GregoryLewis's Reviews

We’ve moved twice with Dynamic movers. The first time we moved a couple years ago they did a perfect job. This time around they were just the same brilliant movers as they were. They showed up exactly on time to get the move started. They wrapped everything carefully, and had everything loaded. We have a lot of stuff, I mean a lot of stuff, so I particularly were very impressed with the work ethic they had. The first time they had helped me set up and to my surprise they did that again at the end of the move. Putting everything where I wanted it in the new house, which made unpacking way easier. They made moving as stress-free as it can possibly be, and we’ll definitely hire them again if for some strange reason I need to leave my new house. Their prices have gone up a little which is understandable with inflation and all, but we (wife and I) thought, especially me, they were still very reasonable. They are worth every cent.

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