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All State Movers Inc. has a vast range of moving services that will greatly benefit you throughout your entire move. Our company truly cares about its customers because we believe in the importance of satisfaction.

Our moving services:

  • Professional door to door service
  • Loading & unloading of all goods
  • Packing materials and FREE packing tape
  • Fragile only packing
  • Disassemble and reassemble of all items
  • Custom crafting packaging items
  • Packing options such as full and partial service packing
  • Storage with first month FREE
  • Online shipment tracking

These are just some of the services we offer at All State Movers Inc.

Our professional staff of movers, who truly have the knowledge and experience to get the job done in a safe and timely manner, will comprehensively cover every aspect of your move. Choosing All State Movers, Inc. when moving will make all the difference when it comes to successfully arriving and settling into the new place you’ll be calling home. For more information about our services and moving costs please feel free to contact one of our moving specialists. Remember to request a free moving and/or storage estimate!

Storage Services: The need for storage, both long and short term, often arises when transitioning between locations. The process of finding a safe and affordable storage facility can often be a stressful one. Let us know the circumstances and we will take it from there. The transition from moving and then storing your possessions with us is virtually painless and worry-free. Just reserve your space and we’ll arrange the rest. All State Movers, Inc. will inventory, tag and safely package your belongings in our climate-controlled, sanitized and secure facility allowing you the maximum protection for all of your valuables.

At All State Movers, Inc. we take tremendous pride in our huge storage facilities. Our 50,000 sq. ft. storage warehouse offers safe, secure and climate controlled coverage for your belongings. Our facility is conveniently located next to highways and the O’Hare airport allowing for easy access to your belongings.

January 11, 2018

My furniture is very close to the expiry dates. I wondered if I should buy all new pieces once I moved. But I decided against it given the state of my bank account. So the movers from All state movers had to take great care of them during my last move. The movers really paid attention to the old pieces and packed them so delicately. They made sure they stacked everything properly inside the van so nothing damages during the journey. They made the delivery right on time. The movers unpacked everything and put them where they belonged. I didn’t see the men complaining even for once. I’m so thankful to these guys.

January 4, 2018

All state movers provided excellent service throughout my move. Their manager was able to answer any and all of my questions regarding payment, my move, and scheduling. The movers themselves were very careful with my belongings and were very thorough in making sure they got everything. They also helped move a heavy terrarium that I was transporting into and out of my car. What pleased me most was that although we were moving quite a long distance, they managed to perform pickup and delivery on the same day.

December 13, 2017

My wife was stressed about our move. We were in a dilemma to decide which company would be the best to hire for our move. Lastly we hired All state movers. They just took the entire work load to their shoulder. They started their work before their time schedule. Packed all the things and relocated to our new apartment in every way. They unpacked everything and placed the boxes where they were supposed to go. I paid them half the amount of what a fancy company asked for. These guys are just awesome! They just made our work far easier than we thought.

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December 9, 2017

After looking through a myriad of quotes from movers I struck gold! All State gave me the greatest rate . The only other movers who were this low had 1 star and frightening stories. I was impressed on how quickly they moved me. They were extremely professional and helpful. I would definitely recommend this Company.

December 2, 2017

It is apparent when you work with their moving crews that All state movers has very tough hiring practices. They hire only the best. These guys are really good at what they do and are also good at being warm, conversational and friendly, something you don’t find with many other moving company crews. Never have we had any problems with these guys. In fact we have had good suggestions from them before, during and after the moves. I suggest this company to others and will continue to do so. In fact I have just asked them and received an estimate for a cross-state move that, hopefully, will happen within a month or two.

November 24, 2017

I have seen my fair share of moving companies since I move around quite a lot. But no one could beat the sheer professionalism showed by All state movers. They conducted my last move and were just fantastic. I have had many of my valuables broken in the past. But these movers performed a miracle when they delivered each and every item I own undamaged to my new house. The movers deserve all the credits. They were just very experienced in every aspect. They knew exactly how to do the job properly.

November 15, 2017

The manager from All state movers was great. He massively helped me out explaining where exactly my money was going. It was a small shipment for my son’s new school and I was able to find a partial load so that the price would be lower. But their service charge was quite reasonable. I have never seen anyone work going up and down the stairs without touching the walls. They were great. I would definitely recommend them.

November 4, 2017

After a quick search online, I decided to contact All state movers seeing that they have numerous positive reviews and top ratings by their former clients. They were eager to help me and very open about the availability of their crews and vans. They were communicative and responsible. I knew that my belongings were in safe hands. These guys delivered everything without a scratch, within the set deadline and affordably so.

