Dan Lucas's Reviews

I found Rhino relocation by seeing one of their trucks on the street. I looked them up and emailed for a quote. They wrote back quickly with a full breakdown of their fees and charges and a proposal of men/charge per hour. I confirmed the booking for my move date and time. The movers arrived on time and one of the movers took the lead in going over paperwork with me and explaining the charges. He also let me know that he would advise me before anything was done that resulted in a charge. They finished the job in such a short time and were so nice. Even though there was a language barrier between myself and two of the movers, we still were able to communicate through hand signals and laughs. I had a great experience and the price was more than reasonable. I was very generous with gratuities as I’m pretty sure that is where most of their income comes from. That’s how the company keeps the prices low. I definitely recommend them.

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