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Franklin Van Lines is a moving company predicated on the notion of quality service and efficiency in all aspects of the relocation process. Our reputation for excellence is centered by our commitment to provide accessible and reliable service through our trained and proficient staff.

Our workers never defer from compliance, and take the time to articulate and embody your moving needs while remaining within the confines of your budgetary limitations. By adhering to the principles of Fair Market Price, we impose a price structure that remains one of the most attractive in the industry, never forsaking excellence in service quality for the exploitation of our client’s budget. As such, our company understands that success is determined by diligence, investment in the proper equipment, and the hiring of an effectively trained and professional staff.

Our diversity of service ensures that we provide the most efficient means of relocation dictated by the scope of your move, whether it be a large scale business move or simply a residential one. Our prerogative to be the optimal choice in both present and future moving endeavors has led us to ensure our moving crew consists of fully trained professionals, educated in modern moving techniques to guarantee that items are handled and transported with delicacy and discipline indicative of our assurance to quality.

Providing packing and unloading services, we secure all items in transit and deliver them to your point of destination in the same condition of which they were received. Our fleet of moving vehicles equipped with air ride suspension, and hydraulic lift gates and ramps ensure an ease of loading and unloading of fragile items as well as protection while in transit. Our initiative of compliance towards modernity, assures that our vehicles are always state of the art and our workers are at their most productive to make the stressful process of relocation as swift and efficient as possible.


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November 4, 2017

My sister and I hired Franklin after needing to schedule a move relatively quickly, trying to settle the estate of a relative who had recently passed away. EVERYTHING THAT THE SALESMAN PROMISED WAS A LIE. They never called back after we made a deposit, we had to hound them and every time, got the same answer, “I’m on it”. CUSTOMER SERVICE NEVERS ANSWERS THEIR PHONE, EVER!!! Many additional fees were NEVER DISCLOSED by the salesman. WE were told our items would be picked up in a Franklin Van and never leave the truck. Both of these were lies by the salesman. Penske truck showed up and the drivers also told us that most shipments are sent to the same warehouse.

One shining spot, their pick up crew treated our items as if they were their own and took such GREAT CARE and were very polite and respectful. Its a shame that they don’t run the whole operation!!

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September 21, 2017

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!! I only wish zero stars were an option. We had the exact same experience that many other commentators have described. We engaged Franklin for a move from Wisconsin to Arizona. Our sales rep, Jeremy, was very helpful and engaged throughout the sales process. He took the time to explain to me how Franklin was different and better than other companies we were considering. He was very thorough in demonstrating the (apparent) evidence that Franklin would not outsource the move. The other companies, he said, were brokers whereas Franklin was a full service company with Franklin employees engaged at every step of the process. So we submitted our deposit and were locked in for what seemed to be a good experience.

Our belongings were picked up as scheduled and the movers were actually quite helpful. The relationship went straight downhill from there. Surprise!! My wife went to Arizona a week early to meet the truck and set up the house while I drove our kids cross country. We quickly learned the layers of deceit that Jeremy spun during the sales process. Turns out our things were in storage in CHICAGO on the day we believed they were to be delivered in Arizona. The company which handled the transport (not Franklin) read my contact back to me over several irate phone calls to demonstrate they still had 21 business days to deliver our things. And, we were to receive the grand sum of $30 per day beginning on day 22 should they be late. This is for a $12,000 move. Things got worse from there. I called Jeremy several times only to repeatedly get his voice mail. He naturally refused to return either phone calls or e-mail. He was actually screening my calls as became evident one time when he picked up inadvertantly and then immediately hung up when he realized it was me. I navigated through the black hole of the Franklin automated phone tree about 20 times. I was miraculaously able to reach someone on one of these journeys who gave me Jeremy’s supervisor’s name – Noah. I spoke to Noah once for about 30 seconds. He abruptly ended the call by pledging that he would immediately have Jeremy call me. Needless to say, that never happened.

Please beware anyone out there who is considering Franklin. You are certain to have the same experience described multiple times here. Great sales process …… things get picked up …… then Franklin vanishes. Delivery will be late – sometimes very late. We received ours two weeks after we expected. And you will be unable to contact anyone at Franklin who cares about your situation. They are a terrible, deceitful organization who cannot be taken at their word and who are intent on ripping you off. Be especially careful should you ever be contacted by Jeremy or Noah.

August 26, 2017

The guys who came to pack were very professional and handled every fragile item with great care. They delivered my items on time and without even damaging a single piece. The biggest positive factor was that the company charged very reasonable amount for the deal. All I can say is that Franklin van lines are absolute professionals and you have my backing and I will recommend you to everyone I know. Thanks a bunch for the help!

August 17, 2017

My partner and I finally got the chance to move to a new state. We didn’t have an awful lot to take, but we did have some things which are very valuable to us. We did some research and finally ended up with Franklin van lines because they seemed reasonable and had good reviews. They did a fine job packing everything up for us and even though we were not in a hurry, it was still very pleasing to see everything come as quickly as it did and without any damages. They are just great!

August 11, 2017

I was doing a long distance move and I was having a hard time organizing how I would be moving. Never used a professional moving service but I heard about this one and were very impressed. They were prompt, courteous, and used professional tactics when handling my items. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking to move. Their prices are very affordable and its well worth the service they provide. Franklin van lines gets my vote!

August 2, 2017

Their foreman arrived to my apartment with two friendly workers and started moving all my belongings. They even put together a few things and did not charge me extra for that. Great service! I was thrilled. All my things were intact, nothing got damaged or broken. These people are so professional. Also, the quote was incredible and really affordable. I will say that if you are looking for a moving company, choose Franklin van lines! You would be glad you did!

August 2, 2017

WORST EXPERIENCE EVER – you are better off burning your stuff and your money then you are to hire FRANKLIN VAN LINES to move it

I am writing today to file several complaints. From the beginning my wife and I were lied too, swindled and conned by the sales representatives of Franklin Van Lines into purchasing a product (timely and cost effective moving) that was never received. In addition, we suffered without our belongings for 30 long hard days and when it finally arrived, there were several major damages to our belongings.

Also, the manor in which we were treated by the customer service department was at times so disrespectful, and so horrible, that I find it very hard to believe they are still in business at all. Having since read the reviews others have posted about this company, I know for a fact that we did not suffer alone. As I stated before, there seems to be an overall theme in how they mis manage and abuse customers and mis treat their belongings.

