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Maybe you are looking to move into your new home within a specified budget. And you sure need to find a good moving service in Los Angeles. But how will you start? You will look at the options available online and your search ends with Kangaroo Van Lines. When you have extra goods that need safekeeping for a short period, you can avail our quality storage services. This will ensure that your goods are available when you need them. With a comprehensive fleet of trucks for transportation and staff that excels at packing and deliveries, you can be sure about the level of service you deserve is what we offer.

We are one of the leading moving services in Northridge, Los Angeles. Kangaroo Van Lines is a full-service moving company that serves the cities and suburbs of Los Angeles. We are counted among one of the top movers in California moving industry and that is because we employ some of the best movers and consultants to work with us. Offering unparalleled services, climate controlled moving trucks and cutting-edge equipment; we are with you at every stage of the relocation.

August 3, 2020

I was looking at a couple of different companies and noticed that Kangaroo van lines had good ratings so I hired them. The movers wrapped the items and they were really good-natured. They asked where I wanted furniture placed in the new house and reassembled all items. The movers were so fast at the packing and loading the process. Everything was done to perfection and they checked all the time. I was happy and my parents were happy too. I would like to recommend them.

July 27, 2020

I used Kangaroo van lines earlier this month. I moved a ton of boxes myself and left the heavy stuff to the pros. The two fellows arrived 5 minutes early and went right to work. They were polite and professional in every way. The truck was ready to go in about 90 minutes and arrived on time. They unloaded promptly and placed everything where we wanted it. They even moved a few things around as we decided. The price was as quoted. I’ve moved many times and this was the smoothest. The estimate process was as others have described. I highly recommend Kangaroo van lines.

July 21, 2020

Probably the most efficient move I’ve ever had. Kangaroo van lines sent movers who were early, got straight to work and were done before the schedule (7 days total for a long distance move). A favorable thing about them is that this company communicates via email. Most movers will let you email them once before calling you constantly, which does not work with my schedule. Here I was able to get all my information via email which eased the whole moving process. I had the best moving experience with this efficient moving service.

July 11, 2020

My dream was to live in Dallas and it came true, so I called these guys to move from Los Angeles to Dallas, they answered all my questions patiently before booking with them. They were so respectful and kind during the process and took care of my belongings as if it was theirs and everything arrived safe and sound. Great job!

July 3, 2020

The foreman and his crew for both movers were courteous, professional, and moved my 1BR apartment quickly and efficiently and took time to make sure the furniture was placed exactly where I wanted it. Thanks again Kangaroo van lines, we will gladly recommend you to anyone who’s looking for a hand when moving.

June 29, 2020

They successfully made the move while social distancing to the best of their abilities. I am blessed that they got the red lamp that I inherited from grandfather to its new home without putting a scratch on it. They are proud of the work they do and it shows when my other valuables such as my grandfather’s clock made the trip without it getting dinged. I will use Kangaroo van lines for moving my grandmother’s stuff to storage next fall.

  • Member Since: June 26, 2020

June 26, 2020

Do not use this moving “company”. Seriously, don’t. We needed to move from IL to AZ. Our experience with Kangaroo Van Lines started out promising and our initial contact with Danny on May 31, 2020 was pleasant and reassuring. He addressed all of our initial concerns and questions and we felt comfortable committing to their services. We were supposed to receive a confirmation call the day before pickup, but it never came. After not receiving any communication the morning of pickup, June 25, 2020, I reached out to them and talked to Chris Brown. He said he needed to reach out to the IL office and then he’d call me back. This was at 11:24 am, and at 2:02 pm, I receive a text from Chris stating, “Unfortunately our driver got sick & has to go back to the warehouse. We can not pick up the order. I tried your phone but no answer. Please call dispatch to discuss your refund.” I had no missed call, so I called him. He said, “these things happen,” and when I told him a refund was not an option, he said he’d look into rescheduling for the next day. Not surprisingly, I never received a call back. I called them at 4:02 pm and asked for a manager. I was transferred to Maya who informed me our reservation was canceled in their system. I told her I never wanted to cancel and Chris was supposed to be looking into other routes. She said she’d look into the matter and call me back. Then my husband received an email with receipts for the refund. I called again and she said she could look into other routes, but the dispatch office was closed and she could not do anything for us until the next morning. She said she’d be in at 11 am and gave us her cell number, and thanked us for not “screaming like most people do,”. The next morning, we had not heard from Maya and called her cell at 11:22 am but she did not answer. I then called the office and they said she was not in yet and they did not know when she would be in. I informed them that we needed to know something soon in case we had to make other arrangements, if we even could with such short notice. My husband finally left a voicemail on her cell to inform her we no longer need the services of Kangaroo Van Lines and how this was the worst experience we have had in our lives. We have never felt so devalued and victimized, let alone stranded.

