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Advanced Relocation

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Local & Long Distance Moves
Moving long distance is physically, psychologically, and emotionally draining, which is why you need qualified professionals to help reduce that stress. Advanced Relocation will handle the arduous labor normally associated with your relocation, allowing you to focus on more important matters.
Residential Moves
Relocating your family is our specialty. Contact a moving coordinator today to take all the stress of moving off of your shoulders and leave it up to the experts.
Office Moves
There are certain elements that your business relocation needs in order to succeed. They include reducing downtime and cost. You can receive that and more by choosing to work with Advanced Relocation we can make sure your commercial relocation is completed quickly and at affordable prices.
Certified Piano & Pool Table Movers
Advanced Relocation is truly unique in the way we handle your highly valued items with our White Glove€ care. We only use the highest quality people who are specially trained for packaging, transportation and delivery of fragile and valuable items such as antiques, pianos, and electronics.
Climate Controlled Storage
Advanced Relocation’s, climate-controlled storage facilities are a perfect solution for those in need of extra storage space to keep important household items. Our storage facilities are safe and secure to protect your items until your ready for them. With 30 days of FREE storage we handle all of your storage needs.
Full Service Packing
We offer multiple packing options to fit all of our customers needs. You’d rather not worry about packing at all. We will send a team of experienced movers and packers to your home to pack up the attic to the basement. We will supply all the materials necessary to professionally pack all of your belongings for safe transport.

August 25, 2018

I have been moved by an amazing moving company! They were so much perfect for the job! I loved every bit of it! The moving men were caring and polite and they knew how to get the furniture out without damaging it. I received 24/7 email customer service and they also called me many times to keep me updated. The delivery was on time and I could not find any damages anywhere! It was very smooth and essay! I strongly recommend advanced relocation to all. They are the ones you should hire!

August 19, 2018

These guys have the best rates ever! It is competitive and affordable! Not only the rates, but their service is worth mentioning. They moved me a couple of weeks back and did a fantastic job. The moving guys came on time on the day of the move and moved me out very smoothly and quickly. They packed all my belongings with care and did not damage anything at any cost. All was delivered on time and there were no damages upon delivery. It was a picture perfect move. I highly recommend Advanced relocation to all!

August 8, 2018

I have lots of experience when it comes to moving. I have moved many times! My point is, there is no other better moving company than Advanced relocation! They are very good! They did an interstate move for me last month and they really did a superb job. They were very punctual, efficient, caring and professional. There were no delays, no damages and no extra fees. I do not have any regrets because everything went my way. I am very satisfied with this company and I proudly recommend them to all.

August 5, 2018

My relocation went very well with Advanced relocation recently. They relocated me cross country and they did a fantastic job. They took all the stress away the moment they came to my home. They did the packing very patiently and loaded everything on to their truck like true professionals. They did not bump anything or damage anything along the way. They were in and out very quickly and smoothly. And they delivered on time! There were no extra fees too! I had a brilliant move! This moving company is highly recommended to all!

July 20, 2018

Advanced relocation is the one I hired for my long distance move and all I want to say is that they are wonderful people and they are very efficient. I do think they are the right choice for your move. They have all the good qualities and none of the bad ones. They moved me last month and it was simply like a breeze. There were no damages, no extra fees and no delays. I am very happy with the result! I gladly will use this moving company again and shall recommend them to everyone I know. Well done guys! Thank you very much!

July 10, 2018

I bow down to this moving company! They are phenomenal! They are so good that you will want to hire them over and over again! They are very focused, efficient, caring and precise. They moved me last month without any kinds of problems. Their moving people are real gentlemen! They talked with me with respect and moved my things with care. They moved it all within the given time! I was very excited to see that all my things were in perfect shape. It was overall a successful move. I will use Advanced relocation again.

July 4, 2018

Yes they certainly can do it! They are amazing at this job! They move you very quickly and professionally. They move you without any stress and without any trouble. You will be moved without any damages at all! I had a great experience with these guys last month. They moved me cross country and the way they did it was amazing! They were very careful with everything and also much focused. Their aim was to move me without any damages, and they succeeded! No damages at all! I will use Advanced relocation again!

