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3200 Oakcliff Industrial St, Doraville, GA 30340

Reviewed on December 5, 2018. #1 of 71 Reviews

I can’t believe the move went so well honestly. I was extremely skeptical and have heard nothing but horrific stories about moving scams. It took forever for me to choose Maya van lines but that’s my fault and nothing they did wrong. I must have spoken to 15 moving companies and was so confused. When I spoke to these guys the third time my representative walked through everything in writing line by line. They showed me all their credentials online and took me to some testimonials. I must say that I was still not extremely sure because their price was higher than most other quotes I’ve received and more than I wanted to spend. Eventually I was like okay, all in all they made me feel the most comfortable and I liked what they had to offer. Needless to say the service was absolutely amazing. They didn’t charge me anymore money, they wrapped everything with care, and they were very professional. Thank you so much guys for being patient with me. I am so grateful that I have chosen you guys.

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