June 18, 2020

Kangaroo van lines was absolutely great! We used their service in January this year and they were quick and efficient. The movers had a positive attitude and were very knowledgeable. They were thorough, explained every detail, and were very friendly and courteous. Thank you for the great service!

June 11, 2020

I have moved so many times and I always moved on my own. But this time due to some circumstances, I had to hire a moving company. After doing a lot of research, I ended up with Kangaroo van lines because of their good reviews. On the day of the move, a foreman and his three helpers came to help. In just 4 hours they packed and loaded everything. Nothing was a problem here on this side. On the day of the delivery, I thought they would charge me for the extra things I made them do. But the price did not change. They are very understanding and helpful. I highly recommend them to all!

June 4, 2020

The price Kangaroo van lines asked for seemed more than fair and I hired them right away. They turned out to be very professional. The movers arrived right on time. They packed everything very quickly. The boxes and furniture were systematically loaded onto the van. It took four men just 2 hours to finish the job. The fact that they send 4 men instead of 3 makes a big difference. I was worried sick for this move as I have never relocated before. But I really had nothing to worry about given these guys was handling my move.

May 28, 2020

I know that the internet is full of information and moving from one state to another shouldn’t be a problem. We could just find the companies and talk to them before finalizing the right one. But, it wasn’t easy as time was less and we had to have all the information in one place. It came as a pleasant surprise when I landed at the Kangaroo van lines. There are so many movers but professional and reliable ones are very few. I can confidently support them and credit them as one of the best companies for long distance relocation. Before, I assumed that they are best. But after experiencing their services for long distance relocation, I can say these are the best people you could hire for your long distance moves. I will surely recommend them to everyone I know.

May 18, 2020

The lead guy and his team were fantastic. We had to put our content in storage. Everything went very amazingly because of their hard work and dedication. Their sales rep in the office was courteous and quick to respond to my questions every time. Through our 48 years of marriage my husband and I have moved many times, but we have never had a better Moving Company. We would highly recommend Kangaroo van lines for any kind of moving services.

May 7, 2020

We have used Kangaroo van lines in our recent moving and received tremendous service from the beginning to end. We just hired them to move our entire house hold goods and few sensible items to our new home. From my first call I asked them about their service quality. There had great experienced movers, excellent responsive customer care and very friendly estimator. So, it was an excellent team work success. There every department showed up superb performance. Everything was done great. Well done guys! I am sure you will be happy to work with such a wonderful company.

May 2, 2020

They were very helpful and courteous, and I appreciate all the extra packing and moving tips that they had to offer. Their hard work and efficiency helped this move go much quicker than I could have hoped. Kangaroo van lines made sure they are on time for the pickup and delivery and they also ensured the safety of my valuables. Each and everything arrived in one piece and without any damage. Please thank the guys again for me and let them know that they have a very satisfied customer.

April 27, 2020

The move went very smoothly to our surprise and the price was the same as we were quoted initially. The movers were courteous and polite. Kangaroo van lines managed to accomplish this complicated move that involved three different locations efficiently and without any problems. I was also impressed with how well they worked with the doormen at the apartment buildings. I strongly recommend this company to anyone moving.

April 18, 2020

This was the best experience of moving I ever had! Both of the movers were very knowledgeable and professional. What would of took me 3 days to move myself only took them 4 hours, very impressed! They have fair pricing and our A+ rated this helped in my decision on what company to choose. I will definitely use their service again in the future and recommend them to my family and friends. Thanks a lot to Kangaroo van lines.

April 9, 2020

Last month we scheduled Kangaroo van lines. The movers showed in a timely manner. The group was fantastic: effective, mindful of our unique demands, promptly for every of our 2 days of relocating and ahead of timetable for every finish time. Best of all, there was no damage in all. They complied with up after daily and we informed them just how pleased we were. Offer them a shot and I make certain you will not be disappointed!

April 4, 2020

The group was extremely expert and also pleasant. They got here on time and also obtained straight to work and by the time we got the keys to the new house, extra participants of team came along to help move us in. Not only were the reviews excellent however the expense of the relocation was even better. They are incredibly expert. Love their services.

March 28, 2020

This is the first time I’ve hired any type of moving company. For years any time I had to move for business I would save the money and pack up everything myself. However, this time I decided to use a moving company and save myself to stress. I went with Kangaroo van lines because they came highly recommended by a colleague. Honestly I don’t think I’ll ever move without a moving company and more specifically Kangaroo van lines again.