June 21, 2018

I think I am very lucky because finding a good moving company nowadays is unreal! But I did find the best one! Advanced relocation is the best moving company ever. They are very professional, efficient and honest. My long distance move with them was easy and quick. The moving team came on time and very quickly moved me out. The delivery was 2 days early and I saw that everything was in order. No damages, no extra fees and no accidents. Well done guys. I will use you again and I will recommend you to all.

June 9, 2018

If you take the full package from Advanced relocation, your move will be so smooth and easy that you will thank me later! They will not let you do a single thing! They provide all the boxes, tapes and all the supplies needed. Also, you will love seeing them work! They are professional, focused and careful. Even you will not move your owns things like the way they move it! And in the end, everything will be delivered on time and you will find your things in perfect shape. This moving company is genuinely very good! I strongly recommend them.

June 5, 2018

I called Advanced relocation last month to get a quote and they explained every single thing in detail. They made me understand how their rates change, what I must do to cost cut the price and what will make this move go easier. They made me understand it all! On the day of the move, the moving team came on time and very quickly moved me out. They carried every single item very nicely and professionally. They also moved me very quickly and they did not damage a single thing. As they promised, the price did not change in the end. Thank you so much!

May 20, 2018

Advanced relocation is the one for me. They are the only choice! They moved me recently so nicely and smoothly that it did not feel like a cross country move at all. The moving team came on time and packed everything very neatly and systematically. They knew everything was precious to me and they knew how important it was to protect everything. There was nothing damaged when I checked! It was really smooth and easy! This move was like a breeze. I will never ever choose a different moving company! These guys are the one for me!

May 7, 2018

These people are experts in this field I think. My long distance move was carried out so smoothly and easily! The moving team called me an hour early before coming to my place. After they came, they started to work and they smoothly and quickly wrapped it up. After 4 hours or so, everything was done on this side and they drove off with my things. On the 16th day, they delivered everything back to me. All was there and there were no damages. It was a good move because it did not involve any damages. I loved their service and I will hire Advanced relocation again!

May 2, 2018

Everything was great from start to finish. The moving team arrived at my place exactly at 8am sharp. They finished this side of the job in four hours. They unloaded everything with great care and also we did not find any damages anywhere. The men who came to help were qualified, efficient and experienced. They carried all the things to the top floor and they did not bump anything on to anything. It was a good experience. In my experience, Advanced relocation is the best moving company I have ever hired. I very highly recommend them to all.

April 25, 2018

The guys at Advanced relocation are ready to work! On a very short notice I appointed them and they really proved to be efficient! The old furniture’s were nicely handled with and the other household items were properly packed and carried. All the necessary measures were taken to protect all my belongings and they did deliver on time as promised. The men at their office are also very helpful and supportive. I always got my queries immediately answered and they always were very nice to me. I really liked working with this moving company.

April 17, 2018

Save your money and time! Advanced relocation will not cost you much and they will save your time. They are so efficient that they will finish up the job very quickly but also very carefully. My son and I hired them a few weeks ago and we had a lovely experience. They were so careful with everything! They even fixed the sink for me. They are multi-talented! I want to tell everyone how good they are. I give them five stars and I recommend them to all!

April 5, 2018

I liked advanced relocation from the beginning. I think mainly it was because of their rates and their sales rep. He is a very decent young man who gave me a good quote and talked with me very politely. He sent a great team of workers to help me with my move. They were very professional and did not take any breaks until the job was done. I thought they will miss the deadline because they usually do. But no sir, they were punctual. Good to see a company keeps their word.

March 26, 2018

I’ve moved bunch of times. But this was my best experience with Advanced relocation. I had gotten several quotes from moving companies but I choose these guys because their price was cheaper than the rest for what I was getting. The movers were absolutely fantastic- worked in a very organized, systematic and efficient way to ensure the safety of my valuables. They were efficient and polite. If someone is in need of a mover, please do not hesitate to reach out to them.

