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Swift Moving Systems

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Local moves

Moving within the Miami area? Swift Moving Systems is the go-to moving company for south Florida. We offer all of the services you need at reasonable prices. Our moving professionals are experienced, friendly and available to help with any of your moving needs! Contact us for a free moving estimate, and we’ll work with you to set a date for your move. Come moving day, everything should be ready to go so we can move your items swiftly and safely.

Long Distance Moves

If you’re moving out of state, we can do that as well. Swift Moving Systems transports your items from your current home to your new one. We can do all types of long distance moves, including out of state and even cross-country. Our moving professionals work hard to make your moving experience as relaxing and as stress-free as possible.

Coast to coast, we offer long distance moving solutions that work for both your budget and your moving needs. Since long distance moves require additional strategic planning, our team works closely with you so that your move is completed efficiently and on-time. We understand that a long distance move is a long and detailed process, and Swift Moving Systems is proud of the fact that we complete the journey of your move with you, providing a consistent, high level of service and professionalism along the way.

Packing services

If you’d prefer not to pack your own items, we provide packing services, too! Some items can be tricky to pack, so if you’d rather leave the difficult stuff for the pros, we’ve got you covered. Ask us about our green packing and moving options to find out more about our wide array of services. Here is a little more information about Swift Moving Systems’ packing options:

  • We offer full-packing service, which features professional movers coming to your home and packing all of your items. We will organize and label everything appropriately to make moving day a breeze!
  • If you want to pack your own items but need to find the right equipment to do so, we can provide you with packing materials to make sure you’re on the right track. This includes boxes, tubes, labels, foam, bubble wrap, tape, casings, etc.
  • For special items—such as fragile artwork, antiques and furniture—Swift Moving Systems offers special packing services. We can safely pack any items that require special attention and get them to your destination securely.
  • Some people dread unpacking even more than the packing process. That’s why we also offer unpacking services that helps you save your energy when you reach your destination. Once all of your stuff is unpacked, you can focus on organizing and settling in.

Storage solutions

You’ve got storage problems. We’ve got storage solutions. Swift Moving Systems works with local storage facilities to rent out space for our customers. These storage units are climate-controlled to protect your belongings, and the rent is paid month-to-month. So, whether you need to store your items for the short-term or long-term, we’ve got your back.

We keep the following points in mind when it comes to our storage solutions:

  • Different materials need to be stored in different conditions, so our warehouses are fit to meet any item’s requirements.
  • Items must be stacked based on type, weight and size.
  • The standard for security is high, with guards and 24/7 surveillance cameras, as well as alarm systems and fireproofing measures.
  • Avoiding clutter prevents accidents.
  • We have useful materials onsite, such as ladders, forklifts and pallets.
  • Proper ventilation is maintained to prevent levels of humidity that may be harmful to some items.
  • Regular treatments are conducted to prevent rats and other pests from accessing facility.
  • All staff members are trained to supervise and maintain storage facilities.

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  • Member Since: September 28, 2017

