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Rodeway Relocation

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2151 W Hillsboro Blvd Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

Reviewed on October 6, 2019. #1 of 2 Reviews

BE WARNED! Rodeway deserves to have a bad review written for them for each and every day they highjacked our items. 4 MONTHS.

I hired Rodeway to move our household from Pompano Beach, FL to DC. I signed a contract, they took my money, only for me to never hear from them again. This went on for days, and then weeks, and then months. They picked up our items in Just ne 2019. It’s now October 2019. I am still fighting.

I called them constantly. Sending emails. Dozens of unanswered voice messages. If I did get ahold of someone, aka, “Sam,” he would SCREAM and hang up on me.

Finally in August, I get an email from, Sam (which is not his real name) stating that Rodeway is no longer qualified to do interstate moves and that they would not be delivering my items. The letter said my items were left in a storage unit HUNDREDS of miles away. My mother (who is sick, disabled, and went without her wheelchair and medical equipment for months on end because of Rodeway) contacted the storage company. They had no record of Rodeway, Sam, or our names.

The investigation continued. I filed many complaints with the Florida Attorney Generals Office, the FL Police, the FMCSA, BBB, and Florida Consumer Fraud.

Finally, FOUR months later following pick up, we tracked down where we “thought” our items were. They were in a storage unit in New Jersey, under the name of a man who does not live in the United States. Over $1,400 was owed on the unit. They never paid for the unit, and it was opened a month before I ever hired this company.

Everything we own, baby albums, furniture, artwork, (memories!!!) were going to be sent to auction.

So, I was forced to pay for the months of back due rent on the storage unit. I was forced to re-hire movers. I was forced to take valuable time off of work to fight. And here I am, still not done! The anxiety and heartbreak has been devastating, on my entire family.

Yet, SAM, aka, Rodeway, walked away completely unscathed. No morals. No ethics. And ZERO repercussions. He got my money, and that’s all he wanted.

So far, our jewelry chest and jewelry is missing. Artwork smashed, or at least, the ones that are left. Fragile boxes were flipped over. They DUMPED our lives like it was a piece of trash. That’s what we’ve noticed so far.

So, be warned. Rodeway, I am sure, will not be in business for much longer. Don’t support or risk your household of valuable, sentimental possessions with these conartists.

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