March 11, 2018

When I decided to make my move across several states, I thought of Advanced relocation. The moving crew was fantastic. They took and set everything up I felt my belongings were safe and my experience was wonderful. It was a fantastic move. The customer service is best and the communication from them was priceless. Each person who I came in contact with during this move- from their manager to the movers- everyone was just so awesome. I will use this company for any further moving needs.

  • Member Since: March 5, 2018

March 5, 2018

I hired Advanced relocation to pack and transport all my belongings few weeks back. To be honest, I didn’t really know much about them when I hired them. But they turned out to be just amazing. They quoted quite reasonably. The men who came over to my house to pack everything seemed very apt at their job. They were very creative and resourceful. They even worked very time efficiently. All my belongings were packed and loaded very swiftly. When they delivered everything, I found that only two of my plates were broken and everything else traveled very well. I really think these guys are amazingly professional and very good at their job.

February 21, 2018

Every mover has seen his share of endless flights of impossibly twisty stairs, but the movers from Advanced relocation takes it one step further when it comes to efforts. From the beginning where their manager attended all my queries throughout the process and to the movers during the move, these guys were just fabulous. They even carried my couch up because it wouldn’t fit in the elevator. They disassembled and reassembled my bed and armoire. They were very helpful and completed my move in a timely manner. I would definitely use them again.

February 11, 2018

Relocating is always hard. All that packing, loading, moving- and let’s not forget the emotional draining. I guess if you can delegate some of that trauma to a professional moving company, it feels a tiny bit better. If the company you hire is Advanced relocation, then there s absolutely nothing to worry about. Their men know exactly how to unload your worries. They are very apt at their job, always showing up on time, packing everything with great precision and loading the valuables securely to their vans. My move was as smooth as it could ever be, thanks to these guys.

February 2, 2018

Most moving companies I have worked with in the past have caused me more troubles than I accounted for. Things went missing, delays were abundant and the movers just weren’t efficient enough for the job. Then a friend of mine suggested the name of Advanced relocation. I thought why not and hired them. These guys turned out to be amazing. From the moment I contacted them, to the moment they left my new house after the delivery- I didn’t have to worry about a single thing. They methodically did their jobs- packing, wrapping, loading, unloading and keeping the schedules tight. I have rarely experienced such efficiency before in my life. I will be sticking with these guys from now on.

January 24, 2018

The movers from Advanced relocation have always impressed me throughout the numerous moved they helped me with. They have always been punctual, reliable and honest during all our moves. In my five times working with them, the movers were never late. They are yet to break any valuables of mine. They always make sure that my possessions travel safely. What I like the most about them is that they are not ridiculously priced, nor do they keep increasing their prices like others. Their final bill is always incredibly close to their initial estimate. I admire these hardworking men and wish to hire only them for my entire future move.

January 13, 2018

I have read many people complaining about how their valuables went missing during a move. Luckily, I faced nothing like that while Advanced relocation handled my move. The movers they sent were so experienced and extremely reliable. They packed everything efficiently and it came to fruition when they delivered each item unharmed to my new house. They didn’t charge me a cent over the quote and in my book that is professionalism. I am gob smacked by how easy this move was. Or maybe I have very low standards!

January 4, 2018

I was impressed with the moving service provided by Advanced relocation, their excellent foreman and his crew. They moved and packed my things for the move and didn’t cause me any worries. Everything went very smoothly. When my furniture arrived, I was very pleased to the same moving crew who packed the furniture also came to unpack everything. That was a very pleasant experience. I will recommend this company to anyone and especially to my daughter for any long distance moves in the future.

December 24, 2017

I hired Advanced relocation for my last move because these guys have moved many of my family members and always did stellar jobs. As always, they delivered what they promised with my move as well. All my valuables were safely transported to my new house and there was no delay. I have grown very fond of this company seeing how well organized the movers were. I can definitely see why my family always hires them. So many people complain about how bad their moving companies were. Fortunately, I have no such complaints about my movers.

