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Every moving company claims that it’s the best and most reliable, which can leave the customer confused, not knowing what is realistic or what to expect. Moving is risky, but selecting the right mover is all about finding professionals you can count on, people that care, and look out for you and your needs. Below is our mission statement, enabling customers to get a clear idea about US Express Relocation

Our Mission:


Our estimators go to great lengths to ensure that customers know exactly what services and pricing to expect, ensuring that our paperwork is thorough and easy to understand. We encourage you to compare the level of detail and clarity of our estimates with those of other moving companies.


It is our top priority to keep you informed of every step we take, responding promptly to your needs. Our dedicated staff of professionals makes certain that you have an excellent experience from start to finish.

Fair pricing:

US Express Relocation believes in pricing arrangements that are fair. You will receive written confirmation on all agreements prior to moving, leaving no hidden costs or surprise fees. We charge according to tariff rates and government regulations. The estimate you receive will be comprised of rates standard in the moving industry.

Moving to a new home or city can be exciting, but also quite intimidating. We promise to gently transport your keepsakes, furniture and everything you keep near to your heart in perfect condition. Whether this is your first or tenth move, you need a mover you can trust. Making sure that your current life is safely brought along to your new life in your new home is something we take very seriously.

We understand that planning a move for yourself and for your family can be a long and complicated process, but we want to make sure your mind is at ease. We promise to help relieve the stress by giving you a courteous, committed, safe and easy move – one that you will never forget.

Our storage facilities are clean, well lighted, climate controlled and monitored 24 hours a day. Our warehouse is fully insured. If you want your goods held in our warehouse you must specially request storage services. Your foreman will prepare a detailed inventory list and your items be labeled with color-coded stickers assigned to you.

5′ x 5′ Storage Room
Miscellaneous storage
Up to 2 rooms

$ 65.00/CF120 $ 75.00/CF180

Perfect for: Storing extra items, twin-size mattress, seasonal items, clothing, books, bicycles, record/file storage, business merchandise, boxes.

5′ x 7′ Storage Room
1-2 Bedroom Home (Up to 1,200 sq. ft.)

$ 75.00/ CF200 $ 85.00/CF300

Perfect for: Storing extra items, twin-size mattress, seasonal items, clothing, books, bicycles, record/file storage, business merchandise, boxes.

August 8, 2018

The company said they would send 6 guys to my home and move all my stuff from one home to the other home in one day with two trucks. When moving day came they arrived at late in the evening and only 4 guys came and one of the two trucks had someone else’s stuff on it. They took three days to do what they did and didn’t get all my stuff causing my wife (I was in Alaska for work so she was forced to handle all this with our 4 boys by herself) to have to rent a uhaul to finish the job. The moving guys caused damage to both the home we exited and the brand new home we moved into. They damaged the hardwood floors, put holes in the walls, stuffed the walls, broke light fixtures, chipped baseboards, broke some of our things and we are missing items. This is the worst move I have ever had even after 22 years of military service none of my moves were ever this bad.

  • Member Since: January 14, 2018

January 14, 2018

Awful moving company. Ignored and overcharged is only the tip of the unprofessional iceberg that is US Express Relocation.
They disregard and ignore appointments they make with you and will try to come when they want to, regardless of what you have going on.
They charge you exorbitant hidden fees.
They wont’ contact you when once they have your business.
Lost my property and ignored me when I called them on it. Finally got my property two months after my move.
The owner (John) and the mover (Ben) should be put out of business. My move was stressful enough, but with this company involved, it was worse.
Don’t use them if you have other options. You’ve been warned!!