During our initial sales call, which was recorded for quality assurance I might add, we were quoted a price for the exact number of boxes and furniture we had. We were promised by the sales division on that call that the same two gentlemen who picked up our stuff would be the same two who drove it to Boston and, the same two that dropped it off. We were also promised to have a move manager assigned to our move and that he would be our point of contact throughout the whole process. Based on all the previous, we agreed and gave our deposit. We set our pick up for Sunday June 25th. As it would soon turn out, it was ALL LIES!

Shortly after loading our belongings on Sunday June 25th, almost on cue, the gentlemen told us that they had to double the amount we were quoted – again from the online reviews, IT WOULD SEEM THIS TO BE A TREND WITH THE COMPANY – CLASSIC BATE AND SWITCH.

When we asked what we could do about this, the men stated that if we didn’t pay the difference, they could off load the truck and we would forfit the money we had paid toward our move – WE WERE BENT OVER A BERREL. Feeling cornered we reluctantly paid the differnce.

Next, the men asked my wife when we would like our belongings delivered by them to our new home in Brookline MA. Again, thinking these were the same two men who were going to deliver the stuff, we told them Wednesday June 28th or Thursday June 29th.

My wife and children proceeded to fly from Kansas City on Tuesday June 27th so that we could meet our belongings on the 29th. Not once were we called and on Thursday June 29th at 2:00pm when we still hadn’t been contacted, my wife called to enquire about the status of our move. It was at this time she was told that the moving company elected to place our belongings in storage in Kansas – outraged that they would do this without notifying us, we demanded to know where in storage our stuff was and what kind of storage they were using (climate controlled, security, etc). The dispatchers and managers could not adequately answer our questions. Instead, they stated that they had the right to do this to our belongings for up to 21 business days and could not tell us when we would be getting our belongings.

FOR THE NEXT FOUR WEEKS – there were literally dozens and dozens of calls between us and the company. Between my wife and I we spent hours. I don’t have enough time or space to go over all the calls but I will go as far to say that I have never been treated so poorly in my life.You know who you are GENESIS, you are an evil hateful person.

As I was saying, for the next 30 days my family lived like rats on air mattresses, eating out three times a day, (Aprox $2000), while we waited and waited and waited for our belongings which never seemed to arrive. Not once in those 30 days were we contacted. It was us doing all the calling. Finally on Saturday July 29th the load arrived. We had a smashed flat screen aprox $2400, $600 dollars in damages to dishes, ornaments and miscellaneous stuff and severe damages to the wood finishes of aprox $4000 bed set. Did we get restitution… doubtful but it is to be continued.

In summary – WORST EXPERIENCE EVER – you are better off burning your stuff and your money then you are to hire FRANKLIN VAN LINES to move it

August 2, 2017

I had to give 1 star because 0 wasn’t an option! We hired Franklin Van Lines to move us from Nebraska to Michigan. LIES, LIES, and more LIES is ALL you will get from this company. Starting at the salesman, (of course), to the packers!! This company ISN’T ACTUALLY Franklin Van Lines. It’s Sunshine Moving of America, Inc. out of FL. Their claims department is a website,, their dispatchers are in FL, and customer service number when you call it says Swift. So you really have no idea who you are dealing with and they are all separate entities that do not work together. I was surprised when the salesman told me he didn’t have a direct line for a claims supervisor. Dispatch, he’s never talked to ~ only email. Our things were to be delivered 7/25 and we are just getting them today 8/2. When I called about where our things were I was told by the salesman on his end it showed they were delivered on the 25th and acted like he had no idea where our things were. I called and emailed anyone I could to find out more information. My phone calls did not answered after 1 time, they have caller id, my emails were not replied to and even was hung up on by dispatch. I was told by the salesman that they did not broker their loads ~ another lie! We have an owner operator delivering our things today that is NOT affiliated with the company. I also found out this entire time our things have been sitting in a warehouse in Omaha. I talked to the claims manager and he asked me what it would take to make me happy and I said I want my stuff and do not want to pay them another dime! He said ok and to call him back later in the day. I did so and when I asked him about discount he told me he was still working on it. Come to find out today when I talked to him I have to wait for my claim to go through ~ who knows how long that takes and if it’s legitimate!! I’m hoping that all of my things are in one piece when they get here! Oh and when your things are delivered you HAVE TO PAY IN CASH OR POST OFFICE CASHIERS CHECK ~ NO CREDIT CARDS! I’ve reported this company to the BBB in CO and FL and also the FMSCA. Although they can’t do anything legally the FMSCA will post complaints on their website with Sunshine Moving of America, Inc’s. DOT or MC number so the public can review them. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

July 31, 2017

Classic bait and switch tactics, my actual price was over $1000 more than what they quoted me. Then they cancelled my pick up when I already took PTO from work and scheduled it a day later for when I was having a going away party. Guess who wasn’t at their own going away party…. On top of that, they arrived 2 hours later than planned.

This was just to start the long list of troubles I’m having with Franklin Van Lines. Be sure to read the fine print (or where ever they wrote this “policy” of theirs) but it’s between 8 and 21 BUSINESS DAYS for delivery! On top of that, it’s impossible to reach anyone at that company. I’ve left numerous messages that were never returned and when I finally did get someone (by calling their 1800 number), it was redirected to a 3rd party customer service company where they don’t know anything that is going on.

To top off their tall glass of professionalism (I say with sarcasm) they cannot even issue a correct reference number! The one given to me (written in multiple places on my contract and bill) is 100% wrong. The 3rd party customer service representative kept pulling up information for an entirely different shipment and didn’t even clarify who I was. At that point, I could have send that person’s stuff to god knows where if I was cynical enough….. That does not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling that my stuff will show up at the correct location (within this quarter).

Nonetheless, the company is a complete hack and who ever is running it should be ashamed of themselves.

July 31, 2017

I was charged three times more than my original quote. I had $3,000 damage to items. Some items could not even be repaired. I would not use Franklin again. They were very disappointing to say the least.