December 14, 2017

From the first contact with Advanced relocation, I was impressed by their friendly communication. Their professionalism was impressive and the price was very good indeed. On the day of the move, they came within their quoted time and they worked very hard to do everything perfectly. They were done in a record time. We were highly satisfied with the quality of their service. The movers were very pleasant and polite throughout the day. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anybody.

December 4, 2017

I had a brilliant experience with Advanced relocation. They were the quickest in returning the estimate and the best value for service while there were other companies took over a week to get back. We had so many furniture and other belongings. The moving team arrived and without wasting a single minute they started to wrap our furniture. They drop off our thing so nicely. My family members were very happy.

November 25, 2017

This was my third time moving with Advanced relocation. They have never been anything but amazing. As usual, the crew arrived very much on time. I have to give it to these guys for always being so punctual. They packed everything very carefully with proper packing materials. The movers are all very professional. They are skilled and experienced. They approach you in a very friendly manner and you always feel at ease with them. I think the movers are the company’s best asset. I’m happy to recommend these guys to everyone.

November 15, 2017

The movers I hired from Advanced relocation were just too good. They managed their schedules perfectly. I do get annoyed with people who don’t care much for punctuality so I was glad these guys did. The company itself is very well reputed and trains the movers rigorously. Hence, these men were amazing at their jobs. All my valuables arrived at my new house completely intact. They charged rightfully and I truly enjoyed their service.

November 6, 2017

So a week ago this day, I was relocating from my old two bedroom apartment to me and my husband’s new penthouse and Advanced relocation as our moving companion they worked very hard. Their estimate was quite reasonable and at the end it was on point. On the day of the move they moved very quickly and were careful with my belongings. I’m glad I hired Advanced relocation. They are a definite 5 star group and I would recommend them without a doubt.

October 26, 2017

Advanced relocation doesn’t have movers who show up in pressed uniforms. They really don’t need it! It’s a messy job and if your movers show up in clean clothes, there has to be something wrong. Dressed in worn out clothes, they not only helped me gently move my priceless possessions being my favorite pieces of furniture, but they also helped me align my new apartment with my furniture exactly to my heart’s desire. I was impressed with their professionalism, promptness and care they provided. The price they charged was very reasonable according to me. I would hire this company again in a heartbeat.

October 16, 2017

To be frank, I had no idea about how Advanced relocation was as a moving company when I hired them. Their quote seemed very reasonable to me and it also made me worried about their skills. Because in most cases, companies who quote you low are really incompetent. Fortunately, these men were far from incompetency! They arrived right on time. They packed up everything and loaded them onto their vans really fast. I had to do nothing except for giving them an inventory. They managed to deliver everything I own without a single dent on them. I applaud these men for their flawless performance.

October 5, 2017

I was really impressed by how professionally Advanced relocation handled each and every aspect of my move. It was so easy getting a quote from them. The customer service was prompt and the quote was very reasonable. The movers showed up right on time and they were absolutely great. They worked very systematically and the loading process was finished very quickly. They helped out in any way they can with our part of the packing. The delivery was made two days later right on due time. I was glad to see how well my valuables had travelled. If they continue being these professional, they will go a very long way!

September 24, 2017

My biggest issue with moving companies is that they employ such amateurs. We hire them because we believe they can do the job properly, not so they can rip us off. Thank god for companies like Advanced relocation which refuses to be like other inefficient idiots! Their movers showed up on time to move my belongings. They packed everything carefully and paid extra attention to my breakables. These four men had years of experience and it really showed. They finished the job in just 2 hours. Within a few hours I was moved to my new home. If this wasn’t the easiest move, I don’t know which is!

September 17, 2017

The news of my new job traveled fast and one of my good friends promptly referred me to Advanced relocation. She was very impressed with these guys but I wasn’t so sure. I’m really glad I listened to my friend and gave them a shot. This company knows how to do the job properly. They maintained their timings and the crew was just too skilled. They use a lot of packing materials. But most of it was free so nothing to worry about there. They delivered on time and guess what? My valuables were all safely delivered. I’m still waiting on my friend to ask me about my job but I’m glad she recommended this company.

