Christopher B's Reviews

Words cannot express how grateful I am to the team at Dynamic movers. The owner, the foreman (the 16 year veteran in charge of the crew that moved me) and the whole team of guys that busted their behinds all morning in moving did a marvelous job. There are times that it hurts shelling out money to pay a move or tip movers, but not this time. It was worth every penny and perhaps more. I have moved multiple times – all over the country and even abroad then back, then to rural corners – and this was by far the best experience. They didn’t stop. The guys were like an army of ants that swarmed my apartment grabbing anything and everything in sight, quickly and efficiently, but delicately if there was a fragile item. They worked so effortlessly, that it was as if my apartment was being packed by some kinds of magicians. That term (“as if by magic”) while accurately conveys how un-stressful and happy the experience was, would not give the guys the full credit they deserve. You could tell they know how to work hard and do not stop until the job is complete. Yet, they are cheerful, pleasant to be around and while extremely hard working, had fun with each other.

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