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Moving Company that specializes in local and long distance moving . Fully licensed by the DOT, FMCSA and TXDMV. Offers professional packing service and padding.

We are A Rated with the Better Business Bureau.

From or within Texas, California, Florida ,Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, to any of the 48 continental states. nobody moves you like Move Us To Relocation.

No move is too big or too small. For residential or commercial moving, you will want efficient solutions, professional crew and personal care that we can provide.

Tel 877-828-8717

Email info@moveusto.com

November 27, 2020

I think Move us to Relocation proved why they are so sorted after in this business during my last move. They were absolutely fabulous in everything. The movers arrived on time. All the packing and loading was done in the shortest possible time. The movers were very delicate while packing my breakables. They moved the furniture out in a very systematic manner. I was quite impressed seeing how sincere and organized they were. When they delivered everything, I took an inventory and all my belongings were safely delivered. There was no issue anywhere during this move and it’s proof of their capabilities.

November 18, 2020

These people showed up on schedule and also obtained the right to work and did not quit up until all our belongings were packed and loaded on the trucks. They were friendly, really cautious and cool with all of our things. I was so nervous working with professional movers but I would select these people once more whenever I need to relocate. Move us to Relocation made sure a safe and sound relocation and being honest, they did a lot more than what we were looking for. So, I have no hesitation giving them a 5 star rating.

November 15, 2020

I’ve used so many different movers and Move us to relocation is the best. Moving is incredibly stressful and they really understand that. Their whole mission is to remove the stress from moving and that’s exactly what they do. From my first call to the sales rep of Move us to relocation coming to pack us up to the last box being delivered, the whole moving experience was actually a pleasure! We are very happy with the service provided by Move us to relocation.

  • Member Since: November 14, 2020

November 13, 2020

I appreciated the professionalism, prompt follow-up, flexibility, attention to detail and mostly the integrity of Move us to relocation. On top of this, they are competitively priced. I have used them more than once and have referred them to friends who in turn, have used their services. Give them a try if you are looking for a mover to provide you peace of mind without breaking your pockets, Move us to relocation will deliver!

November 3, 2020

They rendered their service to me in an amazing way making me enjoy my last move with them. The move went smoothly without complaint. I was lucky having hired Move Us To Relocation in my first move. They are well trained workers that render perfect and satisfactory service always. I was just surprised when I watched them display their professionalism and expertise in work. They truly rendered perfect and efficient service to me.

  • Member Since: October 25, 2020

October 24, 2020

The hassles of relocation are too much to handle. But nothing as such took place while I handed the responsibility over to Move us to Relocation. They were really reliable as far as my belongings were concerned. They did an excellent job at packing everything so they arrived at my new house intact. I have to give props to the movers who were very punctual, efficient and friendly. I will definitely hire them again.

October 16, 2020

I had to move from one apartment to another but I had to do it quickly and on a budget. I looked online and called a few different places to rent a van, but they were all out of my price range. Some friends had told me about Move us to Relocation, so I thought I would give them a try. Not only were they within my price range, but they were kind and very accommodating. There were some issues I had during the move, but they were willing to work with me. I would definitely recommend them if you’re in the market.

October 13, 2020

I have used Move us to Relocation several times before. My experience has always been a positive one so far. This time, however, I had to move from Texas to Iowa which made the move so much more difficult! I am happy to say that once again Move us to Relocation impressed me with their level of professionalism-the crew worked very hard to make it quick, efficient and painless. The quality control rep called during the move to check on us and it was greatly appreciated and very reassuring. Thanks for yet another fantastic moving experience. I strongly recommend using this company – They are the best!

October 12, 2020

If there is any relocation company that I have all the respect for, trust me it is Move us to relocation. I really honor these movers considering the array of perfect services they have delivered lately. Just a month ago, they helped my sister relocate to Pennsylvania and it was all perfect. Two weeks later my father was moving from Texas to North Carolina. They assured me that he settled comfortably into his new home without much drama. Lastly, they helped me relocate and it was one of those services that I enjoyed. I will always remain grateful to them.