October 21, 2017

With all the internet addiction, inefficiency has become a natural sin. I thought I’d be stuck with inefficient movers during my last move. I didn’t know what to do and how to do. I bumped into All state movers and without knowing much about them I hired them. They arrived right on time, took their necessary inventory and got to work. It seemed like furniture and boxes were literally flying out and into their van, with their unbelievable working pace! I would never know how it was humanly possible for these 4 men to finish the job so quickly, given no damage was done. All in all to me it was the fastest move I could have ever imagined. Maybe not all hope is lost just yet!

October 4, 2017

Relocation is never inexpensive, especially if you are moving from one state to another. I called so many companies before moving and they all quoted such high prices. In the end, I decided to hire All state movers because their quote was on the lower end of the spectrum and they have a very good reputation. I don’t own a lot of things and so I was hoping the movers would be done with packing and loading quickly to save me more money. The crew of four men arrived right on time and got to work. They packed everything carefully with the right packing materials. Then they loaded everything to the vans. They did manage to finish the job very quickly which resulted into a small bill. My belongings were delivered right on schedule and everything was in good condition.

September 19, 2017

I took plenty of time in hiring the perfect company for my last move. A lot of the companies did have some great reviews but a friend of mine swore on his life that All state movers is the absolute best. So, I hired these guys. When I called them, they seemed very friendly and informative. They really gave me a good deal on the price. The movers arrived early on the moving. I just couldn’t believe how fast the men were. They packed and loaded everything from my apartment so quickly. The delivery was made right on time as well. All my goods made it without suffering any damages. Had I known about these guys, I wouldn’t even bother looking through those reviews.

September 4, 2017

All state movers is a moving company that outperforms all its competitors and I experienced them doing so right in front of my eyes while I was moving a few weeks back. This company sent over their movers on time and all the men were very energetic. They were very strong and it showed in the way they carried my heavy pieces of furniture. They were creative in packing tricky pieces of furniture of glassware and didn’t run out of packing materials. They have been very well trained and I could tell that given how professionally they behaved. They were done with all the packing and loading within a blink. The delivery was made on time and all my belongings were unharmed. I keep hearing people complaining about moving companies. I have no complaints about these guys though.

August 19, 2017

Moving is hard. There is a lot to do in a move. But in my opinion, it all can be reduced if you choose a good moving company. I hired All state movers for my move and they managed everything very nicely. They took care of the packing, moving and loading of my belongings. Delivery was done on time and also they helped to unload and unpack. It was great to see that none of my belongings were broken or scratched. They really packed and wrapped it well. And the bill was perfect. No changes at all!

August 2, 2017

Why don’t you do yourself a favor by hiring All state movers for your move? You will get the smoothest move of your life and I can guarantee that they would charge something very reasonable. I used them twice within the last 11 months and that was only because of their service and price that they offer. They keep their word and give you the best service! To be very honest, I consider them one of the finest in business based on service and price. They are highly recommended!

July 31, 2017

Doing a long distance move with these guys turned out to be a fun process and easygoing experience for which my family and I are very thankful and also we paid a very really low rate for it. I have only compliments for this fast and quality moving company. They delivered our things on time and without a single damage. All state movers knows how to do it! Five stars for them!

July 19, 2017

My experience with this company was great. The price was good and I really liked the way I was treated. The company was patient all the way through and waited for me to confirm the date of the move once we agreed. I did change the date on 2 occasions due to sudden changes to my schedule but they did not complain. When the foreman and the 2 other workers came to my house, they started worked immediately and they did a great job. Of course, they came right on time and were extremely professional and efficient. For me, it is absolutely essential to hire the right company which will take a great care about the client, and my things were so carefully wrapped and loaded on their truck, so there was not a single scratch! Great job by All state movers.

July 2, 2017

I have just been moved and All state movers was my hired help. I hired them because of their price and reputation. Their sales guy was very informative, responsive and never pushed me to hire them. They managed to accommodate the date I wanted to move and made sure that I receive all my belongings in great condition at the other end. Being honest, I never expected such great professionalism. The crew did give their best and made sure I get all I asked for.

July 1, 2017

Their work and their prices speak louder than my words but, still, I want to share my experience with them. My long distance move with All state movers was done very quickly yet carefully! The packing and the delivery went really good without any damages, broken items, or even scratched. My price was awesome, low and affordable! Most important, I trusted these people and they didn’t let me down.

