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Golden Valley Van Lines

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21900 Burbank Blvd #300 Woodland Hills CA 91367

Reviewed on February 7, 2017. #1 of 31 Reviews

We looked up moving companies for a month, got all the info we needed, and then decided on Golden Valley. Started out great. They store your belongings for a month (which is included in the price). It was a little more pricey, but for the storage, very worth it.

Called the agent, got a quote. Quote was within our price range, so we decided to go with them. When we tried to get back in touch with them we called and called and took over a week to get a response. This should have been my first red flag. Finally, everything was set and we had our pickup day. On scheduling our pickup day my wife expressed concern that the two day range she was given wouldn’t work because if the van showed up on the second day it would put her behind schedule. The man assured her that the second day was only there as a precaution and it would likely be the first day. When the van came to pick up our belongings, they showed up on the 2nd day which was an inconvenience because my wife was driving 26 hours across the country and because of they delay had to drive straight through so she would not miss her first day of work. When this was explained, no one seemed to care. Why not be honest up front and say the two day window is what it is rather than try to sugar coat it and say its only precautionary?

Based upon reviews of companies we had read we knew one thing specifically we wanted to look for in a company was one who did not outsource their drivers and trucks for the moves across country. When speaking to the original agent this was one question we were sure to ask and we were again assured they handled our belongings from start to finish. During the packing process one of the movers mentioned to my wife that they always were careful in how they padded and wrapped everything since they didn’t know who would be handling our stuff once it left their facilities. My wife inquired about this and she was told that they contract out their long distance drives. Again, full disclosure would have been nice.

Once everything was loaded in the truck all of a sudden the price jumped by $1600 over our original quote. Mind you, the quote that the agent had given me had added boxes (30 extra medium, 10 extra large, and we told them we had LARGE furniture) just to give some extra padding just in case we misjudged the size of our furniture, or the program they used misjudged the size of the furniture. The original agent also assured my wife he aired on the side of caution and that the cubic foot estimate he was providing should be over what we actually had. Even with those 30 extra boxes and the “padded estimate”, price jumped big time. When my wife asked about the jump in price, she was now told that because we added items the price would jump. We added a medium size dog crate and subtracted 30 medium sized boxes. You cannot tell me that 30 boxes does not well exceed the size of a dog crate. My wife tried just getting rid of the dog crate all together and then she found out the “truth”. Based upon the markings in the truck our belongs supposedly added up to be 300 cubic feet over our original quote. Granted, we did not expect the quote to be perfect and we expected to have some increase based upon what we had read but we truly believed we were careful with our inventory and realistic with our agent on the size of our items. From the beginning all we asked was for a realistic expectation of how much we would be paying so we could budget accordingly, however, that doesn’t seem to be their style. My wife was stuck because our stuff was loaded in their truck and she need to get on the road in order to have any hope of making it to her new job on time. So we had to go with them, even though she was extremely upset, and the driver saw this. The driver said he could get by with removing 100 cubic foot since it was borderline but his boss would be very upset. He did this to be nice and my wife was very appreciative, however, I find it to be a sketchy practice that he had that sort of flexibility, there shouldn’t be any “borderline” anything we should be paying for our exact cubic foot of storage. This should be a RED FLAG to all military personnel because my wife was there alone with the driver because I was across the country already. Price gouged her when she had no other options – not a great business practice, and frankly I feel like they took advantage of my wife.

So it was in storage, I called to get it delivered to my house and the woman I spoke to got it all taken care of. Said it would be on the road by a certain day, and I am assuming it was – there was a mix up on their part on who the driver was and when he would be coming. We cannot take off of work and come home whenever they come calling – I told them we needed more of a notice (36-48 hours), and that request went with no response for 2 days until I called again to get the drivers phone number.
So the wrong driver contacted me saying he would be here in a week – which made no sense because that would be a 10 day trip – no big deal, there was a miscommunication. The correct driver called saying he would be there the next day – again, they had 2 days to get me this info, and failed to do so. We called and spoke to the customer service rep and she started off by being very unpleasant and gave my wife an attitude for asking a simple question… “Who has our stuff?” All we wanted to know was which driver was the correct one – we did not feel like dealing with a scammer that somehow got our info, so we were just being safe and she changed her attitude once we told her why we were calling. Once we figured out that the correct driver was bringing our stuff, he gave us a window on when he would be here, and he was there within the window – everything was unloaded very quickly and he took decent (it’s a stretch on the decent part) care of the furniture when unloading it from the truck. The other woman that I spoke to in the customer service is very helpful and nice. She was the saving grace of our many phone calls to the company.

So the stuff gets delivered, the driver decides to give me attitude as well – again, another unpleasant person we have the pleasure of trusting our personal belongings with (he was upset because his helper was not there yet, and I guess the customer is the perfect person to take it out on?). His helper told me he replied to an add on craigslist, and that is how he got the quick job. Now I am trusting my stuff to not only a not-so-careful driver, but a complete stranger who now knows what stuff I have and where I live (and surprisingly he was great!).

The driver had to write down a description of all of the furniture, boxes, etc. We saw “SC” written on EVERYTHING. I was curious what it was, so I read the fine print – the driver marked every single thing that went onto the truck as previously scratched. There were a few things that had scratches, yes, but everything? There is no way that all of my stuff had scratches all over it to the point where he wrote down that they were all scratched (especially the TV’s that I had boxed up and they could not see – hmmm).

We were extremely flexible with this company and have gotten no to little cooperation in return (but plenty of unpleasantness). Once it was all delivered, only a lamp was broken. No big deal, it wasn’t expensive, I will live. I have read the other reviews about people having missing / damaged furniture after their move, and it is not worth my time to get the money back from them. It is unfortunate, but it happens to all companies, I cannot be upset about that. They also do a great job at trying to defend their company and call their customers liars on the reviews… so I am assuming they will do the same to this one.

So, if you would like a company that will price gouge you (when you have no other viable options because it is on moving day), not return any phone calls, take advantage of your wife (military personnel pay attention to that one), give you an attitude from all angles, and give you a shady / uneasy feeling every step of the way, here is your company! I would NEVER recmend them to anyone due to the horrible experience we had and from what I am reading, many others have had as well.

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