September 28, 2017

Unbelievable amount of serious problems from this moving company which has several business names, contact personnel, email addresses, phone numbers and employees. They knew i had a emergency desperate situation and took advantage of me. They came a day late and knew I needed my stuff out of my house by Sunday (8/27/17) and they didn’t show up until Monday (8/28/17). After driver/foreman looked and counted all my boxes and small amount of furniture he agreed with the salesman’s over the phone estimate (salesman couldn’t come over to estimate, we just went over everything over the phone and with photos). The foreman also said there would be “NO PROBLEM” fitting all my belongings in the truck (the truck looked small to me and there were other items on the truck already, like someone else’s property being moved. When my things were halfway loaded the foreman/driver (Lance) came to me with paperwork which stated how everything would cost more (over $2000.00 more than the salesman quoted me and the driver/foreman already agreed upon). I refused to sign but then he told me that if I didn’t sign they would take what they had on the truck (about half of my stuff) and leave the rest. I was devastated and started crying. I signed and wrote “UNHAPPY” next to my signature. He then took my credit card for $2000.00 and filled out a credit card paper. After that he became irate and started to mishandle my boxes and stuff. I asked him to be more careful, he just huffed at me. Things just got worse from there. The truck was almost full and he told me then that not all my stuff would fit. We went back and forth and he then started “cramming” some of the items left onto the truck. He was supposed to give me paperwork but when he went to his truck, He just took off. I couldn’t even see the license plate. There was so much stuff left at my house in Minnesota, I cried! I was able to stuff some of it in the van i was driving but so much was still left there. I tried contacting the salesman and the company before leaving to no avail. I have photos of items left behind with their ticket number on them. I was told that I would receive an email from the company with the weight ticket that evening to confirm the weight of my items when I was initially told by the salesman that he was going by the ITEMS, no mention of weight. That email never came. Now, it gets worse. I called the company on Wednesday (8/30) to see when the truck would meet me at the storage facility that I has reservations at for a climate controlled unit in Orlando, Fl at Life Storage. I left several messages with several people. No one called me back. I tried on Thursday (8/31) the day my stuff was supposed to arrive at the storage unit, same thing, no one returned my call or email. So this goes on for another week. One call leads to two calls and so on. No one knew where my things were. No One. Finally on or about Sept 7th I am given yet another person to call. She “claims” to be the manager of Swift Moving Systems. I never booked with this company, I booked my move with US Express Relocation. When I told her I didn’t hire Swift Moving Company she then asked if I contracted with Franklin-Swift. Now I am even more confused so I tell her I contracted with US Express Relocation. She puts me on hold for over a half hour, She then asks for the job #, Pick up date, location and the business’s name that picked up my things. Another 15 minuted go by she gets back on the phone and tells me that my belongings are in transit she thinks Tennessee and that they would deliver tomorrow (Friday Sept 8) and the driver would call me when he was about 2 hours away from the drop off destination. I demanded to know who, what, where, why and how and that is when she informed me that the original driver/foreman had an emergency in his hometown in Texas with the hurricane and his family needed him so he left the same day of my pickup from my house AND that’s when someone “dropped the Ball” with my belongings on a truck somewhere. I asked why no one called me, contacted me in any way and no one i have been calling and emailing for the past week and a half acted like they had no clue about anything and continued to give me names and phone #’s to call to locate my belongings. For the next week I was lied to about my belongings and where they were, AGAIN. I had to get a different storage facility as I lost the first one I had AND my deposit due to no show from moving company. I now had to find another storage place, put a deposit down and wait. Now I am just leaving messages, over and over to several people. No one called me back. My stuff was never in transit to me, Jennifer from Swift Moving lied. It wasn’t in Tennessee when she told me last week as it never came that next day as she told me. On Thursday (Sept 14) 18 days after my belongings were picked up, I called some dispatch number given to me and they inform me that my belongings were indeed on their way and that the driver would call me. I couldn’t believe it when the driver called and said they would be at the destination in 2 hours so I went to the storage place (Personal mini storage in Clearmont, Florida) and waited. They finally came. They brought me a bill and it was for over $3500.00. I had already paid $2200.00 and should only owe less than $1100.00. Driver called office. The office called me. This back and forth conversations went on for over 3 hours. At some point the “manager”, Jennifer told me that i now owed over $4200.00 (i have exact numbers in my possession) Still not sure how that even happened but I told her NO F****** WAY! Now we are going on 5 hours at the storage place. the drivers won’t deliver my stuff until I pay in full (a different amount than what they had originally told me) and the drivers are complaining about where my unit was located and they didn’t want to go up a hill, they didn’t want to back up the hill, one thing after another. I tried paying the amount they demanded I pay to get my belongings but that’s a lot of money and I could only come up with half. Now the manager and the billing lady are calling me because they need this and that and they were being rude, mean and not working with me about the monies that they felt i owed. The office took my payment of $2000.00 and told the drivers to leave. They left with no chance of getting my stuff. Apparently they have a office in Miami as well as Minnesota, Georgia, Tennessee and now Florida too. I kept calling Jennifer and the billing lady to get my things brought back to the storage place but now, they are not answering any of my calls or text messages. They did inform me that if i didn’t come up with the money that I would be charged an additional $700.00 up to $1200.00 for a re delivery charge. The next morning the delivery guy called and said they would deliver my stuff in 2 hours but that they wanted me to get yet another storage unit someplace else, so I did. Now i have a deposit at one place that i lost, I paid for the next unit, in full that i already lost money to all because of this company. I got the rest of the money they demanded ($2300.00 cash only) went and paid for ANOTHER storage unit and finally my stuff was going to delivered. They didn’t like the unit I paid for so I had to get a different one. When they opened the side door i almost died! All of my stuff was piled and piled, containers (totes) and boxes were broken, squashed and falling over. I immediately grabbed my cell phone and started taking pictures. It looks like over half of them are severely damaged. I was and still am so distraught I couldn’t bring myself to even open any of the boxes or totes to see the extent of the damage of the inside. I called the manager. No call back. I guess they got their money, way more than i was quoted so why would they care about my belongings. I have proof of everything I am reporting to you. Photos, emails, phone calls, everything! Please help me with this/these companies, I don’t want this to happen to anyone else!!! I still haven’t opened any of the boxes or totes yet as I am still in SHOCK that this happened to me.

  • Member Since: February 22, 2017

February 22, 2017

First of all, the driver picking up my things did not show up or call in the 48 hour time period I was given. Once the coordinator I was working with got a hold of him, he said that he “forgot to check his email” and did not know about the appointment. Then his truck had a problem. I was on a tight time frame and had to leave. I asked my landlord to sign the documents once they finally picked up my things. Even then, they were over 4 hours late.
I was never told that my things would be put in storage. I asked multiple times where they were being stored and did not receive a response until I sent an angry email demanding to know where they were. All I was told was the city and state. I was livid when I received an email stating that I would need to pay for another month of storage when I was never told my things would be stored in the first place.
I had to fill out multiple additional forms which were never given to me in the first place and delayed things further. It took over 6 weeks before I finally received my things, only to find that many of them were broken or missing. When I filed a claim, I was offered $66 as a settlement. This is an insult, as I was asking for $1,500. A priceless antique family heirloom was shattered. The staff have been rude and unresponsive. I DO NOT recommend this moving company. They do not care about their clients.

January 31, 2017

They were 27 1/2 hours late. Before leaving my house, they are already broken my carefully packed dishes and plates by dropping the box on the ground. They stole my large dorm fridge and a brand-new dresser still in the box. They locked me out of the storage unit they put my things in. They won’t return my calls or emails. They left behind a storage chest.