July 27, 2017

It’s definitely not an easy job giving a smooth and hassle free move to a client. I recently hired them and they were great. The crews brought enough boxes and used individual box for each type of item. Their agent has been always prompt in replying my calls or emails. The delivery was in timely manner. Their staff helped us maneuvering the furniture at our new apartment. I don’t think anyone can provide this kind of service like Franklin van lines. We were stress free only for their quality of service. I’ve decided to use them for my next move!

July 18, 2017

Franklin van lines did an excellent job moving my 2 bedroom apartment. They were efficient and definitely moved items faster than I could have thought of. All my furniture and boxes were moved safely and nothing was scratched or broken. We will use their moving services the next time we need to move and feel confident in recommending this moving company to anyone. They get an A+ in my book. By the way they have the best rates and you will not regret hiring them!

July 13, 2017

The guys made my move so easy! I was a bit nervous with the stories I have heard and was reading about from people who have used other moving companies. The team was excellent though slow, however we’d prefer slow and thorough and careful rather than fast and damages. Many thanks, a great stress free moving experience. I shall hire Franklin van lines again!

July 3, 2017

Moving with Franklin van lines showed me that moving isn’t that much hard. You only need the right people. They were so kind and helpful from the beginning. They came on time and worked very carefully. They helped me take down the chandeliers and put them back again. All my stuff was delivered on time and without any damages. It felt good using a moving company who knows what to do. I can’t thank them enough. They are highly recommended.

June 28, 2017

I’m grateful for the wonderful service I received last month from this moving company. My move was done so easily and carefully. My belongings were easy for the guys to pack but still they did a great job at it. It feels great when you find your belongings safe and sound and without a single scratch! I’m glad I went with Franklin van lines. They really helped me out.

June 18, 2017

The first thing that I liked about them is that the guys came on the exact given time. They seemed friendly; they completed the task very easily and carefully without any complications. They were determined to work and they did not take a break till the mission was accomplished. I didn’t have to tell them to be careful with anything. They knew exactly what to do and how to do it and all work was done very carefully and well planned to make sure that we had no damage at all. Overall, this move was like a breeze! I would like to thank the entire moving team and office staffs of Franklin van lines.

June 11, 2017

Franklin van lines was a great help during my long distance move. We had great collaboration with these guys and they worked perfectly. Their sales rep was more than accommodating. He offered a good deal and personally came down to inspect. He is not just a sales rep, he is multitalented! He helped the team get the couch out from the window and played with my kids. It felt like he was a part of my family. So kind and efficient! Anyways, this move turned out to be great.

June 3, 2017

The movers from Franklin van lines are very skilled in packaging I must say. Though packaging seems very casual but it’s not. From having a family, I know we have furniture ranging from cabinets to toys, large bed to flower vases and what not. To move them across country the movers packaged them with such skill and care that then and there we became confident that our belongings are in good hands. That’s why I advise all the families to hire them.

June 1, 2017

Franklin van lines had the best price among all the movers I researched. The customer service was spot on. The moving crew was courteous, on time, came when they said they would, and did what they were supposed to do. It was overall a terrific experience and it was one of the best moves I’ve had in a while. Plus nothing got damaged along the way. I highly recommend Franklin van lines.

May 27, 2017

My wife and I decided to hire help this time for our long distance move. My cousin told us about Franklin van lines and that they can be trusted. So without any delay, we called their office and a nice lady helped us book the move. She was kind and friendly. She gave us a good rate which was very reasonable! On the moving day, their crew came with dedication, focus and determined to give us the best service. They were efficient, calm, fast and effective. They did not damage a single thing! Now I know why my cousin recommended them. They provide a flawless service!

May 24, 2017

Franklin van lines is my moving partner and I’m proud of them. I have used them many times and also my entire family has used them. I am 100% committed to them because they have never let me down. They give me better deals, better service and prompt customer service. Not a single item was ever damaged or else I would have not used them again. They have the whole package. Tension free and painless moving experience.

May 17, 2017

Franklin van lines to the rescue! My landlord was giving me problems and made me leave my lovely home. I was worried whom to call and that is when my friend recommended this mover to me. From that point on, they took care of everything. They did the packing very nicely. Protected every item and returned it to me the way it was. They delivered on time and did not charge me a fortune. Great team and great company.

May 11, 2017

I hired Franklin van lines in the last minute. I thought I would do the move on my own but I got caught up with work and was forced to hire a mover. After doing some research I found this mover to be reliable, affordable and professional. They took care of everything from that point. They came in, wrapped and bubble wrapped all the items. Nicely and carefully carried all the furniture on to their truck. They picked up the washing machine and refrigerator like any other normal box. They are very strong. And after the delivery, all my items were damage free. They did a really good job.

May 3, 2017

Finally I had a good experience with a mover! All my life I always faced problems with movers and this is the first time it went surprisingly well. Honestly, I assumed the worst. I thought something will screw up, but guess what? Nothing did! They came on time, packed on time and delivered on time. There were no damages, no scratches or dents and nothing was missing. And to beat that, there were no hidden fess. I can say that I have the best mover in this era.

April 23, 2017

The way movers of Franklin van lines managed to move us was nothing less than a professional work. They arrived on time, did the packing perfectly, moved our belongings before the allotted time and helped us to store everything. At no point of the move, movers looked to be in problem. They are real pros; they know how to get the job done without any kind of botheration.

April 20, 2017

This company went above and beyond to make sure my move went good! Thank you to Jacob and his team for delivering everything you promised me!

April 20, 2017

I was watching an advertisement of Franklin van lines. I happened to be moving a month later so I figured why not give them a call. They arrived on time and finished the job with no problems. I would hire them again especially if they sent the same people. They were very accommodating in setting up the delivery of my contents exactly when I requested and the workers delivered everything and helped to place items in the exact location.

April 7, 2017

Franklin van lines during our last long distance move to the city from our small hometown was excellent from start to finish. I can honestly say this was the smoothest move I have ever had. The moving guys came 15 minutes before their schedule arrival time with their game face. The pickup and delivery was on time. They hustle, they’re nice, they’re professionals and I recommend them with 500 stars. If I move again, I’ll definitely call them back.

  • Member Since: April 5, 2017

April 5, 2017

This is my first long distance move. My sales rep promised me that my items would be delivered on 4/8/2017. I call today to confirm everything is going to arrive and then I find out it is up to 21 business days from that date. That is not at all what the sales rep told me. He actually moved the pickup date up to make sure things would arrive within 7-10 business days and be there on 4/8. Please do not use these guys. I think they also pay someone to write good reviews for them on here.

