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Big Boy Moving and Storage

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Big Boy moving – Nationwide Movers

Moving from Coast to Coast

Moving from coast to coast is a very exhausting and stressful process. When families or individuals move Nationwide they do not realize how much work is included in this process until it is time to pack up your possessions. Because of that, hiring a professional nationwide moving company is important a significant task. Choosing the right nationwide moving company can help you ease the burden of transportation from coast to coast. Big Boy Moving is the right choice for all your long distance moving needs. We offer only efficient and professional long distance service at affordable rates and fast delivery. With us, your long distance move will be Quick and easy.

Best Nationwide movers on the East Coast promise fast Long Distance delivery

Who are we? We are a professional long distance moving company with years of experience. We use specialized techniques, top of the line equipment and a hard working team of employees. Choose us when you need transportation from coast to coast and see why we are so acclaimed by our clients. Our mission – making you a happy, satisfied customer. We can provide your nationwide moving needs anywhere in the US from our locations in the east coast and midwest. Big Boy Moving and Storage will not disappoint you and we will be happy and proud to be your nationwide movers.

How do we insure a fast and safe coast to coast delivery?

With our years of experience in long distance moving and a professional team of highly trained uniformed workers – you can’t go wrong with us. Our nationwide movers are insured and bonded and will take the hassle right from you. Our workers will make your long distance move a success. Big Boy Moving and Storage is your one step for insuring a quality nationwide moving of your commercial or household belongings.

Why choosing us as your long distance moving company?

We are No.1 in household, commercial and corporate moving while offering quality services to our clients, making sure it’s an effective and rapid move. We will perform the task to your satisfaction and make sure that the moving will meet your standards. Our customers are satisfied with both our work and the rates provided.
Call us today for a free nationwide moving offer and make your long distance move with us a success. Remember, a happy and satisfied customer is our main concern.

February 18, 2017


First of all, it was a shock when Big Boy Moving & Storage showed up because I had reached an agreement with Platinum Van Lines, but apparently they contracted me out. Then, while already there in my apartment on my move day, Big Boy refused to move my stuff unless I signed a document consenting to $0.60/pound for lost items. I had to vacate my apartment so I reluctantly signed. BIG MISTAKE! Big Boy essentially used this contract as consent for them to steal whatever they wanted from my shipment. They took over $2,000 worth of stuff and because of the contract are offering me <$100 compensation!

Oh and did I mention that all of my boxes that did arrive were completely crushed with rips and holes everywhere? The boxes that were clearly labeled "FRAGILE" were carelessly thrown in at the very bottom of the truck and absolutely crushed by the items stacked above (needless to say, everything broke)!

This has been an absolutely terrible experience, if you are even thinking about using Big Boy, please email me first ( One email can save you months of headache and heartache.


  • Member Since: September 6, 2016

September 5, 2016

The ONLY thing good about this move is that some of our furniture arrived at the intended destination. Beware before contracting with this company, be aware that:

1. Your items may be lost. We are missing a minimum of 12 full boxes plus pieces of furniture!
2. They will load your stuff into a truck, then unload in another destination, the reload for the actual move. Things WILL be lost, broken, and damaged in the process.
3. Items marked “Fragile- This Side Up” receive absolutely NO attention. We had fragile items – antiques of high value – totally destroyed; boxes crushed and delivered up side down.
4. Your mattresses will be beaten, soiled, and damaged. We had to replace a very expensive mattress, furniture, and countless items that were lost.

We have moved professionally cross-country on several occasions. This is, without a doubt, the absolute WORST experience we have ever had. Never again.

September 1, 2016

I never used a mover before and the company had my furniture in storage for about 2 month. I’ve filed a claim for damages and there were many I think they played basket ball with my boxes, furniture was damage looks like the damage wasn’t caused by accident it was mistreated and abused . I should have donated it rather then spend the money to move with these people. rate with no stars or maybe a few negative stars

July 21, 2016

This company is a total ripoff. The positive reviews have to be fakes added by the company. Took 20 days to make the trip I did in 3 days. legs lost from patio table, antique cane chair back broken and lost, antique Tiffany glass lamp shade broken. Numerous other items of crystal and nic-nacs broken. Boxes that were sealed were opened, repacked and items removed. One box missing and not found with collectibles.


  • Member Since: June 7, 2016

June 7, 2016

If being overcharged would have been the only thing that went wrong, I could have eventually gotten over it. But I have never experienced such terrible and consistently awful service from a company. Here are some examples of what we have endured:
1.At time of pick-up movers privately asked if we could pay them their tip (instead of giving it to the driver) so they would be sure to receive it. This was really unprofessional and an awkward interaction.
2.39″ Vizio flat screen was wrapped by movers and placed in the “free” crate we were granted in the estimate…and then it was left off the manifest (stolen)
3.Rubbermaid containers were apparently rummaged through as a $250 cordless speaker disappeared as well (stolen)
4.1 of 4 wheels missing from bed frame
5.Lamp broken and unusable
6.Entertainment center broken and unusable
7.Mirror broken
8.Dining table severely scratched
9.Calls are not returned from customer service (Melissa)
10.Customer service representatives are rude (Connie)
11.During the initial down-payment process, I had to provide a copy of my credit card and drivers license. I provided this on 4/26/16. Fraudulent credit card charges ensued within 2 weeks. Coincidence…maybe.
12.Upon delivery we could not use a credit card or a check and could only give the driver a money order from the US Post Office. The movers requested more money in order to bring the items upstairs. I was told that the first flight of stairs was included, but apparently on 7 steps were included. After being overcharged almost $1000, we were not paying another cent. Hence, the truck was unloaded on the curb, and we had to move every piece ourselves.
13.Several times during this process there were different company names involved (Big Boy Moving & Storage, David and Goliath Moving, Swift Moving Systems, Swift Moving Van Lines). What the heck?

Overcharged $956.87
Truck unloaded on curb and inventory moved ourselves
Almost every piece of furniture broken or damaged
2 items of significant value stolen (TV and speaker)
Unprofessional customer service

  • Member Since: June 2, 2016

June 2, 2016

Worst moving company ever. I have no idea where all of these positive reviews are coming from. To see the truth, look at the “Yelp” ratings of this company.
I had such an awful experience. First off, the took the entire 21 days to get here, they were supposed to keep me updated but no one ever did, the customer service was extremely rude, they kept jacking up the prices after you signed the contract….. Charged me $310 dollars just for coming up my stairs! It gets better….. Once my belongings were delivered, all my boxes were completely damaged, my brand new night stand was chipped, my ladder shelving unit was broken (they told me to glue it), and lastly they lost two of my boxes. I felt like they didn’t give a crap that they lost two of my boxes. I will never ever use this company again and honestly would never recommend it.

May 29, 2016

Not every moving company is. Some are downright fantastic. I can tell you from my experience of moving that with Big boy moving and storage you are in safe hands. They were very meticulous when it came to taking inventory, they wrapped everything very carefully and I was very impressed seeing how skilled they are at space management within their vans. Before I knew it, I was at my new house and their foreman handed me the inventory list. All my belongings had made it here safe and sound. If that’s not the best moving service, I don’t know which is!

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