Harry.Davis's Reviews

Dynamic movers did an excellent job with my recent move. They sent someone ahead to assess how many people they’d need and how long they thought it would take and really delivered as a result. On past moves, I’ve described the amount of stuff I have and the movers never send enough people which makes for a long move day. This company sent six people to pack move and unpack my things and they were in and out in a very short time (they were like a pit crew with packing tape-it was amazing)! I used the e-crate service so once we unpacked those, the guys took the crates and paper away and all I had to do was put all my stuff away. Everything made it to the new place, only two cracked glasses, which were probably my fault. In the end, I ended up paying about half of the not to exceed quote so this was truly a very reasonable move and money well spent!

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