April 3, 2017

When I hired Franklin van lines they gave me very low estimate. I was expecting troubles in the arrangement, organization, packing, unpacking and every other aspects of the move. I got the exact opposite of what I expected. The movers were fantastic. Nothing was damaged and everything was very quick. They handled everything like an expert and indeed they are really experts in the service. They didn’t charge me an additional fee. Other movers we hired in the past often-rendered poor services but these guys were the exact opposite of this.

March 25, 2017

I read good reviews about Franklin van lines online so I chose them. They were quick picking the belongings up. They came within the window and nothing was broken. My moving date was changed a couple of times and they accommodated me with that. It went okay, too, with the moving crew. Unfortunately, I had misestimated how much I had but they were pretty good about being flexible with that. I was able to get in touch with these people in case I needed something. They had everything they needed to make the move quick. They were mesmerizing.

March 18, 2017

Our past experience was horrible. I hired Franklin van lines in the hopes of finding a good moving company for a reasonable price. They send me some extreme professional movers. The movers sent to me were neat, on time, and delivered on their promise. None of my belongings were broken or damaged. Move went perfectly and the cost remained same. There were no hidden fees. On an industry that’s filled with snakes and rip offs, I feel very happy to give my money to Franklin van lines for our relocation.

March 13, 2017

Suddenly I got my appointment letter for a job and my posting was in another state. I needed movers in a hurry. I didn’t know where to turn. I contracted Franklin van lines in a rush. I think it was my best decision to hiring them. The move was pretty straightforward. They were fast and careful with my belongings especially with the furniture. If I have something that I wanted to be placed somewhere else, they were very courteous about doing that. They were great. I was satisfied with their service.

March 8, 2017

From the moment I visited the website of Franklin van lines, I knew there was something different with this moving company. I want to share my experience. They were different. They provided us an excellent customer service but they quoted me very low. Anyone can afford them. All of my items were handled with extreme care and got here in one piece without any damage. I was so pleased with their service. I would like to recommend them to anyone.

March 4, 2017

I was in doubt the first time I was seeking their service. I was not sure whether they were going to relocate me without troubles. The sales team was decent enough. They explained, worked with me and helped in the pricing, which was a lot easier to take. I was in awe of watching their expertise in packing things up and taking care of a lot of my glass products like my specials mirrors and glass table. They did a great job.

February 28, 2017

I was searching for a moving company and Franklin van lines seemed to be the most convenient for my purpose. Appropriate packing and numbering was done and was delivered very professionally. Pricing was very reasonable too. The moving coordinator was very goof and clear as to the procedure and services to be provided. I have already recommended them to a couple of my friends with impending moves in the near future.

February 25, 2017

Franklin van lines was the only moving company that did what was promised. They didn’t charge a cent over the estimate. Their movers arrived on time and delivered everything safely. I have to mention the crew especially because they were simply the hardest working men I have ever encountered. Everything about them was so professional. They packed everything carefully and then carried everything out methodically. I was so impressed seeing these men doing what they do best. They made this move so effortless for me, I am ever grateful to them.

February 23, 2017

I’m making a quick stop to leave my gratitude to the crew of Franklin van lines for helping us moves in to our new apartment in another city. At this stage, we would like to compliment your team, where people were courteous, very efficient, and hard working. The customer service woman had all the expertise on planning and coordinating the right people and materials for our move. We are very happy about what has been achieved by them so far. All in all the whole process went very well and I thank you all for that to happen.

February 21, 2017

I used Franklin van lines to move my business. The movers showed up right on schedule and had the delivery was on time. Didn’t lost anything or nothing was broken. They didn’t overcharge me. I can’t believe companies like this one still exist in today’s world. We need to hire them to understand how efficient they are!

February 21, 2017

We used Franklin van lines twice. Both times they came in under the estimated price. The 4 men crew was polite and helpful each time. They moved everything including our breakables (glass wear, TV, etc.) And all the furniture came out unscathed. In fact, I accidently left china plates in wire mesh containers in the china cabinet while it was being moved and not a single dish was broken. After each move they checked in to make sure they had done everything we needed including setting up the beds and reattaching furniture parts. After the second move they suggested we check the truck ourselves to ensure nothing was left behind. Everything from the start to finish went smoothly. I would highly recommend them among all.

February 18, 2017

The movers from Franklin van lines simply didn’t give me a chance to worry about a single thing. They were great at every aspect. From their low quote to the movers unpacking everything- it was just effortless. They stuck to the quote at the end which is quite rare for moving companies. The movers were all very strong men who displayed amazing skills and strength. I’m not the most easy-to-please kind of person. But these guys pleased me beyond any imaginations.

February 16, 2017

Our move went off without a hitch! The crew was leaded in an excellent manner. All four of them were highly professional, courteous, and efficient. They took excellent care of us and all of our things. They were the main reason this was as stress free as possible. The crew had us packed up in a day and loaded everything the next day, we ended up moving a day ahead of schedule because of their hard work. We couldn’t be happier with the arrangements and particularly the crew that handled our move. Big thanks to Franklin van lines and its great crew.

February 15, 2017

My daughter got a new job, needed to move and Franklin van lines had the highest rating. I was impressed with the level of professionalism and how fast the crew packed and unpacked our belongings. The three guys who helped us with our move were subcontracted but everything went as smoothly as we could have predicted that it would. I’d recommend to anyone that is moving.

February 11, 2017

Within a period of 4 months I am moving again for my job and this time it is a cross-country move. I went to Franklin van lines because I was so pleased the first time with my local move. Moving coordinator was very pleasant and gave a great rate. Everything was handled professionally and leading up to moving day. You can find several different companies. But with this company you will find the right blend of competitive rates and customer service that satisfies you. It was truly a stress free experience.

February 10, 2017

I had an excellent experience and definitely recommend Franklin van lines. There was no change from the price we decided on. The movers were careful and polite. I shouldn’t have worried a bit because my move with these guys went so smoothly. Their phone reps were very patient and helpful.

February 8, 2017

The moving coordinator of Franklin van lines was very gracious to me and the delivery crew was very skillful. If I have something that I wanted to be placed somewhere else, they were very gracious about doing that. They were efficient and polite. If someone is in need of a mover, please do not hesitate to reach out to them.

