Jorge Barton's Reviews

We made our move on a very sunny day. For that reason, we thought that we were going to lose some of our stuff to the heat of the sun. But I was pleasantly surprised about the way the guys from All state movers rendered their services even on the intense of the heat from the sun. Therefore at the end of the day, nothing was damaged by the heat of the sun or broken. We are therefore forever grateful to you guys for your service. Due to the lazy movers I hired in the past, I was ready to offer myself selflessly and work in my last move. Surprisingly this didn’t happen. I was able to enjoy rest and peace when the guys sent from All state movers displayed their diligence in offering their services. For that reason, I did not even raise a pin until they completed the entire work and we comfortably settled in our new location. Thank you guys for the stress free move.

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