  • Member Since: December 21, 2016

December 21, 2016

I had Swift Moving Systems move my son from Chicago, IL to Tuscaloosa, AL this past summer. They arrived at the house, first to look at the furniture to find out that we had to pay extra because Cal had mis-quoted us, he was our 2nd quote after David Mateo quoted us the 1st time! So now, I am paying extra and am stuck on moving day paying more to get his bedroom furniture, desk and bookshelves moved across the country! We were promised if they picked up on a Saturday that the driver would leave the following day, Sunday to begin driving to AL, that didn’t happen! They did wrap all of the furniture securely, but finally when it landed in AL 2 weeks later it all arrived chipped and severely damaged. We were told in order to file a claim on the furniture, we can’t file a claim for “repairs”, they KEEP THE FURNITURE, when they pay out on the claim and I just wanted my son to be able to get his furniture repaired! It looked like it had gone through a WAR, we will never use this Company again! Terrible customer service, you can never get a live person on the phone after you book with them!

  • Member Since: December 9, 2016

December 9, 2016

Where to start? How about this company should be out of business. I moved many times, and this has been the WORST experience ever. I won’t need to go into a lot of detail. Just know that all of the complaints you are reading are 100% correct. I wish I had read reviews before being conned by Dennis Noble and Cal W, whom both quoted much lower than the actual move and stated they usually overquote so I there’s no significant differences. There was…nearly $1800 more. And that 10% discount Dennis gave at quote of course didn’t apply to the overall bill, just the useless quote.

Now, what you really need to know. They offer packing services, but can’t actually pack. It took almost 9 hours for 2 guys (yes they sent 2 guys for a 4 bedroom house to move and pack). When my stuff arrived, I thought they may have gotten in an accident because so much stuff was broken and missing.

They lost a few of our valuable items, and broke mirrors, my kid’s bed, and other things.

Moving is a very stressful time for people. Swift made is even more so and left us feeling completely ripped off and angry.

Oh yeah…Dennis’s first email claimed they were a member of the BBB with no complaints in 10 years. I should have clicked the link just to realize it was false advertisement and a LIE.

I am filing a claim, but have little hope to get any money back. Even if I do, it won’t even come close to actual damages as they pay by weight.

Here’s to them going out of business.

November 29, 2016

First time moving and they made it a nightmare for us! i should have known when they gave us a reasonable qoute at first, then the qoute doubled, and only went up from that! They are a BROKER business so beware! It took 32 days for our stuff arrive! We couldn’t even find out where the stuff was located no one would give us an update at all! Once they called it was less than 24hours notice they would arriving! The driver shows up and says he can’t get his truck in the complex which was a lie we have a picture of an 18wheeler moving company unloading right at the front door! The driver was just lazy and didn’t want to finish our contract! We had to go rent a uhual and then ourselves move everything from his truck to ours and then still unload everything from the uhual to our 3rd floor apartment and pay someone to help! Most of the stuff damaged, our computer desk leg broken off, coffee table legs so bent it won’t sit right, boxes missing and broken, so much more! This company is a scam beware! Jeremy is the sales person that sold it lol to us and man to think I thought I actually felt comfortable with this company and trusted them definitely doing things differently the next time we move!

  • Member Since: November 12, 2016

November 11, 2016

They indicate they are not a broker, however, I never saw their truck. My items were wrapped by a group of individuals, a truck not bearing their name came to pick it and a truck bearing another name delivered my items. Be aware their time frame as it starts not when they pick it up from your home (per sales) but when the driver picks it up from the warehouse. My items were suppose to be delivered between 9-23/27 and were not delivered until 10/8. Now I’m having the hassle of filing a claim as they lost two shelves for my corner hutch and there is no response if they found them in the warehouse. As far as the price, it was more than estimated, however, I under estimated the volume. I was quoted a less rate but didn’t go with that company because of the delivery date which ended up being the same in the end…after it was all said and done I should have gone with them as they are a credible company.

  • Member Since: October 27, 2016

October 27, 2016

Literally the worst, unprofessional company I have ever in my life experienced. From the beginning, I was told that a move from Iowa to Texas would only take 2-4 days so I coordinated everything to fit in those 2-4 days. I was starting a new job and wanted to moved in and settled before I started work. They changed the “quote” on me 4 times so I ended up spending about double than the what the initial lady Eliza told me. She apparently only wanted the sale because she lied to be about how much cubic feet I needed, how the process worked, and how long it would take to get to Texas. Then Cal called me and went over the inventory with me again and said well I’m gonna bump up the cubic feet just in case but if you don’t use it, you won’t pay for it. So of course I had to pay more money for a deposit. They changed the pick up date on me 3 times. One of the days they finally came, wrapped all my furniture and then said well we don’t have enough room in our truck to load up so we’ll be back in the morning. Are you serious? I had all of my things packed up and my car loaded up. I had hotels lined up to stay at on the way down there, my apt lined up to leave that day and the new one the next day and they literally didn’t care that I’m wasting money on this stuff! The driver came back the next day and upped the cubic feet again to about double of what was originally told me (keep in mind I didn’t change anything or buy anything else, my box list was exactly what I had told them at the beginning and the furniture I even told them sizes and dimensions). I couldn’t get a straight answer out of dispatch where they were going after they loaded me up and they kept saying “ask the driver because he knows”. The driver Lance lied to me I don’t know how many times. He lied and said that they partition off the truck (also what Eliza told me) which isn’t true. He lied and said that my things will stay on that truck and nobody will touch or move any of it. Also not the truth. He also lied and told me he was going to Kansas after he loaded me up and then off to texas. Completely a lie. Jennifer and Chris at the dispatch office are completely disrespectful and unprofessional. Jennifer is supposed to be a manager and she speaks to you like you’re 2 years old and yells at you for asking questions. I had no sympathy from these people and then when my things didn’t arrive for another week after I was in texas, still no sympathy. No empathy, no offer for discounts. Jennifer called me a liar and said that I made it up I was told 2-4 days for delivery. She said it never takes 2-4 days so nobody would ever tell me that. All of my things were moved from one truck to another and when I finally received my things, all of the totes and boxes were falling apart. I can’t even count how many items were broken. But I’m not going to contact these people again because that’s how much I hate them and cannot ever speak to them again. I would give them a negative rating if possible. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! UNLESS YOU WANT TO PAY DOUBLE THE PRICE OF THE INITIAL QUOTE, NOT KNOW WHERE YOUR THINGS ARE FOR A WEEK, BE CALLED NAMES AND GET YELLED AT AND THEN FINALLY GET YOUR BROKEN ITEMS OVER A WEEK LATER.