September 5, 2017

My move wasn’t complicated at all. I was moving within the state, I had a small amount of valuables that needed to be transported and my budget was flexible. However, I just wanted a reliable moving company for the job so I can keep the move straight forward. A friend suggested Advanced relocation who are experts at any kind of moving. I was quite happy after talking to their manager, who assured me that they would take very good of me. And they really did! Their men were very polite and professional. The entire packing and loading process took a very little amount of time and I was really happy about that. They made the delivery on time. I think they made my move even simpler than I anticipated.

August 24, 2017

At first I was a little skeptical of hiring a moving company to help me with my move. I had been hearing so much about the horror stories with moving companies that would quote you low prices but once they arrived, the prices would jump and triple in the amount. For that very reason I wanted to be sure to do my research and choose wisely about which company would move my household items. I need to tell everyone is that Advanced relocation is totally different. They do care and they keep their promises. At the end, I got a damage free move, no extra fees, no hidden fees and the best customer service ever!

August 15, 2017

I was very pleased at my decision with Advanced relocation. They were kind, helpful and made my move a very easy and pleasant one. The price they charged was very good and below many others that I checked on. I was very happy with them. No damages and no hidden fees which was the best part! Great Company! I will use them again and they are highly recommended!

August 4, 2017

I have read many reviews of satisfied customers of Advanced relocation and their services give me the confidence to tell you that they all seem very correct and true and I would just be leaving one more review to inform you of this great work. The packing, transportation and quality of the material used are just excellent and it can be simply just being rated as top class in every aspect. So if you are looking to move and end up reading my review please only choose the services of this amazing moving company.

July 26, 2017

The service from pre-move to post move was outstanding. Everyone was courteous, informative, and kind. The moving crew was amazing. Everything got to our new home without damage and on time. The crew actually seemed to enjoy their job, making it much easier for me and my wife. They were respectful, hard workers, and very considerate. Plus, they have killer rates, far better than anyone else! I would definitely recommend Advanced relocation and this crew I used. Overall, a great experience!

July 15, 2017

The entire panic and anxiety I had before the moving disappeared when the moving team came to my home. They were professional and finished the task very quickly. The charge was neither high nor I got extra charges in the ends. There weren’t even any damages! Advanced relocation is very professional and I think they are doing a fantastic job. They are highly recommended!

July 4, 2017

Advanced relocation definitely deserves 5 stars. They made the entire move a pleasure for us. Very skilled and dependable crew with great sense of humor! They easily rescheduled the move though I changed it couple of times. They were always on time. All their crews were super friendly and quite easy to communicate. They were very careful from the starting up to the delivery! I love their high level of concentration to their client.

June 24, 2017

They did everything perfectly and according to my needs when they were doing a long distance move for me. I loved that they were dedicated and organized during the whole moving. They are affordable and professional. There were no damages at all. And I am grateful that they handled my electronics with such good care. Overall a smooth move. Advanced relocation is highly recommended!

June 13, 2017

Advanced relocation recently helped my family and I move across country. We were so happy with their service. We were scared about our belongings being damaged during the process but they made sure everything was delivered damage free. They carry out their work in such a professional manner that it removes all worries. They are well trained and experienced. The team was also very polite and patient in their mannerisms. Highly recommended for everyone!

June 4, 2017

Advanced relocation was very friendly from the start. Very nice and professional! The moving team was fantastic as well! Their manager kept in contact with me throughout the whole entire move. Nothing was damaged but I believe it was because they wrapped everything up so well!! The best part was that they did exactly what they said they would do. They delivered everything as promised! Highly recommended.

May 26, 2017

I can’t believe that this move turned out so smooth and easy. Who knew it could be this easy if you have the right moving company. They simply took care of everything for me. They took care of the packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, setting up the electronics, lamps and everything else! I didn’t know I would get this level of dedication and attention. They gave attention to every detail. I am very impressed by Advanced relocation!

May 16, 2017

We just used Advanced relocation for our long distance move. The foreman and his team were awesome. They showed up on time and they never stopped working. They were polite and friendly and very knowledgeable. Not a single thing was broken or damaged and they were able to get a very large couch up a very narrow staircase. The move was finished earlier than expected and without a single error. I would highly recommend this mover and would happily use them again.