June 18, 2017

I must say that All state movers is truly one of a kind. They worked like a perfect team. They ensured excellence in every aspect of the service and moved our stuff faster than we ever imagined. I was not disappointed at all! The move was flawless and I will use them for all long distance moves and will recommend them to all my family and friends.

June 4, 2017

I hired All state movers for moving last month. While scheduling they prioritized my need. On the moving day, no one could tell that there were just four people working to move my belongings because they were so swift yet careful. Therefore, this company should be the first choice for everyone who needs a satisfying moving service.

May 20, 2017

They did not leave me for a second! They worked extremely diligently and fast, packed almost 50 boxes in 3 hours. They strategized how to fit everything on to their truck quickly. This was by far the best experience I have had with a moving company. They know how to provide me the top-level customer service and value my time. They did not complain or lower their effort. I absolutely recommend All state movers to anyone who is looking for an affordable, professional, fast, and respectful mover. Thank you for your help guys!

May 3, 2017

Doing a long distance move is not that easy. There are many factors here and many ways for errors to occur. But if you have a good mover, it will be so easy and satisfying. Luckily I came across All state movers. The guys were efficient, very hardworking and reliable. They helped us with the kitchen cabinets, glassware’s, beds, and electronics and with anything we could think of. And the best part was, everything was intact when they delivered it to us. Not a single dent! Who knew it would be this easy!

April 23, 2017

First of all I had to thank my friend John for recommending this company to me and then I thank the sales rep and the movers for a successful move. I used them to move a long distance in a rush and I was under a very tight budget and time constraints. They offered me a very moderate price and also completed the move without any kind of unwanted circumstances. I appreciate their commitment and the honesty.

April 16, 2017

There is very few moving companies actually deliver on their promises. One of those companies is All state movers. I hired them last month to move my belongings since I started a new job. They gave me a very reasonable quote and arrived on time with all the necessary equipment. Their workers were very efficient and apt at their job. I have heard from so many friends about their disastrous experience with moving companies. They surely haven’t hired this company!

April 2, 2017

I have read many people complaining about how their valuables went missing during a move. Luckily, I faced nothing like that while All state movers handled my move. The movers they sent were so experienced and extremely reliable. They packed everything efficiently and it came to fruition when they delivered each item unharmed to my new house. They didn’t charge me a cent over the quote and in my book that is professionalism. I am gob smacked by how easy this move was.

March 24, 2017

I was attracted by their price quote and I was worried that the service would be poor but it was not. The movers came pretty early for the move, 10 minutes before the time we scheduled. They packed everything very quickly and loaded into their trucks without any damage. All my furniture arrived safely. And they helped me to replace them. Everything went on brilliantly and I therefore tribute them for their great work.

March 13, 2017

My experience with All state movers was quite pleasant. I was happy with the estimator, the driver and both crews who loaded and unloaded my furniture. I was really very nervous to give my furniture to anyone but they calmed my fears with their professional, experienced personnel. There were no issues any delays. Everything arrived perfectly and safely. I just want to say thanks for making my move easy and stress free.

March 4, 2017

I’ve never had such an easy and quick move. Having to carry huge furniture and making sure they transport well is a huge job. And it was a long distance moves so I hired movers from All state movers. The staff from this company has been nothing short of incredible. They were transporting my belongings cross-country but there was no damage. I am quite happy with their service. I would like to recommend them to anyone.

February 20, 2017

I was extremely happy with their service last month. They helped me manipulate complications that came up with my moving dates, and made it possible for me to travel and be with my things at both ends. The long trip involved a piano and grandmother clock. Everything was moved with care; they stayed in touch with me, and came and went exactly on schedule. Thank God that it seemed to be one of the smoothest move ever, thanks so much guys.

February 12, 2017

From what I have heard about movers from people, were mostly unpleasant belongings. But I couldn’t care less since I never had the need to hire a moving company, till I needed one! I made sure I check as many online reviews on moving companies as possible. All state movers seemed to be quite promising from what was written about them over the internet. So I hired them, keeping my fingers crossed. Their skills and efficiency was impeccable, definitely nothing compared to the quote they gave me. I give two thumbs up to all the guys from this company that helped me move.

February 2, 2017

It was an easy move for me. At first, I got worried how to move all the things on my own to my new apartment. Then my wife suggested me the name- all state movers. When I hired them, they seemed like very trained and experienced movers. They wrapped and packed everything within a short period of time and delivered to my new apartment safely. The company trains their men very well and the crew is very helpful. During this move, nothing was damaged or broken. They just made my work easier than I thought.

