Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection

The long distance interstate moving industry is made up of professional, hard working, honest companies, estimators, drivers, and movers who provide reliable services. Most interstate long distance moves will be completed quickly and efficiently to the satisfaction of the consumer.

However, as with any industry, there is always a chance of service failures, damaged or missing items, overcharges, and falling prey to unscrupulous and unlicensed individuals masquerading as licensed professional movers. The best way for a consumer shipper to prevent fraud, protect their property, and enforce their rights is to be an informed consumer who researches and hires a reputable professional moving company.

This section is designed to help consumers research and hire a professional long distance interstate mover. Review the information in this section, do your homework before hiring a mover, and then you can benefit from services and experience of a reputable and reliable professional moving company.


Avoid unexpected hidden charges from a long distance moving company by understanding the secrets of how movers calculate their prices.

Long distance interstate moving is stressful and unpleasant even under the best of circumstances. Moving is an expensive undertaking and generally you will receive the level of service you pay for. If you hire a nationally known company you will pay top dollar but will typically receive top of the line service. On the other hand if you have friends who are willing to work for free, are capable and not afraid of exhausting work, then you could rent a truck, pack your own property, have help with the loading and driving, and save thousands of dollars.

For people who do not want to spend top dollar on a nationally known moving company and can’t or don’t want to do a self-move there are good alternatives. To save money and avoid the hard work consumers can hire a smaller independent moving company, use a broker service, or hire a “you load – they drive” container service. These options are great alternatives to expensive top of the line movers or complete do it yourself move. However, consumers using these cost saving services need to have realistic expectations of what is and is not included in the price.

Between the stress of packing, planning, and dealing with the challenges of being uprooted, the last thing consumers need are unexpected hidden charges increasing the cost of the move. To help avoid unexpected charges, a consumer should first understand the types of moving company options available and the cost associated for each.

Generally, there are four categories of long distance moving options. Each category has pros and cons, includes different services, and ranges widely in costs. To help manage the final cost of the move a consumer must understand what is included in the service they are purchasing and how charges are calculated.

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