sa4lyons's Reviews

Terrible! I have never had such a bad experience! The customer service people tell you one thing and the foreman tells you something totally different! They showed up at my house at 3:00 pm to pack and load. At midnight the foreman tells me that I owe another $2500! I told them to stop loading, I didn’t want to pay anymore since the CS person told me there would be no additional charges. After they cleaned up, he told me I still owed another $500 and this was at 1:00 in the morning! It took them ten days to deliver even though the CS person told me it would be the next day or two. When they finally showed up, the foreman stripped his pants off in my driveway bare naked to change. They unloaded quickly but wanted me to sign that everything was there before they even began. Once they were finished unloading I ask where my mattress was. We had to unlock the truck and force them to give me my mattress. They started to leave but I asked them to reassemble the beds, as that is part of the contract. They only did part of one bed and then they snuck out without finishing the job! They left a pile of garbage in my driveway waist high. Never use this company. They are who give movers a bad name!

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