Owen Mcgee's Reviews

Wish I could give these guys more than 5 stars! The entire reservation process was a breeze. Everything from the quote to the reservation was done via email so there was no possibility of miscommunication. I received a fixed quote that was guaranteed no matter how long the move took, and it was hundreds of dollars cheaper than their competitors. Unfortunately the only time slot available on my moving day was in the afternoon (between 3:30-4:30), but it was my fault for waiting so long to book. However, on the day of my move, the crew leader gave me a call and asked if I wanted to start my move early–of course I said yes. Two amazing movers helped move me, (a pack rat with a lot of stuff), door to door, in just a few hours flat including drive time to another state. That included a bed, futon, wardrobe boxes, and numerous smaller boxes. They also helped me move an old box spring, large dresser, and humongous cat tree downstairs to the garbage as well. I simply have no idea how these guys are so efficient. Thank you The Moving DR for saving me time and money and helping make the moving process suck a little less! I highly recommend them!

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