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1st Choice Moving and Storage Inc want to welcome you to our site and to our family. We are one of the top moving companies in the United States ready to give you the best service. We take pride in giving you exceptional service in making your move easy.

1st Choice Moving and Storage Inc guaranteeing that all customers will be serviced honestly and professionally, no matter how small or large the move may be.

We offer a “BINDING-NOT-TO-EXCEED” the estimate contract that covers all expenses up front. There are no hidden charges. All of the fuel surcharges, taxes and tolls are included. This is the best way for the customer to know exactly what your total moving costs are and offers you the comfort of knowing everything up front.

You will have a moving professional who walks you through the complete process from start to finish. We are your single point of contact and you will not be shuffled around from person to person like at most companies. By having a single representative assisting you, it stops the miscommunications that can arise in an already stressful time. We will know all the details of your unique move and you can be reassured that we will handle all aspects of your move with great care.

We are not a broker, but an actual carrier with a DOT number and a fleet of trucks. Most moving companies are brokers, bidding out your moving to the lowest paid carriers that may not have your best interest at heart. We will be here with you from beginning to end.

Our moving specialists are trained professionals with many years of experience. We have the experience of knowing the industry inside and out. We have experienced all problems that can arise during a move and know what works and what can be done in an emergency. That is the type of company you should expect, nothing but efficient professionals coordinating your move.

We can move your household to any destination in the continental United States with the dependability you deserve! So even if you don’t use our services, we will still educate you in what to expect from a reputable moving company.

September 21, 2018

1st choice moving and storage inc helped me move last month and it was a very easy move. They quoted me reasonably and promised to send capable movers. The movers arrived on time and were carrying the right tools. They were very efficient. They packed all my belongings with great care and precision. They loaded my furniture into the van with caution. The delivery was made on time and I couldn’t find anything to fault with.

September 20, 2018

We hired 1st choice moving and storage inc to move our belongings because when we asked around most people advised us to hire them. They were simply brilliant. The crew was very well trained and they knew exactly how to pack breakables and other valuable things. The men worked tirelessly packing up every object we own. They were done with the packing and loading really quickly. I was quite satisfied with their efficiency. They made the delivery on time and none of our stuffs were broken or damaged and no boxes went missing. I really tried to find flaws in this move but if there is perfection this is it! I hope y’all hire them and enjoy truly professional services.

September 19, 2018

The movers from 1st choice moving and storage were quite honestly the kind that you only dream of while moving. Most movers turn out to be quite the opposite. But these guys were simply brilliant handling my move. Everything about them, starting from the quote to the last delivery, was perfect. The men they sent were all very efficient and keen to work. They showed a lot of creativity while packing my breakables. There wasn’t even one scratch on my things when they made the delivery. I really couldn’t have asked for a better set of movers.

  • Member Since: September 19, 2018

September 19, 2018

I didn’t want to spend money on a moving company. I didn’t even want to hire a moving company for my last move. But my friends kept telling me that I could never move such a long distance on my own. So I hired 1st choice moving & storage and held my breath. When I called them, like every other moving company, they promised to take very good care of me. But unlike other moving companies, they actually did take very good care of me. The movers were prompt, efficient and friendly. The customer care kept in touch with me and didn’t get bothered when I kept calling them. I was so glad when they timely delivered all my valuables in excellent condition. Maybe I need to have a little more faith in people. These people were certainly not out to get me!

September 16, 2018

Relocation is always unpredictable and the moving companies don’t really help. But I had to change my mind after hiring 1st choice moving and storage inc for my last move. This company is just so good. They did everything right. They showed up on time, boxed everything properly and delivered on time. The movers were all such strong men. It is a hard job but they carried everything with strength and enthusiasm. Their energy was great to see. The final bill came slightly over the quote but the initial estimate was very low. I would gladly recommend these guys.

  • Member Since: September 16, 2018

September 15, 2018

I highly recommend 1st choice moving, especially for those movers who helped during my move. I must say they did an incredible job handling my long distance move. They arrived on time, packed everything, wrapped my furniture and loaded into their vans. The delivery was on time as well. After the delivery they unloaded everything unpacked my stuffs and rearranged my furniture. They worked very fast and they were highly experienced. Hiring them really paid off for me.

September 15, 2018

If you are planning for a move and looking for professional movers- 1st choice moving is the best choice. They estimated me a very reasonable price and provided me an excellent customer service. They arrived early on the moving day which was the first sign of their amazingness. Packing, wrapping, loading- everything was done properly and the whole thing took a small amount of time. They made the delivery on time. At the end of the day my wife and I both were able to take some rest. They saved our time. We are grateful to them.

