Gretchen VDC's Reviews

These people suck! They lie, they never return phone calls or emails, and they do NOT care about your goods. I contracted with Maps Moving Systems, a broker (who also suck), who subcontracted with Supreme Van Lines to move my furniture and other goods from my mom’s house in NY after she passed away, to my house in Colorado. On October 4, they were 4 days late in picking up the furniture, which seemed like a big deal then, but after the completely horrific experience over the next three months, that was nothing! They told me that my furniture would arrive in 14-21 days, since it was so far away. OK, no problem, I understand. I called them and or emailed them nearly every single day for three entire months. First they told me that it was being stored in OH until they had a truck coming to CO. Then they said it was moved to Denver, CO and they were waiting for a truck to bring it my town (3 hours away). I told them I would gladly drive to Denver to pick it up, because by now it had been 45 days! They said they could not do that. I kept calling and emailing, with no response at all! Doron, you are a complete fake with no integrity!! Finally, I contracted a lawyer to threaten them. The load came (from Texas!!) five days later on January 9 (that’s over three months after picking it up!). My furniture was scratched, and some was damaged badly (handles knocked off, etc), and some was missing. Despite my calls, emails, and even another letter from my attorney, I have heard nothing at all. These people suck, they are scamming us, they are rude, they have no competency or integrity, and NO ONE SHOULD EVER USE THEIR SERVICES!!! Also, you will notice in the long string of positive reviews below, that they are fake, and were made up by someone at Supreme Van Lines (maybe this is what Doron does instead of trying to be good at the business?). In fact, some of the text is exactly the same from one review to another. This is not a coincidence. These are fake reviews. Do not be fooled. DO NOT USE SUPREME VAN LINES!!!! By the way, I rated them a “1”, only because there was no “0”.

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