Cesar Cruz's Reviews

I hate moving. It’s stressful and with a bad moving company, it can be a headache. But surprisingly Smart van lines and its people are excellent!! Booking them was easy; they have a user friendly form with detailed and helpful prompts. They gave me the date and time I wanted with no problem (though I asked for a Monday morning so maybe it wasn’t booked). They let you change your inventory until 5pm the night before the move. No up charge unless it is a significant change. The movers came exactly on time. I told them what I had and said that there were a few pieces of luggage that I didn’t have on the inventory and was planning to take myself in the cab. But it was no problem and they put in the truck. It took almost no time to finish the job and they were so fast. I was so impressed. And their prices were amazing. Affordable and reasonable. Highly recommended!! They really made moving look like fun.

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