dubg02's Reviews

Find another company. Much of my grandmothers furniture is damaged or destroyed, boxes crushed and the contents damaged. Items were dropped and damaged in front of me as they were unloading the truck despite asking them to be more carful. The company has not done anything but tell me I need to go through the claims process despite being told someone would contact me personally due to the magnitude of the situation. They charged us for crating a piano that we did not have. Overall experience is terrible and if you are looking for a company that will be careless with your belongings, over charge you at the same time and then not do anything to make it right but offer you pennies through the claims process then Golden Valley Van Lines is for you! But I would look elsewhere as this company has proven it is not interested providing even mediocre customer service.

We are still going through things piece by piece. Everything from poorly packed items that broke in a box, boxes were not kept upright and were rolled in some cases off the truck (I saw them do it and asked them to stop), smashed boxes, damaged/destroyed furniture, the way they loaded everything into the storage unit by throwing boxes to the back of it (I have not gone through them since I cannot get to them yet), careless handling, and I even have a picture of the fuel cap on the truck was carelessly left off while they were driving across the country. I say again, find another company.

Do not overpay for a company not interested in making things right with their customers.

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