October 5, 2020

These guys did a great job moving my son into his first rental. They disassembled and reassembled a monster of a bed, and managed to move an expensive and fragile phototherapy lamp without damage. They did all this plus many bookcases and other furniture in less than two hours. The team was professional and courteous throughout the entire move. The pricing is reasonable and clear, no hidden fees. Communication through email was always handled quickly. I highly recommend Move us to Relocation!

September 25, 2020

I used Move us to relocation for my initial move of household to storage, and then for the move into our new house. The initial experience was great, so I quickly scheduled them for my move into new home. The moving experience into our house was as good as the initial move. The guys were very nice/polite, prompt, and careful with all of the items. They did a great job. I would recommend Move us to relocation to anyone looking for a company to hire, and I most definitely will use them for all future moves.

September 15, 2020

Move us to Relocation helped me move my stuff from TX to CA last week and they did an amazing job. They were very accommodating with the special items I had and paid special attention so that everything was moved with care. My stuff arrived well in time and the off-loading was careful and fast as well. I would highly recommend using this service and if I ever move again, I will be sure to use them again.

September 13, 2020

They were prompt and helpful to pickup 10 boxes from Denton, TX to deliver San Jose, CA within the allotted time. The customer service rep was helpful by walking me through their process and ensured me the timely delivery. The truck arrived at 9am and finished loading by 9:30am and all I had to do was sign the paper works. Before the schedule, they arrived on time and my friend met them there to oversee the delivery. He told me that it was quick and easy. I would use them again.

September 12, 2020

I have to say, this was as good a moving experience as I’ve ever had. I’ve used several other companies in the past but none of them were as good as Move us to Relocation. They arrived on time and were courteous and professional. They handled all of my items with care and were careful not to damage them or the house as they loaded up. Upon delivery, they were on time and the experience was just as pleasant. Overall, I can think of a better investment to get peace of mind and reliable, professional service. I highly recommend Move us to Relocation. These guys are top-notch!

September 2, 2020

If you need a good moving company for your long distance move, you should hire Move us to relocation! They have everything you want! If you hire them you will get a stress free and damage free move. My wife and I hired them two weeks ago and they have truly impressed us. They were very punctual which shows how professional they are. They moved all our things with care and they did not break anything at all! The delivery was done on time and also they helped us a lot at the new place. Our move was very easy and simple thanks to them. We highly recommend them to all!

August 25, 2020

The move went very smooth. The guys were on time, showing up exactly at the promised window. The guys moved quickly and efficiently, the furniture was handled with care and wrapped and packaged nicely. The guys were friendly and professional. On delivery, they arrived on the day that I had specified on the day of pick up. Nothing was broken. Everything was in the same condition that I had shipped them in. The delivery crew even helped me put together my entertainment center. Very pleased with overall experience. Thanks again!

August 16, 2020

One thing about Move us to Relocation is that they keep getting better in their operations. About two years ago, when my elder brother was relocating, the company didn’t have the coordination they had when I hired them for my relocation early this month. They also seemed to be more organized and took their preparations to a higher level. That is an indication that they can only get better, and if you are looking for a relocating company to use, you don’t want to let this chance pass you by.

August 14, 2020

This was a huge relief because my initial move to Jersey City, NJ was a huge disaster. So disastrous that we were very skeptical about ever using another moving company ever again. Move us to Relocation restored our trust in moving companies. We received on-time, reliable and honest updates from our agent. The delivery guy updated me a day before the delivery arrived and called me again 30 minutes away. The people in the office and the field people are accurate and very polite. I don’t have any problem with these people and I am willing to refer them to my colleagues and friends.

August 11, 2020

For long distance moving it is important to get a trustworthy company with honest workers that would help you in that important moment of your life. My family and I moved and even though it was an emotional and hard moving process, the company made sure to make our moving smooth and professional. I have to say that the price was reasonably low; the service on the highest level and our satisfaction is still present. Move us to relocation is really a good company.