February 5, 2017

I couldn’t be happier with the way Franklin van lines helped me during my last move. After calling them, they promptly gave me a quote. This moving company offered me 4 movers for the same price while other companies would send only 3. Everything went great. They took care of my valuables. They maintained their schedules perfectly.

February 2, 2017

Moving during the last weekend of a month is mayhem! All the top moving companies are booked months in advance and you are stuck with the crappy ones. I can go on and on about how amazing Franklin van lines is but if they can’t accommodate you, it doesn’t mean anything. So I suggest that if you are moving, you hire them as early as possible. I had to call them about 10 times to find a vacant slot and I was calling them 3 weeks in advance. This company is amazing and so there is a long waiting list. I think they are definitely worth the wait.

February 1, 2017

I can’t even begin to tell you how worried I was before this move. Thankfully, I had Franklin van lines made it all so easy for me. Since the moment I first called them, they seemed friendly and extremely reliable. I wasn’t disappointed by the movers either. They showed up right on schedule. They packed up everything quickly and loaded all my belongings to the van. The delivery was made 2 days later as promised with no damaged made to my valuables. The movers unpacked and helped me assemble my new furniture. This company is the real deal!

January 25, 2017

I recently used Franklin van lines for my move from Denver, CO to Miami, FL. My move was on the bigger side and of course I checked all the information possible before choosing a moving company. When I was inquiring about Franklin van lines, I got all the information proving that they are a legit licensed and insured company. Now, after the job is done, I can sign my name under any of the great reviews you can find about this company. They are as good as they sound. Definitely will use them again!

January 21, 2017

After watching all good reviews of this company I thought to hire Franklin van lines and see what they were all about. It was very challenging for me to move all the things and place them in the right place. On the day of my moving, they came with a truck and were discussing the whole process of my move. They didn’t charge anything extra for a few extra things I forgot to enlist. They properly wrapped my belongings and numbered them again and again. They made my move so easy. I will definitely hire them again if I need to move further.

January 18, 2017

I requested Franklin van lines to assist us for a next day move. Despite having tight schedule they managed time for us. I was grateful to these people. I didn’t have to go through any negotiation. There was no secret charge either. I had absolutely nothing to worry about. I couldn’t hope for any smoother move. They made the hard task into ease. That might not have been possible without their help. They were well worth my cost.

January 17, 2017

I am 100% pleased! Franklin van lines is the best mover I have ever used. Super friendly guys, punctual, competitive rates, efficient and funny. I’ll definitely use them when I move again. This was my first time moving with movers because it is typically not in my budget; however, this totally worked out for me in every way. They took the stress of moving from me and gave me a painless moving experience.

January 17, 2017

Franklin van lines is just what I needed. They were on time and under my budget!! I would definitely use Franklin van lines again. These guys were clean, efficient, and professional and made my moving experience much less of a hassle. All of my goods were returned to me in the given time and without any damages. The price also remained the same. It was a good moving experience.

January 12, 2017

What a great team to work with. Moving is a stressful situation but Franklin van lines guys made it easy for me. They are professional, reliable, trustworthy and courteous. They made my moving experience wonderful. I recommend this company!!! The foreman and his helpers were wonderful 🙂

  • Member Since: January 9, 2017

January 8, 2017

They are not a company that should be trusted with musical instruments. Our piano pedals (3) were broken off and were were promised that they were professionals and have moved and wrapped pianos before. Other items were very damaged.

We had a delay in our pick up and our delivery was promised to be one day day but arrived almost 1 month later.
We were also told that we would get direct shipping meaning that our items would go on to the truck that was delivering our stuff. This was not true at all as our stuff was moved 6 times between different trucks and a warehouse.

The customer service is terrible! We left multiple messages and phone calls and never received a response back. There were times that we did not know where our stuff was.

We were overcharged and had to sign two different contracts because the customer sales person did not do the inventory properly. This overcharge/ difference in the moving estimate was over $3000. We also paid to have items professionally wrapped and we were charged for the extra materials. The items requested were not wrapped at all.

The customer service of Franklin Van Lines was appalling. We were taken advantage of by the sales people due to being disabled and a widow. We had customer service agent/ receptionist tell us that Franklin Van Lines did not exist. We will never recommend Franklin Van Lines to anyone, anywhere, moving anything.

January 6, 2017

If you need a good mover, I highly suggest Franklin van lines. They have what you need. Last month I heard about them from my brother and thought of giving them a call for my move. I spoke with their sales rep who was very polite and friendly. He explained me the process and all the details. The pricing was competitive. A four men crew came on the moving day and worked magically. All was done correctly without a single complaint. I know now why my brother suggested them. They are efficient, caring and they get the job done.

January 4, 2017

Franklin van lines is the best mover I have ever dealt with. They were fantastic! They were incredibly efficient, taking exactly the amount of time they told me they would. They also quoted me the best price out of all the movers I called. Delivery was made on time and NOTHING was damaged. I am looking forward to working with them again when I move back home next year.

December 26, 2016

Franklin van lines is one of those movers whom you can trust. They did not give me a single reason to doubt them while they were helping me with my cross country move. They are polite, efficient and hardworking. I was happy to see that none of my belongings were damaged. I was very scared that they will screw something up for sure, but nothing as such happened. Well done guys. Great work!

  • Member Since: December 20, 2016

December 20, 2016

I hired Franklin van lines purely based on the recommendations from my friends. They sent four movers who were all very competent. They packed all our belongings with proper packing materials and then loaded them onto the van. I was curious to see how they were going to travel to my new house. Surprisingly, all our furniture traveled well and nothing suffered any damage, not even a scratch. My wife and I are very grateful for how efficiently our move was handled.

December 19, 2016

I wasn’t going to trust just any moving company with all my valuables. That’s why I entrusted Franklin van lines as they were highly referred by one of my closest friends. I do not have a lot of belongings but the pieces I have are very special to me. I asked the movers to be very careful with them. I have to say, they were very skilled and sincere. They were extra careful while maneuvering my furniture through my tiny house not to leave marks on the wall. Movers usually make such a mess while packing but these guys really cleaned up after they were done packing. Everything arrived in good condition and I couldn’t be happier.

