc has been great! The foreman and his crew arrived earlier than expected. They were fast with loading the truck, and very professional. All of our apartment items were carefully wrapped and our floors were taken care of with mats and pads. They did all the setup in our new apartment quickly and were super patient. They made the move less stressful and a good experience. At the end, I saw nothing was broken or damaged. I will definitely be referring this company to my family and friends. Thanks again guys!

April 26, 2017

Third successful move with this moving team!! And I once again take pride in leaving a joyful testimonial about this company. Nathan and Josh are probably the best move planners I’ve ever seen. Hats off to both of your in being so professional dedicated and committed every time. You never let me down! To sum up, I have every reason to come back to you for my next move! Recommendation for US Movers Inc.

April 23, 2017

US movers inc moved us to our new apartment at Brooklyn. I am really very happy with their service and very reasonable price. I just want to thank their sales guy and the movers for a very timely, stress free, neat and smooth move within the budget I had for that move.

April 17, 2017

Having to carry huge furniture and making sure they transport well is a huge job. One can only be good at it if they have had enough practice. The quote I got from US Movers Inc was convincing enough to hire them. They were nothing like what I was expecting at that price point. My entire apartment was wrapped, packed, carried and loaded onto two vans very quickly by them. They made the delivery on time. They were out of my house before anyone even knew that I was moving out.

April 7, 2017

US Movers Inc was on time and efficient with the move. The employees were courteous and respectful of the premises and contents. They were very careful with packing and moving the items and offered reasonable, competitive rates. They took their time to make sure nothing broke and everything. Placed everything where I wanted it. It couldn’t have been more perfect! If I move again I’ll use them again.

April 3, 2017

I was trying to do a cross-country move and US Movers Inc was one of the companies that appeared when I searched for cross-country movers. They had great reviews and I needed a quick move- so I quickly hired them. They kept me updated, systematically going over all my decisions and paperwork necessary to complete the move. They were prepared, on time and did everything perfectly. I must say the movers were so nice to my belongings and me. Every piece of my properties arrived safely at the new house. I would like to recommend them.

March 24, 2017

Efficiency means everything in this business. The movers from US movers inc were extreme efficient. And they showed great effectiveness. They gave me a reasonable quote also so I went with them. They were careful enough with my belongings. I found all my belongings safely transported and I was very impressed with how quickly they moved and how courteous they were. They were very impressive.

March 17, 2017

If someone requires me to describe the experience with US Movers Inc in one sentence, I can only say: high quality moving service. The movers were extremely experienced and efficient. They moved me very professionally. They did everything very quickly and saved my time. I was able to relocate in my new house very easily. They made sure each and every piece of my belongings arrived at the new house completely unharmed. I have to thank them for a nice experience.

March 8, 2017

I was looking at a couple of different companies and saw that US Movers Inc had good ratings. When I called them, they sounded like they were trustworthy. After discussing and getting a quote with them, I found them very professional and able to give me good, logical answers on what can be done and they helped me through the process. They explained how things are weighed and measured and then, estimated our furniture. They did everything to make us comfortable. The moving crew was nice. Everything was just perfect.

March 4, 2017

I did not have an idea that there exists a wonderful relocation company such as US Movers Inc. I just wish I had known them a long time ago. I was so happy with their relocations last week because they displayed a high level of professionalism. They did all their best to ensure that I relocated serenely without any disturbance. The crew that was involved turned out to be humorous and full of fun. Because of the jovial mood they put in, the work went on perfectly well and according to plans.

February 28, 2017

US Movers Inc delivered a solid performance while they handled my move. They had a long distance to cover and I had to completely rely on the expertise of my movers. They performed amazingly though. They showed up on time, packed everything quickly and loaded the van with my valuables. After 3 days the delivery was made. All my breakables survived the journey. It was a flawless performance by the movers and I appreciate that.

  • Member Since: February 20, 2017

February 20, 2017

I would recommend all my friends and family to do business with US movers inc because I know they will be taken care of not just be another number or be taken advantage of. Their customer service was available at all times and responded promptly with questions and concerns. The company worked with sincerity and integrity to bring satisfaction to my concern. I am completely satisfied. They showed up promptly, didn’t damage anything. The move was great, on time and I am happy recommend them to anyone.

February 13, 2017

My dad changed his job and it was two states away so we needed to move and we got the services of US Movers Inc. Their sales rep was clear what the quote was for. There were no hidden fees. It was also clear what was expected from the movers and from us to prepare for the moves. The pickup and the delivery crews were also great. They worked excellently. All moves are stressful but it worked out fine.

February 10, 2017

If you need quality movers with great attitude go with US Movers Inc. The owner is friendly and responsive. The movers were strong and thoughtful. Everything got on the moving truck. Movers did a great job of using nearly every cubic inch of space available. Really appreciate all the hard work and excellent customer service.

February 1, 2017

What I loved US movers inc for was the fact that they kept us relaxed throughout this move and took all the stresses on their shoulders. The crew arrived right on time. They packed everything carefully and loaded them cautiously onto the van. The movers were superbly skilled and very friendly. The delivery window was big but they delivered early. Nothing was broken, damaged or lost. This company is nothing like the other moving companies and I can definitely appreciate that.

January 23, 2017

Move number THREE with US movers inc over the last five years, and they just keep getting better and better! This was a big one and once again the service went beyond my expectations. The guys actually showed up early by 10 minutes (love it!), and got the job done in less time than was expected and the bill reflected as much. It has always been the cases they took excellent care of my things and went out of their way to make sure things were packed properly and securely. They are always amazing in getting their jobs done and I never had to worry about my belongings being broken or something! I LOVE THEM!!!

January 19, 2017

We are a family of ten people. Recently my family decided to shift to a bigger house. We have a lot of belongings and furniture. We were thinking of hiring a good and efficient company but we didn’t have any idea about this type of company. We fell into rouge state. At that time, someone tells us to hire US Movers Inc. I think we did a great job by hiring them because they are really hardworking and friendly people. We are thankful to them.

January 17, 2017

WOW! Their professionalism made the moving day totally stress free. Actually I was busy with packing my files and personal documents and didn’t get the chance to go to the other room and look how they are doing. But I knew I didn’t need to worry about them! They delivered all of my boxes to the correct destination rooms, making unpacking a breeze. And at the end, nothing was broken or scratched! They are trustworthy and efficient! Great value and great guys!

January 14, 2017

Is there anything above A+? I want to rate US Movers INC that! THEY ARE TOO GOOD! This is what paid help should be like. My move was completely stressed free. All I had to do was give them a call. They took care of the rest from there. The rates were great, they came on time, working for 5 hours straight and delivered without any damages. Do I need anything else? The easiest move I have ever done!

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