Sharonliza's Reviews

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY ! Another lady has not received her items after 2 months and they don’t contact her or they want her to rent a truck to pick up her stuff that she paid them to do. I was quoted one price and when the movers came they charged me an additional $800!!! They said we had bulk items and nothing could go on top of the exercise bike. We were allowed to take a fridge, China cabinet, comer cabinet, 8 large boxes, 6 medium boxes, 6 large suitcases and an exercise bike. We only took 10 boxes and everything else. So They charged us an extra 100 cubic feet They totalled $800. We called the customer service, whom never answered our calls. We called Tim, the one that did the reservations and he doesn’t answer. The movers got a hold of the dispatcher who is conveniently the general manager as well. She told us we would lose our deposit if we cancelled. I flew from okc to marna, ca so I didn’t have time to look and surely didn’t want to lose my deposit. When I finally got a hold of Tim he said I should of talked to him first. Well We tries and he didn’t answer. They are scam artist. Christine the general manager is rude. She’s argumentative and blames you for everything.. you’ve been warned….dont had them. I’ve emailed them twice, posted on their Facebook page and filed a complaint with the BBB and still nothibg. Go look on their Facebook page. Everyone that gave them a 5 star rating are fake profiles and I went to check today and now they’re all gone but that’s ok…i took screen shots of it. Another lady is going to small claims court. I’ll say it again they are scam and they will cheat you out your money, they will never call you back and they have no customer service skills. They don’t deserve the 1 star

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