  • Member Since: October 24, 2016

October 24, 2016

Terrible service, terrible price. The movers that arrived to pick up our items were both professional and efficient, which gave us hope that we had made the right selection. We were wrong, the movers that dropped off our items were anything but. Rude, unprofessional, and wearing highly political t-shirts( promote your beliefs on your own time, not mine). One of the movers broke the leg of my $600 dresser and said nothing, he just rested the dresser on it to make it look okay, very dangerous. The same gentlemen assembled the bed frame without putting in any of the screws and it feel apart the second we attempted to move it. They were not careful with our other things, many small items broken, and a few missing items as well. The price was also almost double what we were quoted, moving across the country we were prepared for some hidden charges but not that many.

October 23, 2016

As a moving company, Swift moving systems has no comparison. I have tried and tested many companies out there but these guys just blew them out of the ball park. Everything about them was so professional. From the first contact to the delivery of my belongings- they proved to be super efficient. They maintained their schedules throughout and they never harassed me at any stage. I was promised that my bill would be kept at a minimum and they kept their promise. The movers were very strong and well trained. I just couldn’t find any glitches anywhere.

October 20, 2016

I was taken aback by the price Swift moving systems quoted me. It was substantially lower than the closest quote I got. I was expecting a half-hearted job from the movers. But they really surprised me. The movers were so professional and experienced. The men finished packing everything very quickly and they loaded everything without any issues. They delivered on time and I found all my belongings safely transported. I really tried to find some flaws somewhere so I can justify the little money I paid them. But maybe these guys have so many clients that they offer the most competitive prices one can ever find. Either way, I am very happy.

October 14, 2016

We have used swift moving systems more than once. Their professional movers handled all our items very carefully and reassembled everything perfectly within our targeted time. We trust them as our affordable, dependable, helpful and friendly company and amazingly they keep up their high-class quality every-time. My wife and I feel very happy to select them as our regular moving company.

  • Member Since: October 13, 2016

October 13, 2016

My scheduled pick-up date was 8/27/16. They did not show up until 8/30/16. I had a very difficult time contacting dispatch for updates. I left messages and emails with customer service and sales with no responses. My first scheduled delivery date was 9/18/16. My items were not delivered until 10/6/16. Upon delivery most of my self supplied shipping totes showed signs of damage and my $400 gas grill was damaged and unusable until repaired or replaced. If it had not been for the pick-up and delivery drivers I would have only given a 2 star rating. Both sets of drivers were very friendly,courtious and easy to work with.

  • Member Since: October 13, 2016

October 13, 2016

DO NOT CONFUSE this company with Swift Company, the trucks that you can see all across the nation’s highways. I did.
I read that this company does not communicate with you once you are signed on and invested $$$$ to their move. I signed on anyway. It was ABSOLUTELY TRUE. I endured sleepless nights and stress as I was trying to regain contact with anyone from the Swift Moving Systems team. All I was seeking was confirmation that we were still on track for the pick-up and then later with delivery. They stop answering calls or addressing emails and of course by then it is too late to switch to another company.
I was also told that Swift Moving System does not contract out the move and a truck with the SWIFT logo would pick-up and delivery my possessions. NEVER saw a Swift truck! The truck arrived two days late leaving us only 1/2 day to get the house cleaned for the new owners.
Delivery did occur within the possible 4-21 day window (about 16 days). However the delivery driver was in a grand hurry and we did not have the opportunity to count all boxes. We carefully assembled all the numbered tags and checked off each number. After taking a couple of weeks to unpack all items we find that we are missing about 10 boxes. We have filed a claim and are now waiting to hear from Swift Moving Systems.
Final cost was over $2000.00 more than what we were quoted.
Overall: NOT HAPPY with Swift Moving Systems. You can do better.

October 6, 2016

No one should get comfortable in the same place for too long. I move around a lot and my travel companion is always Swift moving systems. They always take such good care of my valuables. We have a decade long relationship and they have never failed me. They offer the most competitive prices and the most efficient movers. I know I may sound partial but unless you haven’t hired me, you wouldn’t know how good these guys really are. I have always counted on them with my value and they safely delivered them to my new place.

October 4, 2016

Swift moving systems made my move easy and simple as every move should be. Moving companies are notorious for making relocations even harder. Not these guys though. They took inventory and got to packing. Everything was shrinking wrapped neatly and put inside boxes. The van was quite new too. They delivered on time. All my valuables were safely transported. I don’t see why I shouldn’t be happy about this move.