January 24, 2017

When you get all what you asked for, you would feel so high. When I hired All state movers, I had some very specific requirements and they have fulfilled everything. My sales rep started the good work to begin with. His estimate was very precise and he was very responsive and attentive. He answered all my questions and also managed to find a way to accommodate the exact date I wanted to move. The moving crew arrived on time at the move day and packed the entire house in less than 4 hours and the same day their moving team started for the destination. The driver kept me informing about his current locations and before that packing was done to my satisfaction. The truck reached at the other end before the schedule, same crew did the unloading and helped us unpacking and setting up the furniture. It was a picture perfect move, no damage, no dent, no hidden cost, nothing at all to surprise us. These guys really did an excellent job.

January 17, 2017

The moving team of All state movers completed remarkably the whole moving process. They arrived on time and started their work immediately. There was no problem during the course of moving. The move was planned perfectly that’s why everything came up very smoothly. They were like magicians. They did all like a magic. I will surely recommend them to anyone who is looking for excellent relocation services.

January 3, 2017

I would love to do it again. Moving with All state movers made me realize I can move so many times if I want. If I only knew about them earlier I would have moved much more. All state movers is really magnificent. They do know what to do! They came in, packed, loaded and they were gone. And when they delivered…… not a single item damaged and also the price never changed. What else do I need!

December 25, 2016

You should definitely try All state movers. They are worth it and they will not let you down. Last month I used them for my long distance move. They did a fabulous job. The quote was precise and competitive. The movers came on time and worked like machines. At the end nothing was damaged and the pricing never changed. I really don’t expect more from them. They get 5 stars in my book.

December 15, 2016

For the last two moves I have been hiring All state movers. All the people I have dealt with from this company have been very professional and active. I learned many things from them. They showed punctuality in every step of my moves. They are also more economical than others. The movers are very efficient. They packed our all belongings properly. They have delivered my properties undamaged both times. I think I am sticking to these guys for all my future moves.

December 1, 2016

From the beginning of my last move the customer service of All state movers was great and the estimate was extremely rational. The movers were professional and efficient and went out of their way to please my family. They took special care to move my old pieces of furniture and also took the time to assemble all my beds and entrainment center. I couldn’t fault these guys for anything.

November 23, 2016

The movers from All state movers were absolutely outstanding. Not only they are cheap but also they give you great value for your money. In fact, given how fast their movers work, I think I ended up saving some cash by the end of this move! Not one item suffered the slightest of damage while they moved them. The movers were on time during arrival and delivery. The men were very friendly throughout and they listened to every instruction I gave them. I really cannot praise this company enough.

November 14, 2016

All state movers matched all my expectations! Great, excellent, awesome! These people went above and beyond. They made the move as smooth as it can get. There were no hidden costs or extra fees. They timely delivered my belongings and were happy to help us rearrange the furniture. Very professional and efficient guys! I would absolutely recommend them to everyone!

November 3, 2016

The movers were so fast that I didn’t have to request to make the packing hurry, because I had an appointment after lunch on that day. In order to fetch some items, I sent them another house which was next to our road. The guys politely accepted my request. I was delivered all my belongings with no missing or harm. They delivered on the 12th day as promised. They released out fear. I would prioritize All state movers among others on my next relocation.

October 23, 2016

I was quite happy with the way All state movers handled my last move. I got a decent quote from them and they swore that they wouldn’t overcharge me. The movers showed up on time and worked quite quickly. They packed everything into boxes, the glassware was neatly packed with layers of newspapers between them and they loaded the furniture with ease. I received the delivery on time. All my things were safely transported and I couldn’t be any happier.

October 12, 2016

Just a few weeks ago when I was looking for a very reliable and affordable moving company to hire, I came across All state movers. I gave them a call and after discussing with their sales person I had a feeling that they would be able to produce what I was looking for. They actually offered me a great price and a moving plan that matched my timing requirements. I was keeping my fingers crossed and finally when their movers came for the move, they made sure that I was getting everything that we had agreed to. Movers were very professional and punctual. They were in total control over the move, they seemed to be very comfortable with the proceedings and I was very impressed to watch them move all my belongings effortlessly. The movers are highly trained, fast, professional and very committed. It was good to notice them willing to give their 100%. So if any one reading my comment is planning a move I recommend them only to use the services of All state movers.