December 15, 2016

Franklin van lines is a company that oozes professionalism! My move was due to the loss of a loved one; therefore, it required several stops which I sprang on them at the last minute. Not only did they accommodate me, but the owner himself came up to lend a hand to help me stay within the confines of my budget. With the extra stops involved I went over my budget quite a bit but they only charged me the budgeted amount we’d previously spoke about. It’s wonderful to see such heartfelt concern and selflessness in this world we live in today. I wish I could give these guys 100 stars! They were also punctual, fast, careful and efficient.

December 14, 2016

I had the best moving experience with the help of Franklin van lines! They came in timely, wrapped all my belongings being really careful, put everything into their truck and rocked on! I wouldn’t think about it twice to hire them for my next move. I will be calling and letting the company now how excellent their employees are!

December 11, 2016

I called several moving companies to get a quote. However, Franklin van lines caught my attention. The guy I talked to on the phone was very knowledgeable. His attitude suggested that this company really cares about my moving needs and I was their first priority. All the relocation tasks from one state to another were done as specified in the contract and I was given the reassurance that if my move was not on time it would be early. That reassurance alone lifted my spirits but it only multiplied when they followed through with an early delivery. I would highly recommend this moving company for your next relocation.

December 3, 2016

The crew from Franklin van lines was very professional and at the same time very friendly and helpful. It was my first ever move and to be honest, I didn’t even know how to tape a box. But the foreman ensured me that everything would be well taken care of. I was more than pleased by the work of three young men from this company who helped me with my move. I was not on a tight budget, but they allowed me to save some bucks for sure!

December 1, 2016

For my move two weeks back, I hired Franklin van lines purely on the basis of the quote they gave me, which was quite affordable. The crew was very efficient and they were in and out of my apartment in the quickest possible time. I was very pleased to see all my things turning up right on the scheduled day. Nothing was damaged and there was no extra billing. I could rely on these guys and I’m very thankful for that!

November 25, 2016

The same movers from Franklin van lines picked up and delivered my belongings and they were very good. They were very professional, punctual, polite and fair. They handled my belongings with care and let me know ahead of time when they were going to be arriving. I was very happy with the service. But what got me into writing this review is that they had no hidden costs! I suggest you hire these guys.

  • Member Since: November 23, 2016

November 23, 2016

When I called Franklin van lines to move my belongings, I asked for them to send a crew that was trained and experienced enough at handling glassware. The movers they sent were led by a foreman who was just too good. His team was even more efficient than I could ever imagine. They were very creatively packing everything and easily carrying them out to the vans. I was at awe seeing how capable these guys were at handling my precious glassware. They delivered everything on time without breaking anything. I will definitely stick to this amazing company.

November 21, 2016

In order for a move to go smoothly, the movers need to have good coordination among them and their leader has to be an experienced person with proper training. The movers sent from Franklin van lines were really efficient and I believe most credits go to their very experienced foreman. They were all very well trained and it only helped to coordinate them perfectly. All my belongings were packed up swiftly and the men carried everything out to the trucks efficiently. The entire packing and loading process was quite fast. I cannot help but give credits to these guys for a job well done.

November 18, 2016

By no means was my last move supposed to be easy. My old apartment was the worst place a person could live in. I lived there for a good 15 years though. Most of my furniture was old and wobbly. But the very capable movers from Franklin van lines ensured that nothing goes wrong. They very expertly moved all my pieces in great condition. I really applaud their efforts. This move didn’t even cost me that much. I am forever grateful to these guys.

November 16, 2016

Franklin van lines has such a great reputation and I badly wanted to hire them for my move. But everyone else wants to hire them too so they were heavily booked. After calling them again and again, I finally got a slot. I certainly understand now why this company is so popular. They were literally on top of everything the whole time. They were punctual, efficient and reliable. It was just a very satisfying relocation. They took care of me and my valuables in the right way. My things traveled through the country and arrived at my new house completely unharmed. Change your moving date if you have to but just hire them.

November 14, 2016

I did not have too much items to move, but all my furniture is new and it is important that it did not get damaged or even lost. There is not a single dent anywhere on my belongings. On moving day, they arrived on time and they were so helpful and nice. I wish I used Franklin van lines all the four times I moved. From now on, I will always use only when I need to do a long distance move.

November 10, 2016

Efficiency and pace don’t always go hand in hand. But that’s exactly what the movers from Franklin van lines proved wrong. I hired them to pack up everything from my 2-bedroom apartment and deliver them to my new condo. The movers arrived 10 minutes early and got to work immediately. It seemed like a staged play. The way they were packing everything and putting them into boxes, it was mesmerizing. They were so quick that the whole process took them almost no time. Then they loaded everything and set off. The movers were not only quick but also very efficient. I got the proof when I received all my valuables in perfect condition.

November 7, 2016

What awesome service I received from Franklin van lines! I was very glad getting their quotation. The folks completed their perfect wrapping with blanket and plastic. They broke not a single piece throughout the moving duration. I am happy. I would suggest all the guys who are planning to do a long distance move, to hire Franklin van lines for a secured moving service.

November 5, 2016

I mean it when I say Franklin van lines is the most efficient, systematic and professional moving company in the business. While there is no shortage of moving companies, these guys definitely outperform the rest. My move became easy and smooth only because of the movers they sent. Their men were fast, skilled, trained and friendly. It’s not easy having to leave a house that you have known for so long and starting over at a new place. The movers definitely lightened my mood while doing their job properly. All the belongings were safely transported to my new house. I really couldn’t fault these guys for anything.

November 2, 2016

Despite being incoming hurricane, the movers from Franklin van lines dared to move my belongings. The guys went extra miles to make sure that everything went easily. Their foreman was a delight to work with. They took so many proactive steps to make a stress free move. Everything was in perfect condition when they were delivered. I owe my gratitude to these movers. I will always remember how they moved my belongings with care when no other moving company would even take my calls.

October 27, 2016

A friend of mine had previously hired Franklin van lines and he was frenzied about the company. So I just had to hire them. But I was moving during a busy weekend and it was a long wait to find a vacant slot with them. They did give me an appointment and the movers arrived right on time on the moving day. They efficiently packed up my house quickly. They made the delivery on time and all my belongings made it to my new house intact. They were definitely worth the wait.