August 3, 2020

Unfortunately, I had to change my moving date three times and my moving company rejected my changes citing unavailability. But Move us to relocation had no problem at all fitting us into their schedule. They gave me a schedule with a smile. The moving estimator was very knowledgeable, straightforward and very helpful when things came up concerning scheduling and how to arrange payments upon delivery and all kinds of fees. The movers were just delightful. They could not take one misstep. All my items were safely and timely delivered. I will never use any other company. They are the best.

July 27, 2020

My husband and I realized it was about time to hire movers for our third move. We were happy we did! The whole process was smooth, easy and effortless for us and we are so thankful to Move us to relocation. They were timely, respectable, affordable, and took great care of our stuff. They were fantastic! I would highly recommend them. We ended up having more furniture than expected and had to take two trips, but they handled the whole thing like champs! In our new place, they helped us move our biggest pieces into the rooms we wanted with skill, professionalism and strength. I don’t think I’ll ever move myself again without the help of movers.

July 17, 2020

We were quite blown away by the moving company that we hired for our move from Denton, TX to Denver, CO. Their professional and organized way of moving was top-notch and very impressive. We had also used them for our previous move over 3 years ago and their performance presently has been impeccable and consistent.

July 14, 2020

Save yourself the time and trouble of trying to do it yourself or hiring questionable movers – I fully recommend Move Us to Relocation to anyone who needs professional moving services! I used their long distance moving service, their storage service and their packing services and they did a great job. The teams were very professional and the entire move process was perfect. Due to bad weather their sales rep called to apologize about the couple days delay but knowing they are being extra cautious just proves my point and getting all of my belongings to my new home damage free is much more important than getting them on time. I want the owner’s phone number to tell him how this is the best moving experience I ever got, and I had a lot! Way to go all of you.

July 13, 2020

It was pretty positive. They came on time and they did everything professionally. I was happy with the service. I found that the pricing was not reasonable. There were some issues around it. Overall, I am happy with the service. I did receive all the services that I requested. I would suggest Move us to relocation if somebody asks me. Currently, I don’t know anybody who is planning to move. Packing was done to my satisfaction. The crew was very helpful. They were on time and very friendly.

July 3, 2020

This was an amazing moving experience. Everyone on the staff was so professional and helpful. Our building kept pushing up our move date and every time I changed the date with them they were totally accommodating and understanding and even calmed me down. I can’t say enough about Move us to relocation. I would highly recommend them to anyone moving a long distance.

June 25, 2020

Higher service charge is never a guarantee of quality work. I hired Move Us To Relocation for a lesser price and they did a commendable job than another company which I sought its services some time back; expensively. They charged me quite low yet they showcased a high sense of professionalism. Their services are impressive and worth going back for. I am sure to engage them in my next movement just I did in the past one.

June 16, 2020

Move us to relocation moved in 4 days what would have taken 6 days by any other company. I’ve never seen anyone carry a Queen mattress out of the truck, up a flight of stairs and onto the bed frame alone and all in one swoop…then not even a breather before back for the next items. These guys were totally professional and never complained once about the rain or the narrow little walkway that prevented their truck from coming closer to the stairs. They were strong, efficient, careful, courteous, and an absolute pleasure to do business with.

June 14, 2020

I thought your guys were amazing. The lead guy and two other men were the movers that I had working for me. They were fantastic. They were extremely careful and had some great ideas on where to put some of my furniture. I would, and have, highly recommended Move us to relocation and would continue to use them in the future.

June 13, 2020

Move Us To Relocation has such a wide range of services and that’s why I hired them. They were very friendly and the quote was not too high. The movers arrived 10 minutes early on the moving day. They packed up everything very swiftly. They finished the whole job in just an hour. The delivery was made in the evening on the same day. The movers unpacked everything and put the boxes in the right rooms. I highly recommend them.

June 10, 2020

I hired Move Us To Relocation based upon a recommendation from my realtor, and am happy I did. They packed and moved my whole house without damaging an item, wall, or flooring! The sales rep and the onsite estimator were great to deal with from coming out to give us an estimate. These guys packed everything with great care, loaded all the furniture, valuables, delicate and fragile items utilizing the available space on the van and made sure that the delivery was made on tine without damaging anything. Start to finish A+++++!

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