September 14, 2018

Due to the price, I went with 1st choice moving & storage inc when we had to move at our new apartment. I had a wonderful experience with the people that handled my move. Although there was a little pressure to hurry up and put the down payment on it but the movers were patient and always followed up. In fact the whole team was extremely professional. I have an item lost and they worked with me until it was resolved. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

September 12, 2018

This last move was stressing us out like crazy. We were first time movers so the dread was well expected! I hired 1st choice moving and storage incto handle the move. They were so amazing that I had to admit that this relocation was just too easy. They arrived on time and wasted no time while working. They worked like machines packing everything and then loading them on to the van. The space in the van was properly utilized. The delivery was made on the scheduled day with all our stuffs intact. I wasn’t expecting such efficiency from these guys. We are so happy with the way these guys handled our entire move.

September 11, 2018

Most moving companies are out to make profits by whatever means. Fortunately, I can’t put 1st choice moving & storage in that category. I can say that because they handled my relocation without any issues whatsoever and in the end all my valuables survived the journey without even a single scratch on them. They quoted very reasonably and the customer service was very helpful. The movers were fantastic. They maintained the timings and worked very efficiently. I’m sure there are many moving companies who do the job well but they are mostly super expensive. These guys are meant for people like us who care about every penny earned.

September 10, 2018

I can’t even begin to tell you how worried I was before this move. Thankfully, I had 1st choice moving and storage inc made it all so easy for me. Since the moment I first called them, they seemed friendly and extremely reliable. I wasn’t disappointed by the movers either. They showed up right on schedule. They packed up everything quickly and loaded all my belongings to the van. The delivery was made 2 days later as promised with no damaged made to my valuables. The movers unpacked and helped me assemble my new furniture. This company is the real deal!

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September 10, 2018

All the movers I hired in the past turned out to be complete unreliable. They made my hunch come true by doing sloppy jobs. But finally I found 1stchoice moving and storage inc. They performed just amazingly during my last move. Their quote was spot on, the movers were very capable and everything was very systematic. The best part about this move was the fact that none of my belongings was broken or damaged at the end of the move. These guys charged me very fairly at the end. Most of the packing materials they used were free. Their manager has repeatedly called me to check on the progress. He promised he’d take care of my things and he did.

September 9, 2018

1st choice moving & storage handled out last move, which included way too many fragile and valuable things, very diligently. The overall service was perfect and the move went without any problem or issues. Part of my agreement with them was that they would pack everything at my old house and then unpack again while making the delivery. Their full service was actually commendable. I didn’t have to do anything. All my items arrived to my new house in excellent shape and nothing was broken. The cost was reasonable and they didn’t overcharge me- which I’m very thankful for given how crunched I was for cash. It was a stress free move and I owe it all to these fabulous guys.

September 8, 2018

1st choice moving and storage was fantastic from start to finish. They were very careful with every piece of furniture as well as respectful. It was an exhausting move and day which continued well after midnight. The movers never complained or acted tired even though they must have been exhausted! They always asked before doing anything extra and let us know how much any additional packing or supplies would cost. Ultimately, this move turned out to be quite cheap for the amount of work that went into it. I’m more than happy with their services.

September 8, 2018

Moving companies are everywhere- from the shady ones on craigslist to the fancy ones with celebrity commercials. For me, I can only trust strangers with my valuables if they have sufficient experience. My family is full of people working all over America and I consulted them. Most agreed that1st choice moving and storage inc is the company to go to. When I talked to them, they seemed very professional and thorough. The men who came with their vans to my previous house were all very skilled. They took inventory of everything so efficiently and started to pack them and load them to their vans. Only experience could have given these men such skills. And skills result into efficiency. I am thoroughly satisfied with their services.

  • Member Since: September 7, 2018

September 7, 2018

1st choice moving and storage inc is the one we will hire again! We will hire them again because they did an amazing job with our long distance move last month. They moved us cross country and they did not damage a single thing! I couldn’t even find a scratch! They were efficient, caring, professional and very hardworking. They treated us with respect and valued all our belongings. Our move was great! We will use them again and we want everyone to do the same. This moving company is a gem! You should give them a try!

September 7, 2018

This is the first time in my life that I have been moved without any problems! Seriously I do not have a single complaint! This moving company is just amazing! They move you very quickly and smoothly, they move you without any damages or stress, and they move you without any extra fees or hidden fees! They are just amazing! I hired them last month and my move was too good to be true! No problems at all! This is the moving company I will use over and over again! 1st choice moving and storage inc is highly recommended!

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