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77 Blauvelt Ave

Bergenfield, NJ 07621-1207


(877) 208-4463

January 25, 2019

J Gentle Van Lines made it very clear to me at the beginning that the packing material would cost extra unless I provide my own boxes. They do have other packages where they provide the boxes for free but I was crunched for cash so I didn’t choose that package. I carefully watched the movers as they efficiently packed everything. It didn’t seem like they were using excessive amount of bubble wraps or shrinking tapes. The proof was in the bill. They charged a token amount of money for the packing materials. On top of that, they delivered my belongings safely. That is mind blowing level of efficiency and I am living for it!

January 24, 2019

This was my third move in two years and all of them were helped by J gentle van lines llc. My last move was just a month ago and I called these guys as usual. I thought they wouldn’t recognize me given how many clients they have, but surprisingly their manager did remember me. He asked me when I needed the mover and I said today if possible! He sent his men right on to my apartment. I never had any doubts in these men as they were always very punctual, apt and quick. The quality really matters when your move requires holding up the elevator. They organized the pickup in such a professional and systematic way that none of my previous neighbors was bothered. They delivered all my stuff in pristine condition on the due date to my new house. I think they deserve big thumbs up and I need to stop moving.

January 10, 2019

I was quite worried having to move. But thankfully I hired J Gentle Van Lines LLC who are just the best in this field. They had a long distance to cover and I had to completely rely on the expertise of my movers. They performed amazingly though. They showed up on time, packed everything quickly and loaded the van with my valuables. They delivered everything after 3 days. All my breakables survived the journey. I really couldn’t find any flaws with the services they provided me. I have to make a special mention about the cost. These guys charge very reasonably for the superlative services they provide.

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January 6, 2019

I have used a lot of different moving companies over the years and have never come across a fun and hardworking team as J Gentle Van Lines LLC. They were extremely hard working, helpful and polite. We appreciate their efficiency and humor throughout the move. Their manners and well-spoken conversation was a real pleasure and their attention to detail and wanting to do a good job was more than we could hope for in a team of movers. I believe they have one of the best teams I have ever met.

December 26, 2018

Relocation is always hectic and I can only imagine how hard it must be for people who do it every day. I have so much respect for the movers from J Gentle Van Lines. They really do the job well. I own a lot of stuffs and I almost felt bad for them when they had to pack everything and carry my heavy pieces of furniture. But they did everything with such ease. I received the delivery on schedule as well. I surely will miss my old place but it was good of the movers to make my move easier.

December 23, 2018

J Gentle Van Lines were hired just to move some furniture pieces from a state to another. The movers who work for this well-organized company were very friendly efficient. They came with a positive attitude and that’s what made me to love working with them. They handled everything very carefully. Nothing was broken or damaged. The movers who helped me out through this move are experts in this field and they can finish any type of moving task without too much scrap.

December 10, 2018

I wish I could give more stars to J Gentle Van Lines LLC. The team arrived at my place pretty quick, and they all were indeed professional. Their sales representative was so informative. The van pulled up at my new house right on schedule. They were very careful with the furniture. The company was totally dependable. I would highly recommend them and obviously I am going to use them again.

December 5, 2018

I just want you to know if you’re considering a move with a fair amount of distance, the folks at J Gentle Van Lines LLC are possibly your safest bet and here is why: I moved my moving date forward from what I originally scheduled, not a problem. I asked they pack my wife’s good glass/dishes using extra bubble wraps, no issue. Best of all the moving van went to another address where I had items stored, packaged and loaded them onto the truck at no additional cost. Within their schedules timeframe, the truck arrived, furnishings were set up and my wife was happy. If you are talking about “painless” and at a reasonable price this is the company to hire.

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