October 23, 2016

I called Franklin van lines and asked them several times to be extra careful with my breakables. Most of the times, movers hardly ever listen to instructions. These guys, however, did listen to me. The movers arrived on time. They packed everything carefully and when it came to my glassware, they were extra careful. My breakables were also very cautiously loaded by them. The loading process went very smoothly. I wasn’t resting till they delivered everything safely. The van pulled up on promised date. I took an inventory and found all my pieces in fantastic condition. I was just so happy. They did an amazing job at a very fair cost.

October 20, 2016

I found Franklin van lines to deliver a solid moving experience at a price that can best be termed as cheap. They handled my move in such a professional manner. They arrived early, packed everything with great care and loaded all my belongings onto the vans with caution. The best part was that they charged me very reasonably. Their initial estimate wasn’t too high to begin with. The final bill came very close to it and I was just so happy.

October 18, 2016

My husband and I were pleasantly amazed with the service that Franklin van lines provided us. The head of their team member made us sure that all furniture was nicely and securely wrapped. They took utmost care of our belongings because there were some wedding gift items available. My special note toward the company was not to make any dent or scratch of those valuables. Our belongings arrived in perfect condition. Anybody can use them if they want responsible and logically priced company.

October 16, 2016

I was pretty impressed with their quality of work. They came off as extremely professional and made sure the move was scheduled properly. When they actually got to my apartment, they went straight to work. I would say they worked very diligently and efficient. All my belongings in my house were wrapped, taped up and then out the door in a second. It was obvious that these guys were well experienced in what they did which relieved me a little cause it showed that they were pretty promising. In the end, I had a great move and I was very happy with how everything turned out.

October 10, 2016

The HARDEST working movers I have ever seen! They worked non-stop during the move and worked very hard to make sure we had a positive move. They didn’t damage anything at all. They perfectly moved our belongings. They made my new home completely full and helped move the furniture to the correct rooms. Only great things to say about them! Great work!

October 10, 2016

I did a lot of research and then found positive reviews about Franklin van lines. We made an agreement via email. They were great and professionals. They definitely know how to treat their customers. One day before the moving, their manager called me to confirm our agreement. The next day, the 3 men crew came 5 minutes early. They were very careful with my belongings. I do not have to mention that nothing got broken. The price was excellent; they were the cheapest in comparison to other companies. If you need to move, contact Franklin van lines.

October 6, 2016

I have been ripped off by so many moving companies in the past. So I was cautious while choosing a company this time. As it happens to be, Franklin van lines proved that good companies still exist. They didn’t charge a cent over the estimate. Their movers arrived on time and delivered everything safely. I have to mention the crew especially because they were simply the hardest working men I have ever encountered. Everything about them was so professional. They packed everything carefully and then carried everything out methodically. I don’t think I will ever hire any other company in the future.

October 6, 2016

I have never thought my move could become this easy. The boys from Franklin van lines made it possible. They were well organized with every process. All the breakables were very carefully boxed with lots of tapes. Their immaculate packing paid off after the delivery. We didn’t have to open random boxes in search for something particular. It really made our life easier. The best part was that nothing was missing whatsoever. All the things were undamaged and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

October 2, 2016

Franklin van lines never showed any signs of slowing down when I worked with them for the first time when I moved to my new home with my fiancé. They were very professional, efficient, hardworking, very quick in doing things, and everything was on time. I really liked how the guys accommodated me. Thank you very much for the good service that you provided.

October 2, 2016

I thought I knew about relocations. At least I was barking orders at the movers like I knew better. But these modest movers sent from Franklin van lines didn’t overrule me. They simply put up with me and slowly showed me the right way to do things. I was so angry because I thought their van was not big enough. They didn’t lose patience with me. They just meticulously loaded everything to show me how the van was actually just the right size. I always own up to my mistakes and it was stupidity on my part to even doubt these professionals. They knew their job way too well. I will definitely recommend these guys.

September 26, 2016

There were no hidden fee which was great and the move went perfect. The movers from Franklin van lines showed up on time and immediately started working. The moving team was flawless! I had great customer service and they kept me updated the whole time and when delivery arrived I received all my house holds which were in perfect condition. Professionals no doubt about it!

September 22, 2016

I had a remarkable experience with Franklin van lines. Their representative made me clear on all kind of moving arrangement details within just 15 minutes of my call. I met three uniformed staffs at my house on the moving day. They were quite familiar in relation to operate the entire procedure. They moved our items into the van in right schedule and skilled manner. The relocation and delivery of our belongings were carried out with a degree of concern and pace for that we are extremely pleased. I want to give my gratitude to Franklin van lines for making a successful moving experience.

September 17, 2016

They were so punctual that they didn’t even take a break for one minute. I don’t think I need to write any more compliments about them. They are already well reviewed. Franklin van lines always kept communication. They cautiously protect all delicate items. There was no breakage in the delivery. I highly recommend them for a stress free move.

September 16, 2016

Franklin van lines came to my rescue and made the entire job so simple and easy. Everything from beds and sofas to kitchen crockery and electronics was moved flawlessly and they saved me the trouble of doing it myself. By the way there were no damages or any scratches at all. A million thanks to the entire team!

September 16, 2016

We were very happy with the service we received from Franklin van lines. They were totally professional and from the time they arrived until they left. From all the different reviews we read on most companies we were a bit afraid of what we were in for but we were more than pleased at the service we received and would use Franklin van lines again. Thank You All Very Much.

September 15, 2016

Going through the painful process of choosing the right moving company was not fun, but my husband told me that it was my responsibility because he was on a business trip. Wow, thank goodness I made the right choice. We didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg but still wanted to go with a reputable company, so this was our best bet. Franklin van lines was by far the best way to go, extremely happy with their services. I will definitely be using them again and just wanted to personally thank them for all of their hard work. Thank you ladies and gentlemen, all of the customer service girls and the guy that did our entire moving quote over the phone. The movers were 4 young men and they were so diligent in their work. They were great!

September 12, 2016

I will use franklin van lines again! I moved recently with the help of franklin van lines and they proved to be really professional and efficient. They came on time, packed up my place fast and delivered everything safe and sound. The price was held to the dime and no extra charges or unwanted surprises appeared at the last minute! Their customer service support was very helpful too.