March 22, 2020

I normally don’t write too many reviews but I had to this time. I am very pleased with the service I received from Kangaroo van lines. My piano arrived safely in addition to the rest of my house hold items. Movers were just amazing and careful I am very happy I used them for my relation. I will recommend to my friend this moving company since they Are moving soon and make sure they will be happy with their service.

March 11, 2020

I used to live with my grandfather. After his passing away, I moved my personal belongings to Denver, CO from Los Angeles, CA. I contacted with Kangaroo van lines. They are excellent. They helped me in each and every step. I think I am lucky that I received their assistance. Before I hired them, I had very limited idea on moving process. So my expectation was only safe delivery of my stuff. But the movers exceeded my thoughts. They not only simply did the move but took highest care. All items were in perfect condition. Everyone should hire them.

March 3, 2020

Kangaroo van lines came recommended by a buddy that assists relocate people for a living and I had a great experience. The crew of four started at 8:30 as guaranteed and also functioned gradually the entire day. They were pleasurable, specialist as well as really recognized what they were doing. After dismantling beds and also other furnishings, they had me go through the spaces in the new house, and they understood what pieces opted for which room, far better than I did! They reconstructed, gave me time to obtain bed skirts on, never ever rushed, and however got the task done. They are the ideal.

February 27, 2020

I’ve never moved long distance before, and so I always did my own moves when moving locally. I simply didn’t have the time to take off of work to take care of loading everything up myself, and driving it slowly out to my new place. With Kangaroo van lines I was able to move my stuff for pretty much the same price as it would have cost me to do it myself. Still, I didn’t like having control over the whole move process. I had to put all my trust into them and they did not let me down! They loaded everything great, were speedy on delivery, and were organized about payment. Couldn’t have done a better job myself!

February 16, 2020

My cousin recommended that I go with Kangaroo van lines when we were on our hunting trip together. I brushed it aside at the time, but when I went home to search for moving companies, Kangaroo van lines was the one that stood out to me. They moved me a long distance and I didn’t complain once.

February 12, 2020

I knew I wouldn’t have time to do the move myself and after calling around I decided Kangaroo van lines would be the best option. The representative was extremely understanding and nice and made the setup process so easy. I let the guys in and by the time I had run to the store and back they had the whole truck loaded with my one bedroom apartment! My stuff reached not only in one piece but completely undamaged and in less time than I thought it would! The men were extremely courteous and conscientious throughout the whole thing. I will definitely be using them for all my moves from here on out.

February 7, 2020

Kangaroo van lines provides a top-notch service! As someone who’s generally distrustful of moving companies (I’ve had some rather unfavorable experiences in the past), I was hesitant at first to employ another one. However, after realizing that I couldn’t make the move alone, I put my trust into Kangaroo van lines. They sure delivered! After reaching my destination, I was relieved to find not one box broken, or any furniture damaged. I’ll definitely remember their exceptional service when moving in the future and, in the meantime, I’ll be sure to recommend them to all my friends. Overall an excellent experience!

February 4, 2020

I have used this company before and found them to be excellent. I requested the same movers a year later and got two of them. The driver was new to me. All three men were very good, knowledgeable on moving and acted very professional. They worked hard all day without a break and completed our move in a timely manner. They helped set up furniture and followed our instructions on placement of furniture and boxes very well also. I would recommend Kangaroo van lines to anyone and if I were moving again, I would request the same men as this time.

January 26, 2020

I have relocated mane times over my life due to my work and also have a tendency to dread it. Dealing with Kangaroo van lines made the entire move much less difficult. They were simple to speak to as well as deal with from the beginning. They showed up on time, with every one of my items intact. I would suggest using Kangaroo van lines to any person who wishes to take the stress out of relocating day.

January 24, 2020

Relocating isn’t always an enjoyable experience for me because it is such an inconvenience. I made a decision to consider a moving company and also that is when I found Kangaroo van lines. I was shocked at how quickly they were able to schedule the job. Being that it was my very first time utilizing a relocating company, I really did not know what to anticipate. Obviously, I was very happy with the result. The step went extremely smoothly, everybody was professional, my items were undamaged as well as they finished the move 3x quicker than I would have on my own. I had a positive experience and also would certainly recommend utilizing this business.

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January 18, 2020

I was checking out the testimonials and also Kangaroo van lines came out rather excellent. The movers arranged the relocation and it was pretty excellent. It was what I desired. It was snow climate; however they worked tough to make my step stress free. They did a quick secure step with my things, which means a great deal when relocating. I would utilize them once again in the future if one more move emerges. I am so happy to them for the superb experience.