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May 8, 2017

This is the worst moving company ever. It started by them overcharging me 4 times the amount of the quote on the day of the move, with the mover, Carlos, constantly asking me if i had to take everything because it would cost more — even telling me that moving my couch would cost $1900. Then this same Carlos asking me to write a check for a tip!!
The worst part now is that after receiving my items there a many that are damaged beyond repair. Stained glass lamps smashed, pottery broken, a curtain rod bent, a plastic salad spinner cracked, clothes jumbled in the box because they bent the metal rod holding them, a box of Christmas ornaments in a state that could only have happened by throwing the box, and this is what I have discovered by opening only a few of the boxes I had packed. Boxes marked “fragile” or “very fragile” were crushed and smashed. And my calls to the company go unanswered and I am only being contacted by a secretary. DO NOT HIRE THESE PEOPLE!

May 5, 2017

When you have so little time and have to do hell lot of things, which is when everything starts to collapse. I was going through a very bad time and had so many things to do at hand. I didn’t have the time to do the packing or moving by myself. That is when I hired Advanced relocation for assistance. Honestly, I couldn’t even see them work. All I know is in the end, my belongings were in good shape, no damages, no hidden fees and nothing was missing. So yeah, they are really good movers.

April 25, 2017

I hardly could see any other moving company competing this one in the market. There is more than one reason why this company takes the lead from the rest of the ordinary lot. And one of those reasons is the extraordinarily high quality wrapped in the shell of extremely low price. I am into the business of book selling from the last 20 years and I have used more than 11 moving companies to deliver books to different states. And in the light of my experience, I can safely state here that none has offered better services than Advanced relocation. They take care of the timely delivery of the books, they give free and accurate estimates right away, they have free online and offline consultation service and above all, they have a multiple modes of payments acceptable at their end. So, for me, it is just the ideal company to have!

April 19, 2017

My dad told me to plan my move with efficient and professional movers. So I went with Advanced relocation. I know moving is very stressful and expensive experience but these guys made my experience trouble free. They were very professional and moved everything well. Every aspect of her moving was top notch. I was in hurry because I got a new job. And these movers saved my time.

  • Member Since: April 8, 2017

April 8, 2017

Advanced relocation quoted really low, in fact theirs was the lowest among the hundreds of moving companies. The entire process was seamless and stress free. They were on time and packed up everything quickly. My household items were delivered in the time. And my goods came in perfect condition. They worked hard with great attitude.

April 4, 2017

My family and I went 1000 miles north of where I used to live. I hired Advanced relocation for my move. They told me how they operated, broke it down to me exactly how it would go, and it went exactly how they said it would. They were very personable and comfortable. They did a great job getting us from one place to the other, and making sure everything was there before the snow came. The move was fast, easy, simple, and wasn’t stressful as normal moves are. So I’m probably going to use them again.

March 25, 2017

I was looking for a certified moving company. None of the companies was good enough to move my furniture in safe conditions. Jack, my friend told me to hire Advanced relocation. He found them extreme professional. I hired them and was really surprised at how polite they were on the phone. They were truly professional. All of my belongings were inventoried and I was provided documentation to verify before I went forward. They took care of everything including packing up my boxes and furniture, making all a breeze.

March 22, 2017

Our scheduled moving company wanted to move our pickup date to 8 days later than reserved. We had to be out of our home in 2 days. Needless to say we were in a state of panic when Advanced relocation called us and rescued us. Nothing was damaged or lost. Their movers were kind and accommodating in providing our move estimate and patiently worked with us. All of them have been very honest and helpful throughout the move. I am forever grateful to this company.

March 9, 2017

Frankly speaking, after the conversation with the sales representative of Advanced relocation, I was sure that I am going to hire them. He quoted me very low. The moving team he sends me was amazing. Movers were very professional and efficient. They handled my move very smoothly. The movers were honest. None of my belongings were missing and nothing was broken. You have to hire them to understand how efficient they are!

