Salvador H's Reviews

I used First nation moving system twice already, and they are the best moving company I’ve used in my past 10 years in USA as a forever-renter.
(1) Punctual: For twice in a row, they came 10 minutes early.
(2) Detailed Breakdown: You can see exactly what they are charging you for, how much, etc. Every line item that adds to your bill is broken down. They are honest.
(3) Hardworking employees: The movers are always on the move, works hard, and don’t waste time.
(4) Competitive Pricing: I called 10 different moving companies and found them competitive. I just went with these guys again because I know I can trust them.
(5) Truck: Truck is clean (I checked), spacious, they don’t bring a tiny toy van. It’s also just your stuff, not mixed in with other people’s things.
It makes my day easier, which is what everyone needs when you’re moving. It’s crazy enough that I don’t need extra headache. I’ll use these guys again.

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