How To Get An Accurate Estimate?

How To Get An Accurate Estimate?

Accuracy of estimates are based in large part upon the accuracy of the information the consumer provides the estimator. Whether an estimate is given after an in-home visual inspection of the property or over the phone based upon a consumer’s list of items to be moved – the accuracy depends on the information provided.

To help get an accurate estimate consumers need to fully inform the company of all items that will be moved and the specific services needed. You should always get three written estimates to compare and check a mover’s license and references. If you are going to use a professional moving company always make certain to hire a company that is properly licensed and insured. Consider the following list of tips to help ensure the accuracy of an estimate:

✓ Inform the estimator of all items being moved. Don’t forget to list the items stored in an attic, storage unit, or garage.

✓ Describe in detail the physical location of the pick-up and delivery locations and inform the estimator if there will be stairs, excessively long walkways, or roadways inaccessible by a tractor trailer truck.

✓ Inform the estimator if you have any unusually large or bulky items being transported such as oversized pool tables, backyard playground sets, and/or large gym equipment.

✓ Let the estimator know if you need any special packing or wooden crating services of special items such as an antique vase or other large fragile items.

✓ Between the time you receive your initial estimate and the day of the move keep in contact with the estimator and provide updates if you decide to move additional items, change the services ordered, or need the movers to pack your property. Informing the estimator of changes or updates to your move before the day of the pick-up will the let you see an updated estimate so you can avoid surprise price increases.

✓ Let the estimator know if you need to order expedited or guaranteed delivery service or if you want the less expensive standard non-guaranteed ground transport service.

Moving is a difficult, unpleasant, and expensive process. Consumers can save money and help reduce stress by selecting the right type of service for their move and having realistic expectations of what is and is not included in the price of the moving service. Make certain to carefully review the details of the moving estimate and contract.

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