March 6, 2017

When it was time for me to move just a few months ago- I researched, researched and then researched more. I talked to many companies. But there was something about the woman on the phone for Advanced relocation that I decided to hire them. They were absolutely awesome! They packed with military precisions. They were out of my house before anyone even knew that I was moving out. I am so very grateful to them for delivering on time and saving the trouble of having to beg them to give me my things back. There are so many inefficient moving companies and I got the best one!

February 22, 2017

This is just a note to say thank you to Advanced relocation for all the help they provided in arranging the shipment. Everyone there was brilliant, very patient and understanding. The guys who helped me with the boxes were really great to work with and very friendly and calm. Nothing seemed too much trouble. I was impressed with the way they responded to my late request to send some boxes to my son. They arrived safely before they had even sent me the invoice! Needless to say, I will be recommending Advanced relocation to all my friends.

February 17, 2017

I would just like to say a big thank to Advanced relocation which moved us 2 weeks ago. The three young men that were sent are a credit to your company. They did everything we asked of them and they made our move a really good experience. So much so the delivery chap said he’s never seen such a high quality of crate work and I thought that was really saying something. You surpassed all my expectations and I am absolutely delighted. Well done and thanks again for all your hard work. I can’t wait to recommend them among my people.

February 8, 2017

Everyone we had contact with from the customer service guy to the office staff to the movers were pleasant and professional. Advanced relocation gave us a service that made a statement. They were punctual, fast and very organized. We hope to never to have to move again, but if we do, it will be with them. We just couldn’t be happier with the whole experience.

February 3, 2017

I had to call my friend who relocates frequently for help as I clearly knew nothing about moving companies. He suggested that we go with Advanced relocation which has a very good reputation in the market. He saved us a lot of trouble. The men sent from the company were absolute amazing. They didn’t quote very low, neither too expensive. They arrived on time; their packing skills could be compared to any top-end movers. The movers made this move as stress-free as it could ever be. We are very grateful to them.

January 25, 2017

Thanks lot to Advanced relocation and the great staff. I was overwhelmed trying to organize my parents move and the sales rep John and Jenny provided were invaluable. The crew packed up my parent’s whole life with care as if they were moving their own parents. I really appreciate the attention to detail as well and they were overall very pleasant to work with.

January 23, 2017

That was my third time I used advanced relocation for a move to my new home. I just wanted to give them big thanks for their teamwork. They worked very hard for moving my belongings. They were spot on time. It was quite surprising that they were so much expert and professional with packing and unpacking. They’ve dealt with the heavy pieces perfectly. I will strongly recommend their services to our friends.

January 10, 2017

I had an incredible experience with Advanced relocation. They are too good to be true. I did not know moving can be done so easily. They came, they wrapped, they packed, they loaded and they were gone. They arrived at my new home on the given date and helped here too. Nothing was missing! No mistakes! No damages! Unbelievable right?? But yes it is true! Hire this company and you will know.

January 6, 2017

My husband was out of the country and I badly needed to move. I gave calls to many companies and Advanced relocation was the first one to approach. They sales rep knew how to convince me easily. And he also explained all the small details and sent a guy over to check the inventory. Though we did not have many things but they are precious to me. They managed to do the move completely flawlessly. I got what I needed.

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August 11, 2016

The entire team arrived promptly at 8 am. Once they got there, they quickly packed up my place & moved everything out & onto their truck. They came in with all of the necessary equipment needed & there were no delays at all. There were 5 guys total (which i would recommend if you are moving an entire house). To top it off, they even packed up my fine china! Full move time was 5 hours, from house to house & there was a LOT of stuff. I would definitely use Advanced Relocation again!!!!!!!!

August 11, 2016

Perfect movers! These guys are real pros. Taylorl sent me a contract and explained the process to me ahead of the move and answered all of my questions. On the day of the move the movers were right on time, came prepared, disassembled my bed put my mattress in a plastic bag and loaded up very quickly. They put my bed together back the way it was at the delivery and were extremely nice throughout the process. Will definitely be recommending these guys to anyone who needs to move.

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