October 2, 2016

There is way too much wrong kind of moving companies but Swift moving systems isn’t one of them. I really appreciate the fact that they were always very honest with me. They called me ahead of the time to inform me that the movers would be 30 minutes late. I mean, who does that anymore? The movers, when they came, packed everything up in a storm. They were such strong men- even my cast iron storage unit couldn’t tame them. I’m really happy with the way these guys handled this move.

  • Member Since: October 1, 2016

October 1, 2016

This move was a debacle! The sales rep, Cal, did not come to my home but asked me to walk around the house as he asked questions. He quoted me a lowball estimate at first, around $10,500. After three other moving companies had representatives come to my home to do an estimate and quoted around $18,000, I called the Cal and told him he was too low, that when we last moved we completely filled an 18 wheeler truck, so he quoted $14,000. He said doing it early (May for a July move) gave me the exact date I needed and a lower price. I accepted and put down over $4,000 as a deposit. I told him the arrival date would be July 18th.
On July 14th I had heard nothing so I called Cal. He said we were on for the 18th or 19th. I said no we needed to be MOVED IN the new home by the 22nd and the state was a 2 day drive away. He said no problem he had a large crew and they could pack and load the home in one day. By Tuesday I again had heard nothing, but Cal would not return my call. Finally a Customer Service rep called and said Tuesday at 1 pm was arrival date. I said “how can you pack and load a home in half a day? We need to be on the road on Wednesday. She assured me they have large and professional crews and could do it in one day.
Crew arrived midday Wednesday with a truck that was too small. The crew chief walked around my home and said we had more things to move than he was told and the new price would be over $22,000 dollars. He said we could release the team but “good luck getting a moving company on short notice in July”, and that we’d lose our deposit AND if we did get a new company we’d be charged at peak rates. Of course he had us over a barrel because a family was moving into our home so we were forced to accept and paid another $5,000 more. He had himself and 2 other guys. He said his truck was too small so he’d get a storage unit, move our things there in several trips, then get a larger truck to come and reload it later. They packed and loaded until late Friday, at which time he informed us we had to pay the balance (over $8,000) in cash before they’d unload our possessions on Sunday. How could we get that cash on a
weekend? Finally they allowed us to charge it on a credit card.
They arrived and unloaded starting at noon on Sunday but the BOXES WERE NOT LABELLED. I had to cut open each box to see the contents before telling the crew which room to move it to. They left at 8 pm with the fridge in the garage, and TV’s, mirrors, the piano and other items wrapped up and unassembled. We started unpacking and found many damaged, dented and broken items. Worse yet there were some very important items lost such as a complete setting for 10 of flatware and all the serving pieces valued at over $1,500, half our DVD collections, bedding, linens, etc. These people talk a good game and break every promise. Use them at your own risk

September 25, 2016








September 23, 2016

My estimate was for $8283. When the movers arrived, they indicated I had much more volume and the price rose to $9828. I had in an email dated May 11, 2016 that “All interstate moves are required to be delivered within 21 business days of the first available delivery date provided by the customer.” They did not deliver within this window. I was very disappointed that it took so long (delivered 9/11/2016 when my first available date was 8/6/2016).

They did a very good job packing. Only two pieces of furniture were broken. The TV, dishes, china and art were intact.

September 22, 2016

Positive: did a full pack move. The movers did a great job wrapping furniture and packing items. We have a lot of dishes and China, and only 1 jar of that was broken. We also had one dining room chair arm broken and one table leg broken.

Negative: The price went up, a _lot_. My initial estimate was $8300. By the end, I paid $9978. Even though I had sent them a complete inventory from another company that did a walkthrough (they only talked to me by phone). It’s not as if on moving day you can suddenly decide to switch to another company. And they added a charge for stairs ($75) and a long walk ($75 – because it was easier for them to get into the basement from the rear of the house) on the other end. The packers also handed me a piece of paper suggesting a 15% tip.

Negative: They did NOT deliver within 21 business days. Each time I called, they told me they would check with another department. After filing a complaint with the BBB, they did put items on truck and delivered by the end of the week.

  • Member Since: September 21, 2016

September 21, 2016

If you could give a negative star rating I would. This was the worst moving experience I ever had they put holes through 3 of my walls moving out, they were 3 days late picking up the furniture and 2 days late dropping it off. They damaged over 30% of my things and lost 3 boxes of my things, then they gave me some of someone else’s furniture. The charged me and additional $2000 from the original estimate once they no you need them is when they get you! They would even let me see my furniture before I paid them! They damaged all my glassware, mirrors, tables, art, as if they had no regard what so ever. I also called several time no answer as if they didn’t care. I just fill out a claim form to see if they will compensate me for some of the damages so awaiting that! All I have left to say is I would never ever recommend these guys for any reason. They were rude and loud and would listen to how I wanted thing done and yes they left serval boxes also so I had to pay and additional mover to get the remaining items. This was the worst experience I have ever had.

