Dana C's Reviews

Do not use this moving “company”. Seriously, don’t. We needed to move from IL to AZ. Our experience with Kangaroo Van Lines started out promising and our initial contact with Danny on May 31, 2020 was pleasant and reassuring. He addressed all of our initial concerns and questions and we felt comfortable committing to their services. We were supposed to receive a confirmation call the day before pickup, but it never came. After not receiving any communication the morning of pickup, June 25, 2020, I reached out to them and talked to Chris Brown. He said he needed to reach out to the IL office and then he’d call me back. This was at 11:24 am, and at 2:02 pm, I receive a text from Chris stating, “Unfortunately our driver got sick & has to go back to the warehouse. We can not pick up the order. I tried your phone but no answer. Please call dispatch to discuss your refund.” I had no missed call, so I called him. He said, “these things happen,” and when I told him a refund was not an option, he said he’d look into rescheduling for the next day. Not surprisingly, I never received a call back. I called them at 4:02 pm and asked for a manager. I was transferred to Maya who informed me our reservation was canceled in their system. I told her I never wanted to cancel and Chris was supposed to be looking into other routes. She said she’d look into the matter and call me back. Then my husband received an email with receipts for the refund. I called again and she said she could look into other routes, but the dispatch office was closed and she could not do anything for us until the next morning. She said she’d be in at 11 am and gave us her cell number, and thanked us for not “screaming like most people do,”. The next morning, we had not heard from Maya and called her cell at 11:22 am but she did not answer. I then called the office and they said she was not in yet and they did not know when she would be in. I informed them that we needed to know something soon in case we had to make other arrangements, if we even could with such short notice. My husband finally left a voicemail on her cell to inform her we no longer need the services of Kangaroo Van Lines and how this was the worst experience we have had in our lives. We have never felt so devalued and victimized, let alone stranded.

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