Jason Nelson's Reviews

Safeway moving services helped me move. When I was looking for which company to hire, I saw a lot of great comments about this company and my friend Jack, who used them before, highly recommended them to me. I had a long distance move, so I wanted to hire professionals. When I emailed the company, I got all the necessary information from them. The sales guy phoned me to confirm the night before the moving day. On the moving day, the foreman and his helpers came to my home with all the necessary equipment and started to work immediately. They never seemed to get tired or not willing to work. I had some heavy furniture that they were supposed to load on their truck, but it was not a problem for them since they were great professionals. None of the furniture items got damaged or broken. There was not a single scratch to be found. The quote was awesome as well. A really fair price for all they did to me! They did a fantastic job! I would totally recommend them without hesitation!

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