  • Member Since: September 11, 2016

September 11, 2016

Worst company ever. Would give a negative 10 stars if allowed. Dennis used switch and bait to get us to sign up. Then closer to the move Cal adjusted the price up by 3900 and when the driver Alexander came he adjusted again based upon his opinion of the actual cubic feet. Driver provided no proof of actual cubic feet of space. They have not responded to numerous e-mails or phone calls. Very poor customer relations. Lost and broken items upon delivery. we were told twice or stuff was in transit but both times, the driver says that is not the case. Pickup was a day late and took 10 hours. Delivery was 2 weeks late and items were in storage in Chicago and again in Denver. Have filed claim with the company but not heard back. this company is not what they profess to be. Save yourself time and lots of money and use a reputable company.

August 27, 2016

Swift moving systems helped me recently during my move to IN. I choose them because of the reviews that I saw about this company in various websites. The sales rep was very helpful and informative. He offered the best possible price and did everything possible to ensure the safety of my goods. The crew was very hard working, punctual and had shown great presence of mind. In the end it was a move which had zero stress and zero damage to bother us. Everyone should know about Swift moving systems and also use them without a doubt.

August 26, 2016

I hired swift moving systems to move my belongings because I was hoping for a stress-free move. Frankly all I did during the move was to drive to my new house. Everything else was taken care of by these guys. They arrived on time, came fully prepared and worked like machines. They wrapped all my breakables with great care. Even my furniture was wrapped in shrinking tape. Most of the packing material was free anyway! They delivered everything on time and my valuables were completely unharmed. It really was a perfect move!

August 17, 2016

26 1/2 hours late. Allowed boxes marked “Fragile” and “China” to drop before even being loaded on the truck. Rented storage unit under driver’s name, so i didn’t have access for a week. Refrigerator, microwave, chest of drawers, winter clothes missing. Many things broken. Many boxes missing. Storage bench left in old house. Never again.

August 14, 2016

My job takes me to a new place every few years. I hired swift moving systems to move my belongings this time. They gave me a very logical estimate and I was quite happy to see how they broke down the cost. The crew of 4 men arrived on time to my apartment. We struck the first hurdle when the elevator got busted for 2 hours. The crew waited patiently inside the apartment trying to get as much done as possible while the elevator was being fixed. They finished the job after the elevator was repaired. The best part was that they didn’t charge me the full rate for those 2 hours. I was very touched seeing their professionalism. I am happily recommending this amazing company and their hardworking crews.

August 13, 2016

I have to commend Swift Moving Systems on their excellent customer service, attention to details and ability to get quotes on the spot. Jeremy did all he could to give me the best quote I’ve heard, in an excellent time frame and supplied valuable information that could save me thousands on my move. I can’t say enough positive things about the way I was treated on the phone and online. Thank you Swift Moving Company & Jeremy! If anyone asks for a referral for a moving company I will be sure to point them in your direction! Best to you all in your future endeavors! 🙂

  • Member Since: August 11, 2016

August 11, 2016

I set up this move with Brett at Swift Moving Systems over the phone and he took my initial deposit (1,913.50). He told me to expect the move to cost 6,154.00, and he took the down payment for that amount. A few days before the move, Cal from Swift moving systems called me to go over the house inventory and told me to expect the price to go up to 8,493.00, and therefore made me add more money to the deposit (634.43). On the day of the move, the packers came and unilaterally decided that the cost would rise to 9,000.00. We agreed that since I was paying by the cubic foot, he would call me when he was done packing the house so we could do a walk-through and make sure nothing was left behind and to measure the cubic footage of the move. He never called, and when I went back to the house after signing the closing documents with my realtor, I discovered that he had left without calling me, and he had left behind furniture that was on the packing list and he had left full cabinets that were supposed to have been packed. Because we had to vacate the property for the new owners moving in the next day, I had to throw away all of what was left behind (pictures below). They also broke lightbulbs and left the shattered glass on the floor (see picture). At this point, they charged me another 3,322.78 for this portion of the move. I immediately called both Brett and Cal and left messages for them which went unreturned.

The following day (7/6), I called both Brett and Cal again, with no answer. Cal finally called back that afternoon and told me he would “do some investigating and call me back.” He never called back. After this, on July 7th, I attempted to contact both Brett and Cal a number of times, and all of my calls went unanswered and unreturned. This went on through the present time. I have tried contacting them at least twice per day every day, and still have not had my calls answered or returned.

Additionally, when Brett was selling me the services, he told me that I could have a delivery date of 07/08 – 07/11, and my items would arrive no later than the 11th. My items arrived on the 21st, so we had to buy lawn furniture and sleep on it.
The total cost of replacing the items left behind and/or damaged in the move will be in the thousands of dollars. I have attempted to contact the company every day since July 5th, but nobody will talk to me.

August 10, 2016

I definitely recommend Swift moving systems for long distance moves. They moved us to Washington DC from Orlando, FL. This company was reasonably priced. The communication with their sales rep was very easy, he was helpful throughout and the moving team was extremely talented. They knew the shortcuts and showed their skills while packing and loading our stuff. All 5 men who arrived for the packing and loading, made sure the transition goes well for us. We got 99.9% of our valuables in great shape and paid them almost an identical amount with the estimated price.

August 10, 2016

I love moving and the line of work I do allows me to move state to state a lot. One of the things which is a bit stressful is the moving. I always used different movers for my move because I never found a mover you could fill up my expectations. But from now on I will always go with Swift moving systems. Efficient, smart, hardworking no BS and great people. The pricing is really good for me because I spent a lot in the past. So this was like Christmas all over again. The best part is when you go to your new home and see everything has arrived in perfect shape. I highly recommend Swift moving systems.