September 9, 2016

It is clear that Franklin van lines cares for every single customer. They treated me with high respect and did their job in a great way. Really, I had no complaints. They were so careful with my furniture so nothing got broken, nothing got damaged. The quote was more than reasonable. I thought it was going to be much more. Overall opinion, these people are amazing. If you hire them, you will be glad you did!

September 7, 2016

Franklin van lines is one of the best companies I used by far. They did a fantastic job. Their team arrived on time with a large truck and started wrapping and loading my things very carefully. Everything was packed with great care. The prices were competitive and that was also one of the reasons why I chose Franklin van lines. I booked the time frame online with their manager who wrote all the important things for me to know. I must say that the guys are very hardworking, energetic and fast. I was impressed that everything was done in a perfect way. There was not a single scratch on my furniture. I am happy and fulfilled with the job they have done. I would definitely recommend this company. Great Team!

September 5, 2016

We received a wonderful service along with a great team. They kept their promise and never gave me a doubt. They were efficient, smart and hardworking! I got everything intact for the price quoted and within the time frame that I needed. They were worth every red penny. Thanks a lot Franklin van lines for your honesty and great services! I will be recommending you to all that wants a great service.

June 26, 2016

I certainly understand why people have such a hard time trusting the moving companies. Most of them are just purely inept. My experience with Franklin van lines was quite different though. When I called them for a quote to move my 3-bedroom apartment full of belongings, they gave me a quote that seemed very fair to me. They sent a crew of four men. The crew arrived 10 minutes early which I wasn’t really expecting. They got to work immediately and packed all my belongings creatively. There was a certain level of harmony among the movers. It seemed like they have been working together for quite some time. The delivery was made the next day. All my belongings were in perfect condition and the guys even helped me assemble my beds. I can’t wait to tell all my friends about this amazing moving company.

June 23, 2016

It isn’t a very long way we had to relocate to but I couldn’t possibly imagine taking on the responsibility of moving on my own. I hired Franklin van lines because they were recommended by a friend. They gave me a very reasonable quote and promised to take good care of my belongings. The crew of 4 men arrived right on time. They packed everything carefully and properly and then loaded them onto the vans. I was very pleased to see how they put everything in vans trying to minimize damage later on. My belongings arrived right on the scheduled day and everything was in good condition. I certainly understand why they have such a good reputation. They really are the best in this business.

June 19, 2016

Franklin van lines moved me and my valuables almost effortlessly. They were great at every aspect. From their low quote to the movers unpacking everything- it was just effortless. They stuck to the quote at the end which is quite rare for moving companies. The movers were all very strong men who displayed amazing skills and strength. I have nothing to complain about. They are best moving company I have ever come across for sure!

June 19, 2016

I didn’t know what to expect when I hired Franklin van lines to move my belongings. But I really got lucky. There were absolutely no problems whatsoever that took place during this move. They expertly handled the move and delivered all my valuables on time. When you hire a company like this one, you can get away with not knowing anything about moving because they just take such good care of you. I will definitely recommend them.

June 16, 2016

I was surprised for the price Franklin van lines asked for my long distance move. The movers surprised me even more. They were punctual, strong and very reliable. The company itself prides on reliability. So I was quite assured in their hands. They packed everything neatly before putting them into the van. Everything went as smoothly as it possibly could and they delivered my valuables to my new condo in great condition. I couldn’t believe the amazing services I got for the little I paid them.

June 14, 2016

Franklin van lines is just an all-around amazing moving company. They performed really well while they handled my last move. None of my belongings were less important to them. Everything received the same amount of attention and care. They were punctual, both during arrival and delivery. Their efficiency must have saved us so much money. The company didn’t quote too high to begin with. Their final bill was even less than the quote. I was just over the moon when I realized what super services I got at this unbelievably low price.

June 12, 2016

I hired Franklin van lines for the move because they are simply one of the best in business. They quoted very fairly and I asked them to send 3 men. All three of them arrived all equipped and ready with 2 vans. I do have a lot of stuffs. All of my things were packed and loaded safely. I was very happy to see how efficient these guys really were. I highly advise you check with them before hiring anyone else. They might just be the magicians you are looking for.

June 9, 2016

My main concern with Franklin van lines was that the company doesn’t have flashy ads like other companies. But they really were efficient. The movers just meant business. Nothing was overlooked by the 4 movers who came to work on such an excellent hourly rate. Even their vans were quite reasonable priced to hire. I was very impressed to see how all my beloved pieces of furniture were wrapped perfectly and loaded in the vans. They delivered on time as well. I do feel they deserve all the good reviews they already have.

June 8, 2016

We were quite crunched for cash before this move. That’s why when franklin van lines gave an estimate that seemed too low to be true, we immediately hired them. It turned out to be the best decision we made during this move. The movers were absolutely fantastic. We own a huge couch and getting it out of our apartment could have been tricky. It was no big deal to the movers. They carried it like superman and maneuvered easily through the hallways. It was a brilliant performance from these guys. The delivery was made on time as well. I feel like these guys gave us the best value for money.

June 4, 2016

I have absolutely no complaints with the way Franklin van lines performed during my move just because of the efficiency and pace the movers displayed. They sent a crew made up of very strong and able men; they arrived on time and packed everything perfectly. The best thing about these movers was their speed. They were so fast at packing and loading. I was fearful that they were only focusing on getting the job done fast. But they were also very thorough. I have never seen speed and thoroughness combining so well. I received the delivery right on the scheduled date and everything survived the journey perfectly.

June 2, 2016

Franklin van lines helped me move too many times already. They have performed outstandingly every times. The last move was 2 months back. They didn’t disappoint me this time either. The crew arrived on time, was very efficient at packing and finished the loading process quickly. I am always at awe seeing how professional and skilled these movers are. I am very grateful to this company for always making my moves so easy. I know for a fact that I have to relocate many times in the future and I also know just which company to hire for the job.

May 28, 2016

We hired Franklin van lines after reading some great reviews about them. They have an amazing reputation in the market. The quote they provided helped making the decision even easier. The movers arrived early on the moving day. They wasted no time in packing everything into boxes. I was quite concerned if all my things would fit into the van they brought. But in the end, they made a very successful loading. The whole thing was done quite quickly too. The delivery was made on time and all my things were intact when they reached our new house. I am a happy client.

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