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Golden Valley Van Lines moved us from Colorado Springs CO to Apple Valley CA in January 2016. The people loading the truck were very efficient, loaded and numbered all of our boxes. Upon arrival we began noticing some things were missing, but we had to pay the company first before they would start unloading. When they finished unloading a number of boxes were missing and we pointed this out, but the driver and unloaders paid no attention. After totaling up our losses which came to $887.00 we contacted the company and they seemed very cooperative and assured us they would locate our missing boxes. At this point we were told to contact CSI pros and they would need 120 days to locate our boxes. After 120 days we contacted this company and they said they would need an additional 30 days. After the 30 days we contacted the company again and now we discover our losses are being declined and if we want to carry the matter further we would have to prove our losses. This is an impossible request when our losses are gone we have no evidence of what was lost. So, at this point we must accept the fact that we have lost our belongings some of which are irreplaceable. So, let us put out an extreme warning to all people who are planning a move. DO NOT USE Golden Valley Van Lines to move your precious belongings. It says a rating is required we will give it one star only because there is no way to rate it any lower, but it should be much lower than one star.
Leo Janzen and Joyce Feldman

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