August 4, 2016

Firstly I would like to thank Swift moving systems for the excellent work they did with my move from FL to NY. They took very good care of my valuables. A crew of 4 guys came to my house early in the morning on the moving date. They directly started working without any breaks. I really wanted it to go fast and they did exactly that. They were fast but also efficient. No damaged, no scratches it was just spot on. The rates were good too.

August 3, 2016

Swift moving systems is undoubtedly the best out there. I had a glimpse about their quality when I first called them and the man on the phone sounded so experienced. He called me back with an amazing price tag. Everything went smoothly from there on. They kept in touch with me before, during and after my move. The movers were all very enthusiastic and efficient. They finished the job so fast that I felt like I should tip them generously. Each of my valuables was moved without even a slight scratch on them. It was a flawless move.

July 24, 2016

I was quite upset given how things had unfolded in the days prior to the move. I didn’t have the mental or physical strength to pull off relocation on my own. I hired swift moving systems and just waited for the time when the crew would arrive. The four men arrived on the exact time and started packing everything. I’m sure they were confused seeing the state I was in but luckily they didn’t ask any question. They finished their job properly and left with all my belongings. They delivered everything to my new house on time and all my belongings traveled so well. I am still recovering from the horrors of the last days but I’m glad someone was there to take care of my belongings when I couldn’t.

July 22, 2016

It was a move that was inevitable. After applying for jobs for the last 3 years, I finally got the call. The only condition was that I had to move within 7 days. So I hired swift moving systems to move all my belongings. They gave me a very reasonable quote and I hired them for a prompt pick up and deliver. The four movers arrived right on schedule and started packing everything. They were very properly equipped. Otherwise, I would have no idea where my wife stored the tape or spare boxes. They worked for an extra 15 minutes cleaning up the scrap bubbles wraps but they didn’t charge me for that. All my things were delivered securely and unpacked in my new apartment. I am highly recommending this company.

  • Member Since: July 21, 2016

July 21, 2016

I was not happy. I originally was quoted a price of $4700 but come moving day my price jumped up to $6800. I had went through everything in the beginning when I got my quote and told the guy I was on a very tight budget. He understood and assured me that the quote would be as long as I did not change add anything. I had it all in writing. I even got rid of bulky items that originally I was taking. I feel like the old bait and switch was pulled on me and I felt stuck. When the items arrived to our new house in NC most of the boxes were crushed and I had clearly marked the fragile boxes. Needless to say my picture frames were smashed and some kitchen items were broken. I had to put a claim in for the broken items, in addition to the missing boxes of items and our foyer table and my son’s captains bed that was damaged beyond repair. I would never use them again!

July 18, 2016

I am not easy to impress. But the guys from Swift moving systems impressed me a lot, which means they are a lot better than ordinary movers. I hired them in a rush and gave them a very narrow time window to get the job done. They have responded to the situation equally good. The sales rep, managed the scheduling perfectly, foreman with his team worked so hard and the driver transported the belonging with great care. Overall, they did more than enough to call this move a success.

July 14, 2016

Last time I hired a moving company, the movers and I didn’t quite gel and it was a disaster. This time when I was moving again, I made a lot of calls to get an idea about which of the moving companies is really good. I hired swift moving systems because of the word of mouth. The crew arrived right on time on the moving day. The foreman was a very strong and experienced man who was always ready to help with a bright smile on his face. He constantly motivated his men to work faster and more efficiently. I have a lot of belongings. I thought it would take them forever to get through everything. But the men finished the job very quickly. They packed everything very creatively. I got the proof of that when everything reached my new house in pristine condition.

July 13, 2016

I didn’t know what to expect when I hired Swift moving systems to move my belongings. But I really got lucky. There were absolutely no problems whatsoever that took place during this move. They expertly handled the move and delivered all my valuables on time. When you hire a company like this one, you can get away with not knowing anything about moving because they just take such good care of you. I will definitely recommend them.

July 8, 2016

Many companies have experienced and efficient movers. But swift moving systems has something more. Their movers were absolutely fantastic while they moved my belongings. But what really impressed me was their customer service. They were prompt, attentive and experienced. I was constantly kept in a loop by them so I wouldn’t become worried about my possessions. Their quote was very reasonable and they really gave me a good deal. I was really impressed how capable this company was in both all departments of relocation.

July 4, 2016

1) I was quoted for a move cost of $1,670 the actual total move cost was $3,062. I gave an accurate description of my items and there were no extra items shipped yet my bill was still increased by $1,392. I feel I was baited in the quote just to gain my business and the price was set to balloon.
2) I was informed my goods would be to my destination within 3-7 days. My things were picked up 6/11 and it is 7/4 and still no contact or confirmation for the date of arrival.
I would never recommend this moving company. Stick with more well known moving companies. This company is not worth the trouble.

July 4, 2016

I cannot praise Swift moving systems enough. They handled our move very efficiently. It was a very sudden move and so I had to hire them hastily. But it was not an issue for them. They provided me the same services they would provide any other client. They were early to arrive and very early to finish. That is what you really want when you are paying by the hour. All four movers seemed very friendly and helpful. They were careful not to damage the wall or floor. The delivery was made on time. I’m looking for something to complain about. One of the movers didn’t speak English. Is that really a complaint?

