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Long distance moves can be scary; you don’t see your items for a while, the ride can be bumpy and don’t even get us started on rogue movers! With Prodigy Moving, there is no need to worry. We know what it takes to move you whether it be down the street or across the United States. Your items will be treated with care as if they were our own. Our packers will pack your belongings with care and load them into the truck so they are ready for the road ahead! Your items will arrive at your new location safely and on time with our top-notch movers!

February 8, 2019

It’s been almost two weeks past the date my belongings were supposed to be delivered, and no one in the company knows where my belongings are or when they will be delivered.
After researching moving companies, I discovered Prodigy Moving & Storage with positive reviews.
I needed a moving company to take less than a studio apartment amount of items from Boston, MA to Charlotte, NC, with a target date of January 28, 2019.
Initially, the exchange was positive. Kristina Parris was attentive and responsive to my questions. She sent me a moving estimate on December 6, 2018, and after some adjusting, sent me a new estimate December 31, 2018. Through email, Kristina told me my pick up date would need to be January 17th or 18th of 2019, as it takes ten days to provide a target date of delivery for January 28, 2019. Although I understood the delivery date could not be guaranteed, I was made assurances that they achieve target dates at a high rate, and spoke with a specialist on the phone who told me I would receive my belongings on January 28th, or a day of that week.
I paid my first installment on 1/1/2019. I had a lovely exchange with Shaneka Henderson on January 17th to readjust my claim to ensure all my belongings were itemized properly. She also assured me of a target move in date for January 28, 2019. Movers arrived January 18, 2019 to pick up my belongings, and I paid my second installment the same day.
Then a flip switched.
I arrived in Charlotte, NC on January 27, 2019 and emailed Prodigy on January 29, 2019 as I received no notification that a delivery was going to be made. At that point, I was given new information by Susan K about how they process their moving shipments that were unknown to me; however, she had no information about my delivery. I spoke with a rude manager by the name of Jerry that same week who informed me I “should have chosen an earlier pick up date if I wanted my things sooner” and to “read my contract” and offered me no help. I was near to tears trying to understand why no one could provide me with any information on the location of my belongings or whom to speak to about delivery. The only person who has responded of the previous people I mentioned, has been Susan K. Her daily emails specified that she had no information from dispatch as to my delivery date.
I was told on Wednesday, February 6, 2019 that I would receive a phone call Thursday morning (February 7, 2019) with a definitive date of Friday, February 8, 2019 or Saturday, February 9, 2019 for my delivery. No such call came. I called today, February 8, 2019 and was told the truck is in New Jersey, and it has a mechanical issue that they are hoping to fix by Monday the latest. I was also told that they still need to offload the truck before loading my belongings onto the truck. So now I am looking at a possible additional week before I receive my things. This will make it a possible 3 weeks from the date I was originally supposed to receive my belongings (January 28).
At this point I have been living out of a carry on suitcase for almost a month. I have lost money on work, flying back and forth between states. I am stressed out of my mind at the frustration and lack of communication not only between Prodigy and me, but between Prodigy and their dispatchers.

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January 16, 2019

Please read this before booking with Prodigy. I was calling around for a mover for my son to relocate to Texas. Prodigy came in with a lower estimate than most so I decided to go with them due to the sales person Stephanie. This was early December 2018. I explained the move was due to a child custody case and that I was more concerned about the delivery than anything else. Stephanie assured me that we had enough time to get it done. On December 6th I signed with them and was told pick up was December 26th and again it was enough time to get it there by January 3rd 2019. I then explained he gets his son that weekend of January 4th and he needed furniture and again assured no problem. On December 26th pickup was made. The price for the move went up almost $400 there was nothing we could do but agree to the price. On December 31st I called there dispatcher Jerry and was told that the January 3rd date was not going to happen, the furniture was in Atlanta waiting for a truck. I explained what was told to me by Stephanie and Jerry said the January 3rd date is the first available for us to receive and on that day he will know if and when it was coming. Again I explained what was said to me from Stephanie and was told she wouldn’t say that and besides read your contract. There is nothing he can do. I then called customer service and spoke with a Shaneka and tried to explained the situation and get help. Well my answer was I understand and the only 2 things that can be done was to wait or rent furniture and if I wanted to discuss anything else the call was over. She hung up. I called back Jerry and told him and he said she would not say that I requested the phone call be played back as they say there recorded and he denied my request. After daily calls to them the furniture was loaded and shipped from Atlanta on January 11th. It was delivered on January 15th and to our surprise ever box was crushed and certain items were broken. Now a claim needs to be filed who know how long for that. The drivers were rude and said they didn’t do it, it was the loaders in Atlanta and they can’t do anything.
So by not seeing his son for the weekend, having to file claims and now probably spending $3000 in attorneys fee’s to straighten out the problem were out more than the move. I did call the postal service to cancel the money orders but that can’t be done.
So if you’re looking for a bait and switch company then Prodigy is for you.
If you’re looking for lying sales people then Prodigy is for you.
If you’re looking for rude people with no compassion then Prodigy is for you.