  • Member Since: September 28, 2017

September 28, 2017

Unbelievable amount of serious problems from this moving company which has several business names, contact personnel, email addresses, phone numbers and employees. They knew i had a emergency desperate situation and took advantage of me. They came a day late and knew I needed my stuff out of my house by Sunday (8/27/17) and they didn’t show up until Monday (8/28/17). After driver/foreman looked and counted all my boxes and small amount of furniture he agreed with the salesman’s over the phone estimate (salesman couldn’t come over to estimate, we just went over everything over the phone and with photos). The foreman also said there would be “NO PROBLEM” fitting all my belongings in the truck (the truck looked small to me and there were other items on the truck already, like someone else’s property being moved. When my things were halfway loaded the foreman/driver (Lance) came to me with paperwork which stated how everything would cost more (over $2000.00 more than the salesman quoted me and the driver/foreman already agreed upon). I refused to sign but then he told me that if I didn’t sign they would take what they had on the truck (about half of my stuff) and leave the rest. I was devastated and started crying. I signed and wrote “UNHAPPY” next to my signature. He then took my credit card for $2000.00 and filled out a credit card paper. After that he became irate and started to mishandle my boxes and stuff. I asked him to be more careful, he just huffed at me. Things just got worse from there. The truck was almost full and he told me then that not all my stuff would fit. We went back and forth and he then started “cramming” some of the items left onto the truck. He was supposed to give me paperwork but when he went to his truck, He just took off. I couldn’t even see the license plate. There was so much stuff left at my house in Minnesota, I cried! I was able to stuff some of it in the van i was driving but so much was still left there. I tried contacting the salesman and the company before leaving to no avail. I have photos of items left behind with their ticket number on them. I was told that I would receive an email from the company with the weight ticket that evening to confirm the weight of my items when I was initially told by the salesman that he was going by the ITEMS, no mention of weight. That email never came. Now, it gets worse. I called the company on Wednesday (8/30) to see when the truck would meet me at the storage facility that I has reservations at for a climate controlled unit in Orlando, Fl at Life Storage. I left several messages with several people. No one called me back. I tried on Thursday (8/31) the day my stuff was supposed to arrive at the storage unit, same thing, no one returned my call or email. So this goes on for another week. One call leads to two calls and so on. No one knew where my things were. No One. Finally on or about Sept 7th I am given yet another person to call. She “claims” to be the manager of Swift Moving Systems. I never booked with this company, I booked my move with US Express Relocation. When I told her I didn’t hire Swift Moving Company she then asked if I contracted with Franklin-Swift. Now I am even more confused so I tell her I contracted with US Express Relocation. She puts me on hold for over a half hour, She then asks for the job #, Pick up date, location and the business’s name that picked up my things. Another 15 minuted go by she gets back on the phone and tells me that my belongings are in transit she thinks Tennessee and that they would deliver tomorrow (Friday Sept 8) and the driver would call me when he was about 2 hours away from the drop off destination. I demanded to know who, what, where, why and how and that is when she informed me that the original driver/foreman had an emergency in his hometown in Texas with the hurricane and his family needed him so he left the same day of my pickup from my house AND that’s when someone “dropped the Ball” with my belongings on a truck somewhere. I asked why no one called me, contacted me in any way and no one i have been calling and emailing for the past week and a half acted like they had no clue about anything and continued to give me names and phone #’s to call to locate my belongings. For the next week I was lied to about my belongings and where they were, AGAIN. I had to get a different storage facility as I lost the first one I had AND my deposit due to no show from moving company. I now had to find another storage place, put a deposit down and wait. Now I am just leaving messages, over and over to several people. No one called me back. My stuff was never in transit to me, Jennifer from Swift Moving lied. It wasn’t in Tennessee when she told me last week as it never came that next day as she told me. On Thursday (Sept 14) 18 days after my belongings were picked up, I called some dispatch number given to me and they inform me that my belongings were indeed on their way and that the driver would call me. I couldn’t believe it when the driver called and said they would be at the destination in 2 hours so I went to the storage place (Personal mini storage in Clearmont, Florida) and waited. They finally came. They brought me a bill and it was for over $3500.00. I had already paid $2200.00 and should only owe less than $1100.00. Driver called office. The office called me. This back and forth conversations went on for over 3 hours. At some point the “manager”, Jennifer told me that i now owed over $4200.00 (i have exact numbers in my possession) Still not sure how that even happened but I told her NO F****** WAY! Now we are going on 5 hours at the storage place. the drivers won’t deliver my stuff until I pay in full (a different amount than what they had originally told me) and the drivers are complaining about where my unit was located and they didn’t want to go up a hill, they didn’t want to back up the hill, one thing after another. I tried paying the amount they demanded I pay to get my belongings but that’s a lot of money and I could only come up with half. Now the manager and the billing lady are calling me because they need this and that and they were being rude, mean and not working with me about the monies that they felt i owed. The office took my payment of $2000.00 and told the drivers to leave. They left with no chance of getting my stuff. Apparently they have a office in Miami as well as Minnesota, Georgia, Tennessee and now Florida too. I kept calling Jennifer and the billing lady to get my things brought back to the storage place but now, they are not answering any of my calls or text messages. They did inform me that if i didn’t come up with the money that I would be charged an additional $700.00 up to $1200.00 for a re delivery charge. The next morning the delivery guy called and said they would deliver my stuff in 2 hours but that they wanted me to get yet another storage unit someplace else, so I did. Now i have a deposit at one place that i lost, I paid for the next unit, in full that i already lost money to all because of this company. I got the rest of the money they demanded ($2300.00 cash only) went and paid for ANOTHER storage unit and finally my stuff was going to delivered. They didn’t like the unit I paid for so I had to get a different one. When they opened the side door i almost died! All of my stuff was piled and piled, containers (totes) and boxes were broken, squashed and falling over. I immediately grabbed my cell phone and started taking pictures. It looks like over half of them are severely damaged. I was and still am so distraught I couldn’t bring myself to even open any of the boxes or totes to see the extent of the damage of the inside. I called the manager. No call back. I guess they got their money, way more than i was quoted so why would they care about my belongings. I have proof of everything I am reporting to you. Photos, emails, phone calls, everything! Please help me with this/these companies, I don’t want this to happen to anyone else!!! I still haven’t opened any of the boxes or totes yet as I am still in SHOCK that this happened to me.