June 26, 2016

I understand that most people set their moving dates according to their needs. But most moving companies that are amazing are booked way in advance. I knew about Swift moving systems and how good they are. So I called them before setting a moving date. They found me the best slot that suited us both. They sent over a crew on time on the moving day. I was worried if the crew was going to be too tired after working all day. But they were very charged and efficient. They didn’t sit around at all. They were done packing my 3-bedroom apartment very quickly. They were not the cheapest but the money wasn’t the issue at all simply because of how efficiently these movers worked. Take my advice and discuss with your moving company before setting a date if it’s possible at all.

June 25, 2016

I hired swift moving systems for my move simply because of the stories I had heard about how professional they are. Most companies hire seasonal movers who work for them on a contract basis. But all of their movers are actual employees of the company and so the rate they provide is absolutely reasonable. The men are very experienced at packing and carrying heavy and fragile things. I think experience means everything in this business. If your movers have not tackled enough moving situations, how can you trust them with your valuables?

June 18, 2016

Swift moving systems gave me a good value for my money during my last move. They handled my move in such a professional manner. They arrived early, packed everything with great care and loaded all my stuffs onto the vans with caution. I wasn’t sure if the truck was too small but they fit everything into it quite comfortably. The best part was that they charged me very reasonably. Their initial estimate wasn’t too high to begin with. The final bill came very close to it which really surprised me.

June 13, 2016

I was totally awestruck by the men sent from swift moving systems. The price asked by the company was on the lower side so I wasn’t expecting much from them. But this company has been in the business for a long time and they employ the best movers. The crew I got was sensational. They arrived right on time. It took them a mighty effort to finish packing everything from my 1700 sqft apartment. I was given a week long timeframe for the delivery but they managed to deliver within 3 days. All my things were in great condition. I am very grateful to the very hardworking men who made my move so effortless for me.

June 10, 2016

I have seen many moving companies hiring inexperienced and amateur movers. But swift moving systems had really experienced movers. I have heard of them before through friends but didn’t actually realize how great they are till I hired them. Their quote was very reasonable for our move. The 3 men sent over by them were so well trained. Everything went like clockwork and my 2-bedroom apartment was wrapped and loaded to vans perfectly. I am very satisfied with the services provided by these movers.

June 8, 2016

We were moving two weeks ago. Swift moving systems was referred to me by my girlfriend. I called them and easily got a reasonable quote. The movers arrived early and started packing up my belongings. They loaded everything onto the van very carefully. The delivery was made on time. Nothing broke or got damaged on the way. In the end, I realized that this move was just too easy. I have read reviews where people said how easy their move was. I never thought I would experience one of those. Thanks a lot guys!

June 2, 2016

Moving companies will talk themselves up without having much to show for it. They make promises without intending to keep them. I have had some terrible experiences with some moving companies. So, I was elated when Swift moving systems did exactly what they promised during my move two months back. When I called them for a quote, they very courteously admitted that their crew had 3 other appointments on that day and it would be quite late for them to arrive at my apartment. I have never seen a moving company doing this. They usually book you and then show up late anyway. The crew was just fantastic. They arrived right on the scheduled time and worked impressively fast. All my things were delivered on the scheduled time. This company is the best example of no-frill efficiency.

May 28, 2016

We hired Swift moving systems purely because of the price they asked for. I wasn’t expecting much from them given the low estimate but they really surprised me. The movers arrived right on time to start moving our stuffs. They wasted no time in packing everything neatly. They were very delicate and thorough with packing everything. I have rarely seen such efficiency before in my life. The delivery was made on time and all my valuables traveled very well. It was the easiest move of my life.

May 26, 2016

I would definitely not recommend Swift Moving Systems. Very little about anything in the process went well and overall I was extremely disappointed with my Swift Moving Systems experience.

Loading team showed up two hours late and took two hours longer than I was told it would take to pack up my house. My household good actual volume was only ~10% more than what they initially quoted which meant an extra charge on loading but could have been a lot worse. The loading movers left trash scattered around the house (empty soda bottle in drawer, tape scraps) and missed miscellaneous items in packing; I literally had to follow them around to triple check their work.

The delivery driver did show up on time and in only 9 calendar days for a Colorado to Maine move which I thought was pretty reasonable. But he refused to come up my driveway saying his truck wouldn’t fit (his truck was almost 90′ long–unreal for an 800 cubic foot delivery!). He wouldn’t unload my goods until I paid an extra $450 for shuttle service when he should have just used a smaller truck to begin with. The delivery driver did not go through box/good inventory with me but demanded I sign the offloading paperwork.

Up charge of $75/flight of stairs. A “flight” of stairs is 7 stairs. Just another opportunity to nickle and dime.

The Swift sales guy told me Swift used all their own trucks and drivers (and that the same crew would load, drive and offload my stuff). The delivery driver was a sub contractor and I know there was at least two handoffs of my household goods during the move.

The packing was poorly done and I have a lot of damaged/broken items as a result. One of the two garment boxes (neither box actually had hanging garments in them) was stuffed with random items, none of them individually wrapped (diploma frame, two pairs of ski boots, wreath, dog pooper scooper, ski clothes, emptied out dog toy box, fragile artwork). I was truly appalled when I opened that box. Why would anyone think that was acceptable packing?! Many of the boxes literally looked like the beginning of that “Ace Venture When Nature Calls” box when the delivery guy kicks his package around.

Delivery folks were supposed to set up furniture that was taken a part for the move; all they set up was my bed (did not set up two tables, etc.)

I’ve moved with real professionals before who were fantastic. Swift Moving Systems was absolutely not.

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