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December 28, 2018

STEER CLEAR. Wholly unfair upcharges, did not fulfill verbal assurances made by sales nor their end of written contract, Field workers rude and abusive, customer service likewise at first, then unresponsive altogether. Late and late again, damaged possessions. RACKET-LIKE RIP-OFF ARTISTRY at it’s finest. For your own good USE SOMEONE ELSE.

December 12, 2018

This company deserves Zero stars but it seems 1 star is as low as it will let me go. We used Prodigy Moving and Storage for our move from Iowa to California. Anything and everything went wrong with Prodigy Moving and Storage. To begin, they told us they would have 4 men packing up our 3 bedroom home. I started calling them the morning of the move when they were 45 minutes late. I called again when they were an hour and a half late. They rolled in almost 2 hours late for our move day with only 2 men. We had an entire house to pack! Bringing half the employees we were expecting and being 2 hours late put pressure on getting everything accomplished that day. My father and I had to pack with them ALL DAY! We ended up needing to split the house with them. They packed the 1st floor and my father and I packed the upstairs. We worked all day (WHEN WE WERE PAYING THEM TO DO IT). My father had brought with him boxes, multiple kinds of bubble wrap, packing tape, etc. because he wasn’t sure what my husband and I had paid for when we picked a moving service. Thank God my dad brought all of those items because the Prodigy men RAN OUT OF PACKING MATERIAL and proceeded to use ALL of my fathers items he brought from home. They never left to buy more material but made me sign a piece of paper charging me for ADDITIONAL PACKING MATERIALS that we in-fact supplied by my own father!!! They told me if I didn’t sign it they would not haul my items! I fought them on this explaining to them that it was our material and they said it would all balance out in the end bill but I knew that was not true and they did charge us for extra packing material they did not bring themselves!!!! I couldn’t believe it! At the end of the night, the older gentleman approached my father and said, “It’s customary for you to tip us.” My father and I were absolutely shocked by this being that we worked ALL DAY right along side them even though they were late and we were PAYING THEM TO PACK THE HOUSE! My father tipped them and said to me that it was better to tip the $40 because they had access to my belongings and we didn’t want anything to go missing or be broken by mishandling them because they felt shorted or unappreciated. I was soo angry about this that they asked for a tip when they were late, ran out of material and came with not enough men that my father and I had to do HALF THE WORK! So my kind father who was sweating and working ALL DAY tipped the 2 men. I needed to head out for my evening shift before they completed the job. I left my dad there until they completed the work and once I got home, I inspected the 1st floor because thats the area they packed (Dad and I were upstairs packing all day). What I quickly discovered is that they failed to open MULTIPLE DRAWERS AND CABINETS! They left pots, pans, cleaning supplies, our broom and our VACCUM, and bathroom and kitchen rugs. How??? How???? How could they forget to open entire cabinets? I packed all the miscellaneous items that could fit in my car and GAVE AWAY THE REST because I literally had no more space in my vehicle! Now you would think it couldn’t get much worse than all of that…. Once our items reached California, we quickly realized MANY MANY MANY ITEMS were either missing or damaged!! Including the only thing I had inherited from my grandmother a week before the move (Which was an antique and worth thousands of dollars = 0 ) Our white dining room chairs had black oil from the dollies on it, our office desk had a broken leg, our lamp shades were crumpled and hand black stains on them. There was broken glass from light bulbs because they were never wrapped and were floating around inside of boxes. Our pillows and blankets had dirt on them and it took me a little while to figure out why. I re-closed that box and found HUGE shoe prints walking across the top of multiple boxes. Who ever stacked our boxes in the truck, walked across them repeatedly and there was dirt all over the tops of our boxes that then dropped into our boxes and onto our bedding. Our master bedroom furniture had deep gouge marks in the wood where it scratched off chunks of paint and wood. We were missing all of our WELCOME mats and all of our TV mounts to mount them on the wall. Our Mattress had black oil on the sides of it and our guest mattress had its corners ripped. Our guest bed frame had been dropped and was cracked upon delivery as well. We wanted this major move to go smoothly. And we had such confidence that it would because the man who helped us with our quote over the phone was wonderful. We had planned so well with him and had gone over multiple times what was in our home, how big a truck we would need, how many men it would take to do this packing, what time to expect them to arrive and of course we had planned, agreed and okayed the budget ahead of time. Nothing went according to plan. Daniel was the gentleman who helped us prepare and he picked up my first call in regards to them being late that day. He did not however pick up a single call from me the rest of the day knowing that it was our move day!!! I called Daniel 12 times that day. Never once did he pick up or call to check in or confirm that everything went ACCORDING to our plan. We documented/ pictured our damaged items and we went on to make a claim with a 3rd party. I could not be more disappointed in how this process was handled and how we were made to feel through its entirety. I would not recommend this company to anyone!

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November 26, 2018

He and his partner were the best! On time, well priced, efficient and extremely professional. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone and will definitely use them again.

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