October 2, 2016

All state movers did an amazing job for us. My son was supposed to move out by himself but he had a small accident the day before the way. So I had to make tons of calls. No one could fit me in and also they were much more expensive. But all state movers was the one which saved us. They were able to help us and the pricing was much lesser than others. The team was great. Efficient, hardworking and courteous. The move was done perfectly and we paid exactly what was estimated, which means there were no hidden fees!!

September 24, 2016

They explained every detail of what was included in the price before I scheduled a move with them; they obviously wanted to be sure that I knew what I was singing up for. They did a really great job on the physical move, the furniture was wrapped up with special moving blankets and the guys stacked everything nicely in the truck and I was very impressed. It all went well!

September 16, 2016

A member of their team came to our house to an onsite assessment to determine the quantity of the move and to offer a price quote. The price was reasonable and the person who came down was very friendly. On the day of the move the van arrived almost on time. The packers were well mannered and completed our move in a matter of a couple of hours. As we were living on the base level floor it was easy for them to handle and load with ease. The goods were scheduled to arrive after 12 days and they arrived on the day and approximately the same time we agreed. There was no damage at all and we are a happily settled family in our new house.

September 4, 2016

After working with so many different moving companies over the last 12 years, I finally found All state movers which handled a move perfectly. They quoted reasonably, movers showed up on time and everything went as smoothly as it could. All four movers were very experienced. They took such great care of all my things. It was comforting to know that my valuables were in good hands. They delivered everything on time, unpacked and put them where they belonged. I’m so glad to have found them and will stick to them from now on.

August 25, 2016

There are many moving companies but very few are good. I was fortunate to have All state movers relocating us to Dover, DE from Chicago, IL. One of my friends recommended this company, so we hired them. I thank my friend for the recommendation. The 5 men team from All state movers worked really hard and took extra care of our valuables. They were very friendly with my kids and kind with my pets. However, moving was done within the allotted time and without any major issues.

August 6, 2016

If you want a mover then go for all state movers. I had to move suddenly but could not find a mover. They were kind enough to take me in. All the other movers were busy or didn’t even call back. But all state movers was very polite and caring. The price was great. The team came that day, did their thing and loaded it all up. They did a wonderful job there too. Helped me out in every way possible. Thanks guys for helping me out. Hope you to see you again. Cheers!

July 23, 2016

It is easy to find bad things to complain about when you hire a moving company. But all state movers was a professional throughout my moving process. This is why I have nothing bad to say. They embodied every quality a moving company should. The movers were all very experienced and it showed in the way they worked. There were no glitches anywhere. When they delivered everything I was amazed to see none of my valuables were damaged. This is extraordinary efforts by these guys.

July 16, 2016

I should have hired all state movers in the first place. But in order to save some money, I hired a company which cancelled the appointment on the moving day. Luckily, this company dispatched a crew for me who performed the move just perfectly. They delivered all my valuables in great condition. I am so grateful to this company and their amazing movers who worked tirelessly. In the end, their prices came so close to the quote that other company gave me. People should stop trying to be over smart and just hire these guys.

June 25, 2016

There are so many moving companies in operation these days and most are made of people with little or no experience. I wasn’t going to hire those companies and trust them with my valuables. I talked to a friend of mine and he suggested that I hire All state movers. This company has been in business for a long time and it certainly shows why. Their quote was absolutely unbeatable for my move. The men they sent were very adequately experienced and innovative in maneuvering through narrow hallways and a tricky front door. I was very impressed by their speed, which saved me at a lot of dollars. Finally, only to add to this company’s efficiency, they delivered everything as promised, on time and everything was completely intact.

June 10, 2016

My father warned me about movers who barely speak English and make such a mess of your move. But all state movers weren’t like the others at all. Their men were all so well trained and very experienced. I had no issues communicating with them. They packed everything immaculately and loaded everything with great care and skills. My first ever relocation couldn’t have gone easier. It was the good works of these movers. I am forever grateful to them.

May 24, 2016

Having to move is never fun. Thank god for companies like All state movers which lighten the load! I hired them to move my stuffs last month. They really made my relocation easy and simple. It was quite easy getting a quote from them. Thankfully, the final bill came under the initial estimate. The four movers arrived right on time and they were very efficient. They worked very swiftly while packing and loading. They must have saved me some money given how fast they were. The delivery was made on time to Tennessee and I am a happy chap! These guys are definitely worth hiring again.

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