March 24, 2017

I will gladly recommend US express relocation to my friends and relatives looking for a great moving company for their moves. I used them and I was satisfied with my move. Now it’s your turn. They are truly dependable and experienced. They provide exceptional service at a very competitive price. All was done in a speedy fashion. And all my belongings were unscratched. Thanks again to the movers and to the moving consultant for planning a nice move for me.

March 13, 2017

US express relocation has employed highly skilled and fully qualified movers with the passion to move literally the nation forward. They came on time, packed up my place fast and delivered everything safe and sound. We never had to move a finger. Movers did everything efficiently. In addition to this when the goods reached our new address the packers skillfully unloaded the goods and placed it to positions where we exactly asked them to be placed. I am so grateful to them and I am going to use them again.

March 6, 2017

The movers I had worked with in the past were so lazy. They would take a piece out and then wait around for 5 minutes to increase their pay. I found the movers from US express relocation quite different from these lazy bums. The men were all very immaculately dressed and professional in attitude. They started taking inventories, wrapping all my belongings and carry them outside to load in their vans. The whole thing was running like clockwork. I haven’t seen such efficiency in a long time. Their quote was very reasonable as well. They were energetic in the same way when they made the delivery. I’m so happy with these boys.

February 21, 2017

I was organizing a move for my family. It was a vacation actually. It was our first long distance move and my wife became nervous. I wanted to make sure that it’s a big company and well known and in business for a long time. I hired US express relocation and they were really professional. The moving crew didn’t break anything. They said not to worry about replacing. They helped us. They cleaned up and were very efficient. I was very happy with their service.

February 12, 2017

It was becoming a hell of a situation to live with my last housemate. He was just all kinds of stupid. So, I decided to move out and I needed a few large pieces of my furniture moved quickly. I heard of US express relocation among my peeps that they are quite a skilled company that also gives a great reasonable quote. So after confirming with them I had two men arrive the next day. They were on time and very professional. The job was done and they were on their way in a little over 1 hour. Many thanks to the team- I will definitely keep them in my mind for the next move!

February 2, 2017

I hired US express relocation simply because they quoted quite low and I was short on cash. I wasn’t expecting much from them but they really astonished me. The crew of 4 men was very effective. They were experienced and highly skilled. Their packing skills were out of this world. I never imagined how professional packing could look like. Everything was taken care of by these men and we didn’t even have to lift a finger. They delivered everything in great condition and unpacked everything into the right rooms. I wasn’t expecting such a remarkable job with that price tag.

January 24, 2017

Our family friend recommended full US express relocation. The owner met with us right away and recommended lots of ways to save money on our move which is always nice. On move day, the men showed up early and got right to work. They were friendly, efficient and very quick. They took the time to wrap things up, moved things around till we were happy and left us in good shape at the end of the day. We were within $100 of the estimate which was amazing.

January 17, 2017

My family was very much glad to have US express relocation as our moving team. Moving out is really difficult most especially if one does not have the right equipment and management system. The crew was very smart and they knew what to do. The team arrived within the window of time and started the job instantly. They provided us the service that we just needed for. I surely recommend them to others.

January 4, 2017

I had a nice moving experience with US express relocation. These guys just finished our move and they did a fantastic job. I was not even home when they came, but they waited patiently for 30 minutes. They were efficient, hardworking, polite and caring. They disassembled and reassembled like a boss and moved the bedroom in epic time. I am extremely happy with their services, the furniture looks great and I’m very grateful! Thanks guys.

December 30, 2016

This was our first move in 12 years and choosing a moving company in and of itself was a stressful experience. As a military family, our previous moves were much more cut and dry, leaving us with no experience in choosing a mover. We received quotes from several companies and, while the quote from US Express Relocation was the highest, it was also a “not to exceed rate”, which greatly reduced our stress level, knowing that we wouldn’t be hit with hidden costs. The actual move went absolutely without any issues. It was so much better than any other moves we had before. I highly recommend this company.

December 20, 2016

US express relocation definitely turned out to be the right decision. They were very friendly and the quote was not too high. The movers arrived 10 minutes early on the moving day. They packed up everything very swiftly. They finished the whole job in lighting speed to be honest. The delivery was made in the evening on the same day. The movers unpacked everything and put the boxes in the right rooms. I highly recommend them.

December 4, 2016

Most low-cost moving companies are simply inept at this job. They employ men who can’t find work anywhere else and you always end up paying a premium for whatever ridiculous reason they come up with. US express relocation is a very different kind of moving company! Their men are too good. They are very well trained, extremely professional and superbly efficient. During my move last month, I hired them and they made my move as simple as it could ever be. This company is one of the rare breed.

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August 5, 2016

I was given one quote amount for 3 bedrooms and living room furniture and then was charged twice as much for less stuff mentioned. The movers then had to bring another truck because they filled the first one with our stuff and other people stuff. The second truck of items never showed up so we have table with no legs, furniture pieces, and undelivered items that are stated to still be setting in their facility. This location used:

6075 Atlantic BLVD
USDOT: 2096802 MC: 731931

JOB #:A599461


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