January 10, 2020

It was an amazing move by amazing guys – Kangaroo van lines. The quality of their work speaks for itself. However, there is no company that will deliver a moving experience as easy and stress free as Kangaroo van lines. It was nice working with these movers. These guys are very knowledgeable about their work and their manager was with me to ensure that I got the best service. My move with this company was a total success and I recommend them. It took them such a short time getting all the relocation work. I was there personally to witness the great experience and I was so much happy with what they offered.

January 8, 2020

This was one of the scariest experiences of my life. Only because we have never used a professional mover before and we had no idea how it worked or watch expect. Thank God for Kangaroo van lines and their staffs over there. Everyone from our sales rep to customer service to quality assurance all played a part in making the move go so well. There was never any point in the move where we were scared or in doubt. There were no last-minute charges. The same truck that picked this up was the same truck that delivered us. It was a very easy-going experience and for first timers I was suggesting giving them a call. They are affordable, friendly, honest and very professional. Thank you everybody.

January 4, 2020

Kangaroo van lines are supreme, dependable and gave me a service that is worth my time, money, and my trust in them. The movers showed why they are regarded as some of the best not only in California but all over the country. They are hardworking, professional, and yet very friendly. They made certain that my move is stress-free and I am looking forward to using them again in future.

December 24, 2019

The sales guy was very responsive, foreman and his men were very helpful throughout the moving period. And I must commend their working skill and commitment. In them, Kangaroo van lines have experts on the job. I enjoyed the service because it was stress free.

December 19, 2019

I hired Kangaroo van lines to help me clear out large, expensive furniture from a storage unit. They worked with me to schedule a time that worked around my schedule. Their foreman with his crew arrived – their last job of the day – after dealing with bad weather and traffic. They were still energetic, positive, and very efficient. They clearly knew what they were doing and my furniture arrived perfectly intact. It was not an easy job to do by they did it and made it look so effortless. Definitely Recommended!

December 10, 2019

I would like you to know that the foreman and his crew were very good. They were very professional but more importantly they were very patient with me and the confusions of my move. This is very much appreciated and I would like to send my regards to all of those who helped me made the move much easier and organized.

December 9, 2019

The moving team of Kangaroo van lines worked incredibly hard and helped us complete the work that we needed to do in support of the move! We didn’t realize how much “stuff” we had and every step of the way, our foreman encouraged me saying “No problem!” Each man was beyond courteous and went out of their way to help us! I will recommend you to anyone I know who is moving.

December 4, 2019

My good friend told me about Kangaroo van lines that he absolutely loves them. I was referred to them and I am very happy over all. They gave me free boxes upon reservation and provided with a guaranteed move cost. Movers showed up on time, not a single scratch on any of my furniture and delivery on time. I am very satisfied over all with the moving service and defiantly refer them to all friends and family.

November 25, 2019

Trust is a virtue that can only be earned. For sure, Kangaroo van lines has earned the trust it deserves. The relocation company safely delivered my property and for a very short period. I truly appreciate your work and I recommend anybody planning to relocate to contact them. Clearly, motivation is what workers need in order to deliver better services. Employers that give motivation are always assured of better production in the end. Kangaroo van lines’ loading crew totally impressed me. Despite the heavy luggage, they were able to complete the task in the least expected time. They make working with the relocation company to be cheap and fast.

November 18, 2019

My husband and I used Kangaroo van lines at the end of October and we had a great experience. From start to finish everything was excellent. Their sales guy always responded to my emails quickly, the movers called when they were about 20 minutes out, they arrived on time, and worked hard, fast and non-stop. They did an amazing job securing all our staff and were very careful. If you are looking for a reasonably priced moving company with excellent service, Kangaroo van lines is the best. They did an amazing job!!!

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November 13, 2019

For anyone in need of perfect relocation services, I would recommend Kangaroo van lines. If you really want to have a memorable relocation experience, then these relocation giants would do. A couple of weeks ago, I received a similar advice and I put it into action. Here I am a very happy and contented of the diligent relocation services that I was accorded.

November 8, 2019

You only know and believe that it is possible when you have witnessed it on your own. I did not believe that Kangaroo van lines were so prompt and perfect in offering relocation services I saw their crew do it for my younger cousin. I was impressed and subsequently hired them out to relocate me to Colorado. It was even better. All honor and glory to them.

November 3, 2019

It was a nice break from all the madness and stress working with a company as organized as Kangaroo van lines. We had a friend who recommended them to us after they had a good experience. So we figured we give them a chance. We were so surprised how well they operate. We never ran into any setbacks or confusion everyone worked together to get our move done fast efficiently and stress free. They were also willing to give us any discount that applied to help us save us extra money. Really professional and business oriented and going forward we are excited to give our friends and family the knowledge of a real moving company that can handle a move.

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